The importance of self awareness your personal development

The importance of self awareness and taking care of ourselves is one of the most neglected keys in ones personal development. We often walk through life aimlessly focusing on our amazing strengths but ignore our most internal weaknesses.
It’s interesting how people don’t get one of the biggest necessities when it comes to personal development. You can watch training after training video and still end up falling on your face. Example: If you have a nice new car, all waxed up and it shines, tires dressed, interior spotless, but no oil in the engine, there is a very good likely hood it’s going to not run. This goes the same for you personally. We have an amazing outer appearance but on the inside their is emptiness.

Self awareness is a key component to having a balanced life

Personal development has got to be a daily ritual in your routine. Writing down your strengths and weaknesses , acknowledging them and prioritizing them. You could be an amazing writer but in front of a crowd you could freeze up and not even be able to speak. So with that being said, do you focus on getting better as a writer or do you focus on your weakness, speaking? You definitely should stay on top […]

Converting traffic into leads, case study #1

When I first got into this business it took a few bumps in the head to realize how important not only traffic was, but how important converting traffic into leads was. Now, I was never good at science in school because I really hated it, but I absolutely love split testing everything.  You see, some of the simplest little changes can boost your opt in rate and change the landscape of your ROI. The reason I compared it to a science is it will always be ever changing and there is no 1 person who can say they have the best answer. Reason being, every method can be tweaked and twisted around to suite your specific niche.
Converting traffic into leads, case study #1
In this segment I am using Leadpages, their very user friendly and in my eyes the tops in the industry when it comes to landing pages. Let me give you an example, while do a 50/50 split test of 2 different capture pages (below) I was able to gauge some very interesting results…

What is the Internet Lifestyle Network? call it a review if you want.

While browsing on Facebook I came upon this program called the Internet Lifestyle Network and was intrigued because they guaranteed you would make money in your first month or they would give you $100. We all have seen the word guarantee all across the internet and honestly it really doesn’t have the same impact it did back in the day. So this post is going to give you my unbiased answer of the question what is the internet lifestyle network.

After doing my research I decided to join the apprentice program and give it a shot, the worst that could happen is I’m out $37.00 and find out their guarantee was bogus, right?

I’m a very humble person, don’t live a lavish lifestyle or drive a Benz, I just wanted this to be another source of revenue coming into my business, simple.

Within 48 hours I sold my first membership, got an email that said “Cha-Ching” and I made $20.00. I was pretty jacked about that because the process isn’t scammy or full of hype. The video they have put together is a testimonial barrage of people just like you and me, all ages, males and females, who want to make a living from the comfort of their own home. The traing they have is very clear […]

How to create a blog site and unleash your creativity – Win With Fred

How to start a successful blog today and create some magic! Blogging should be enjoyable and exciting, and in the long run it can be lucrative. The question I pose to you is what is holding you back from blogging?

I am going to give you my personal way to describe how to create a blog. I am not going to go into the technical jargon of how to set up a blog right now because you can watch that aspect in the Resource Tutorial video section at WinWithFred. I am going to tell you the personal aspect of a blog in my opinion. First and foremost, a blog with nothing on it is like a canvas for a painter or a blank piece of paper for an author. Behind every blog there is a story, dream, message or life testimony. A blog should not be started with a mechanical mindset or plop it on paper attitude. Your blog should be from you, not anyone else. It should be laid out and designed with your point of view in mind and through dedication and imagination you will be able to create something incredible, something that you can sincerely say was inspired by you.

“A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown […]