Free Online training webinars for marketing with Q and A

When training online there are many things to consider. Is the training clear and if you have any questions how can you get an answer? There is something that it seems online marketers do is have a hard time interacting with whoever is actually doing the training. There are a few exciting things that I have implemented into the WinWithFred system is more video tutorials in the resource area and February 2014 I am launching free online training webinars with straight up Q & A.

Live training is a huge plus for anybody looking to excel a little faster than usual because you can get a lot more accomplished if you get stuck on something. Live online marketing training is addictive because it can save you a lot time and headaches. One of the best sources I have found with any live tutorial is the Q & A aspect, it's straight forward and clear. I have never been a fan of a group of people hosting the live training session because it seems the students attending may get distracted by sideways talk of the hosts. If someone has a guest host for a certain specialty they may have to train on than the guest should lead the way. My favorite live training sources are the ones that offer a straight forward Q & A that you can actually learn from and there are no hidden agendas.

Looking towards February I want you to be the focus with the live training! When you register before any event please ask any questions and I will make sure to answer them live for you. If for some reason I do not get to your question I will assure you that you will get an answer via email or on the website with a tutorial. If you are interested in some more live training visit Wealthy Affiliate and sign up for a free account so you can get a tastes of how their format works, it is awesome and very informative!


Maurice Clarett takes the road less traveled to Redemption

Do you remember the National Championship football game in 2002? Since Maurice Clarett scored the winning touchdown, things spiraled out of control for Maurice.

Clarett had something that so many of us deal with and fail to even recognize; he had a pride issue. Throughout his freshman year, Clarett had numerous issues, from blasting Ohio State administrators publicly, to walking out of a midterm exam that he still passed.

The New York Times quoted a teaching assistant at Ohio State who says that Clarett got “preferential treatment.”

“He was a young man on top of the world and had the mindset that he could do what he wanted when he wanted.”

Clarett was investigated by the NCAA for stealing $10,000 in clothing, CDs, cash and stereo equipment from a Monte Carlo he borrowed from a local dealership. He was also accused of falsifying the police report in conjunction with the theft.

Maurice was suspended his sophomore season by the Ohio State Athletic Director for receiving special benefits worth thousands of dollars from a family friend, while repeatedly misleading investigators.

After an unsuccessful attempt to enter the NFL Draft early, Clarett attempted to sue the NFL, but lost.

When Maurice finally got his chance to play in the NFL, spending a brief period of time the Denver Broncos, he was eventually cut due to a groin injury, which hampered him for most of the pre-season.

After that, things again began to unravel quickly for the once acclaimed college football star.

Clarett has been accused of robbing a couple at gunpoint, on top of his involvement in a highway police chase over a traffic violation where authorities found three handguns and an AK-47 assault rifle inside the vehicle he was driving. Maurice then agreed to plead guilty to aggravated robbery and carrying a concealed weapon. The result was a 3½ year prison term.

Maurice Clarett and his “Road to Redemption.”

Fast forwarding to today, you're probably asking yourself, why write about someone who did so many things that are wrong? And while that's a fair question, I have one word: Redemption. I was able to meet Maurice Clarett when he came to speak at Movement Church late last year.Maurice Clarett and his road to redemption

I am the Media team leader at Movement so I handle the videography, website, social media etc. I have met some “high profile” people in my lifetime, but I have yet to meet someone as authentic and sincere as Maurice Clarett.

Two weeks removed from the airing of ESPN's 30 for 30 Youngstown Boy, Maurice came to speak at our church for free. I was intrigued to find out how he started reading Warren Buffet, as well as over 300 books while in prison. He than started writing a blog from prison about his life and how it has changed dramatically from being on the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

Maurice Clarett is an Entrapeneur by heart. He revealed to everyone that he was always fascinated with business and how it worked.

Since his release from prison, Clarett still writes on his blog. He has a Twitter following of over 57,000 people, and doesn't shy away from his faith in God .

To be quite frank, he embraces his faith, which is a beautiful thing. He has written a book called “My Life, My Story, My Redemption” A Season of Thoughts. It is a journal of his blog posts and his life's journey up to this point.

It was awesome to talk to him about how he has developed an online training program, while turning it into a membership site for athletes to get into prime shape for any sport.

Like my pastor/friend Jeremy Schweyer said “He has tree trunks for legs.”

He is still in unbelievable shape, and has reached out to the NFL to play again. In my eyes, however, politics have taken over in that aspect as they have yet to give him a shot.

While speaking with him, he confided that he has only been speaking publicly for a little over a year, but consistently tries to perfect his craft. He has former, and current NFL players calling him and asking advice about life and finances.

I wrote this article because Maurice could have easily stayed on the wrong path, but chose to travel the path less traveled. He chose to step up and educate himself, and is now a business owner with the best intentions in mind – to help others.

I was truly honored to meet Maurice Clarett. It is refreshing to meet someone who has put his priorities in place. God, his family, and his purpose. Maurice, if you by chance read this, you're still scoring touchdowns, my friend. These ones though, are Eternal.


Maurice Clarett Sites

Maurice Clarett on stage with Pastor Jeremy Schweyer

Maurice Clarett talkes about his “Road to Redemption” with Pastor Jeremy Schweyer at Movement Church.


Anyone can make money online? Meet Bob Finn – WinWithFred

I am a firm believer that anyone can make money online, and this is where I introduce Bob Finn.

A couple weeks ago I was working on one of my projects,, when out of nowhere I see a call coming in from Canada. I think to myself, who do I know in Canada that I would talk to? So I answered the call and on the other line was a gentleman named Bob Finn. Bob had bought a product off of one of my old, never used affiliate websites that he was trying to get a refund for. I remembered the product and felt horrible that I even promoted it in the first place. I apologized to Bob and promised him I would do whatever I could to get his money back. 2 days went by and I get another call via Skype from bob and he said he was able to get most of his money returned. I started to really get to know Bob after numerous Skype conversations. He told me that he had bought a few other “push button” money making products that never really worked. I explained to him that back when I started doing this I promoted those types of products and there was no such thing.

Bob Finn training on www.winwithfred.comBob Finn is a 62 year old retired postal worker living in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada. He was telling me how he was recovering from a flood and trying to get his house cleaned up before Christmas. As I spoke with him via Skype I listened to him talk and peck on his keyboard looking for different things I was showing him he could use for training, etc. I could see his wife Lillian in the background cleaning up the kitchen and then I think on our 4th conversation I heard her say “Hi Fred.” I replied back saying hello of course but as I was responding to her I was thinking to myself, these are 2 sincerely nice folks. I came to realize I was developing a friendship with The Finn Family and it really brought back why I was doing this profession in the first place, to help others succeed online.

The holidays came around and I was so jam packed with projects that I missed a few Skype calls from Bob. A few days go by and I was online when he tried to Skype me again so I of course took the time to answer. We started chatting and he said he had some good news, he was cancer free! I was extremely happy for him and told him that was a true blessing. The conversation continued and Bob had finished the start up training on Wealthy Affiliate as I recommended him to do and he asked “what now Fred?” I looked at his website he started, it was very simple, barebones, and still had the theme logo on the header. One thing I was really proud of was that he had already had his about me and privacy page set up.

Now at this point in time I started thinking to myself, should I direct him to purchase the premium membership that I use daily on Wealthy Affiliate to train even further or should I bring up that I offer coaching sessions and he could pay via Paypal. Then I thought back to how we first met and something happened.

I had an idea…but I had to ask Bob a few questions…

  • Question: Bob, what are you trying to achieve online? Answer: generate some income to supplement his retirement income.
  • Question: How bad do you really want to learn how to create a website and earn money doing so? Answer: Very much, It really interests me.
  • Question: Will you do the training I provide for you, take notes, and retain it. Answer: Yes I will

So I made a proposition to him, If he allowed me to coach him on the basis I could show his progress and learning on my site, and that he would work hard doing so than I would coach him for free.

His answer was “yes” and that he really appreciated that I would take the time to do so.

So, I am extremely excited to document the true story of a 62 year old retired postal worker from Canada's journey to make his first dollar online! Please stay tuned weekly to see the true story of Bob Finn and his dream to make an income to help him during his retirement. I plan on covering via video as well as Bobs point of view on what he is learning.

Resources Bob has used so far

  • Bob has signed up for Wealthy Affiliate start-up package – Cost $0.00
  • To purchase his new domain Bob used – Cost for 1 year $10.69
  • Bob Purchased hosting from Bluehost – Cost for hosting – $3.95 a month

Total amount Bob has invested in his online Training – $14.64

Ladies and Gentlemen, I like you to meet Bob Finn!