Great Tips on becoming a Successful Affiliate Marketer

One of the biggest things I was taught when it come to internet marketing is to train daily, so I try to make that a ritual. I was reading today and found this article that really caught my eye and I'm sure you will get something out of it as I did. 47U5R4BX77DT

Tips on Becoming a Successful Affiliate Marketer

After reading all the benefits of affiliate marketing if you think you will be rich over night by selling affiliate products online then you are wrong. Affiliate marketing is definitely an excellent way to make money online but it’s highly competitive too. In order to be successful in Affiliate marketing you need to know the market needs, learn how to promote products, what works and what doesn’t. The following are a few tricks on becoming successful in affiliate marketing that I have learnt over time.

1. Only Choose a Handful of Good Products

The first mistake a lot of affiliate marketers make is that they register with too many different affiliate programs and try to promote everything. Pursuing affiliate marketing down this path can become very overwhelming and you won’t be able to promote any product properly. All you need in order to be successful is a handful of good products to promote. Try to understand the market needs and look for products that align correctly with the topic of your site.

2. Use Several Traffic Sources to Promote Products

Most affiliate marketers put up the ads only on their sites. There is nothing wrong with this approach but know that there are many other traffic sources that you can tap into and promote the products simultaneously. The more targeted traffic you can send to the sales page the more your chances are of making money.

Google AdWords can be used to drive targeted traffic to a sales page. You simply make an ad in your ad words account then use your affiliate link in the target page URL of the ad. Obviously, you will have to continuously measure the conversions and see if the campaign cost is less than the campaign profit in order to keep the campaign running but I am sure you get the idea.

3. Test, Measure and Track Your Affiliate Campaign

It is a very good idea to use different product promotion strategies so you can figure out what is working and what is not. Try to do split testing and measure the performance of each campaign then take actions accordingly. Changing a few things here and there can increase your profit dramatically. Make sure to place the banner ads on different areas of your site’s pages. Some positions will make the ads more noticeable than others.

Most affiliate programs will give you basic stats that you may need but there is nothing stopping you from using your own conversion tracking software too. There are many conversions tracking software out there that you can use to track your affiliate campaign.

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Affiliate Marketer 47U5R4BX77DTOne thing that I really retained from this article is #3, keep track of all the information because if you don't you could be leaving possible customers and income on the table. There are always going to some hits and misses in this business, however, keeping the misses to a minimum is key.

My dad used to tell me “Freddy, use your head for something more than a hat rack”. I get it now when it comes to keeping track of the stats, He was the king of stats right down to the penny.

I came across an interesting stat, only 5% of Marketers will get a tool or system and actually use it, the other 95% usually ditch it within the first week, are you kidding me? I think that does back to the get rich quick mindset and lack of focus. If you get a tool to use or start promoting a new product, take the time to research it and promote it. I remember when I sent out my first email and I saw an offer got 25 clicks and no buys and I told my mentor I should find a new offer. He said you have to give it more then 25 hits before you ditch it, and he was right.

“Make a dent in the universe” – Steve Jobs




Customer Service, Critical in Affiliate Marketing? Yes!

Time to get something off my chest. Here it goes I'm coming to the forefront and stepping up to the plate. I have done affiliate marketing for the last 9 months and there's one thing that really came to my attention and that is the lack of customer service. I have seen the same product presentations over and over, same format, same countdown, and it frustrates me. What happened to being innovative and caring about the customer. Almost every affiliate marketing business opportunity offer out there is hype, filled with bad actors, broken promises and are just plain garbage. There is a reason that 97 percent of affiliate marketers fail and I think the biggest problem is the information they are given. I compare it to car salesmen and how did they got their bad reputation, they took advantage of people. Something needs done about it. The writing is on the wall and people are savvy to the snakes out there.

Customer service is important to an organization because it is often the only contact a customer has with a company. Customers are vital to an organization. Some customers spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars per year with a company. Consequently, when they have a question or product issue, they expect a company's customer service department to resolve their issues. 

Customer Service

Customer service is one thing we should never forget.


There's no such thing as a push button, money-making invention out there that you do not have to put any effort into.  If there is, I would love to see it. Hooking people, who out of desperation go out and by these products and fail, is wrong. Whenever you go set out on a venture it's going to take hard work finding the right offer and/or finding a niche you're comfortable In. I believe that with being an Elite marketer come the responsibility of taking care of your clients or having someone in your place doing so. I quit my job because I wanted more time with my family and I've come to realize that I work more now then I ever did before. Do I like what I'm doing, the answer is yes, but certain aspects I do not like. I want to change the landscape of the industry, I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel, I'm trying to repair it.There are a lot of bad marketing techniques used in selling products, emailing, etc.

       If you promise to give training in your capture page, then give the customer what they signed up for.  If your  sincere goal is to try help them succeed in this business then do so. You might not make all the right decisions, but surely try to make the best decision with your customers best interest in mind. Like any profession you're going to have some set backs,  failures and your miss Q's, but one thing I learned when I was working in retail is, if you put yourself in the customer shoes, focus on customer service and treat them right, you'll profit more in the long run.

Final Question: How do you rate yourself as far as customer service?