Tutorial for WordPress – Email Service available through the awesome plugin Wysija

Tutorial for WordPress – Plugin – Wysija – Cost = FREE for up to 2000 subscribers!

When I first found this plugin I was very skeptical, but friends, I am sold now. Don't get me wrong, Aweber and Get Response are great services, but Wysija is FREE!

tutorial for WordPress – Enjoy:)


Why Google Plus will be a game changer for Internet Marketers in 2014

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook….

You hear how amazing it is to use Facebook for business, advertising and overall engagement with your customers. Yes, it is true that the giant of social media is Facebook and there has been product after product of how to advertise on Facebook. Now if you become very still, listen very closely, there is a game changer moving in.

Google Plus is coming on strong, very strong folks!

google plusIn 2013 Google Plus has catapulted to #2 on the social media power rankings and I believe there is no sign of it slowing down.

Clearly Facebook has made some really interesting changes to their format but they have also made some key mistakes in my eyes. Looking at their new format it seems that you see more and more advertisements coming in on your Facebook news feed than you do actual friend or page updates. The confusion factor is also a big issue with Facebook because of the way the feed appears (or doesn't appear at all). The beauty behind Facebook when it first started was the ease of use and overall clean look it had. If you look at the layout today it seems harder to navigate and more geared towards hammering the day to day user with advertisements and useless game invites that can suck the life out of someone.

As I veer through the telescope of 2014 I see Google Plus passing up Facebook by the end of the year. This is just my personal prediction because even though at first I didn't like the look and feel of Google plus in the beginning, my opinion has changed dramatically. The overall controls of Google Plus look different but they work just as good and have more features such as…

  • The integrate with Google services better.
  • Easier to manage your friends and groups.
  • Searching on Google Plus is a breeze in my eyes compared to Facebook.
  • My Google Plus App doesn't freeze up like Facebook.
  • Google Hangouts are by far the biggest feature that puts Facebook to shame.

I'm not saying to completely up and leave Facebook for Google Plus, that would be nonsense to do. What I am saying is don't put all of your marketing eggs in one basket and get on board the Google Plus train to benefit from its momentum.

How to make a Meme for a Regular Facebook post Tutorial

How to make a Meme  for a quick Facebook post. There are a lot of meme programs that cost money but this is completely free to use. I am using picmonkey.com for this tutorial. Any Questions please hit me up at winwithfredtoday at Gmail dot com. Thanks again everyone.