Learning how to embrace the word “No” when closing a deal – Win With Fred

Closing a deal is like going to the dentist for so many people. They become so engulfed in the thought that their customer is going to say no that before they even attempt to close the deal they have psyched themselves out.

The first and most important thing you need to remember is your going to get the word “no”. Now how can you take that word that ever since a childclosing a deal you dreaded to hear and turn it into a positive. It's really not that hard, it's the power of controlling your thought process.

Knowledge is key – Focus on your presentation. What I mean by that is to be highly versed in your product or service. If your prospect does have any questions you can shoot right back with an answer. If for some reason you don't know the answer simply tell them you'll find out for them. Don't throw out an answer that your guessing is right because it can trash your credibility.

While talking about your program talk to them in a way that they feel like their a part of it already. A good example is “you'll love how the back office is set up, when you sign you in ill shoe you the favorite tool I use”. This is actually going to give them a sense of ownership before they have even bought.

Another thing that is huge if you are physically in front of them is how your body language speaks to them. If your talking about a benefit of the product or program that you love nod your head in the yes motion and say something like “this is an awesome set up isn't it?” 9 times out of ten you'll look back at them and they'll be nodding too.

Body language is a key component that can make or break a sale. If you are passionate about what your selling it is going to show in every aspect. If you look relaxed it is going to relax your prospect. If you look like you have an ultimate wedgie (all stressed out) then your going to transfer that right to your customer.

Your verbiage is key when closing a sale. The 2 kinds of questions that you are going use are open ended and close ended.

Open Ended Questions: the Where, What, and How

It’s easy to think you’ve asked an open ended question when, in reality, you haven’t. And you don’t fully realize it until you get a flat “no” response back. For example, this may feel like an open ended question: “Is there more I can do to answer your questions?” You may be expecting your prospect to generously respond with a list of questions, when instead they  just as easily respond with, “No, thank you.” Generally, open ended questions are the “where,” “what,” “why,” and “how” questions.

Here are some examples of open ended questions…

  • How are things going for your business these days?
  • How have things been going so far this year?
  • What kind of changes are you seeing in 2014 compared to 2013?
  • Where would you like to see your sales, operations, marketing, etc. results be in the next 3 months?
  • Where is your current program failing to meet you needs?
  • What do you perceive will be the biggest challenge for your business this year?
  • What are you sales goals for this month, quarter, year?
  • In your ideal scenario, what would you like to see happen?
  • What sorts of challenges are you facing?

Closed Ended Questions: Start with the Verb

Asking closed ended questions – those that elicit a “yes,” “no,” or short answer response – is a great way to get a precise answer from your prospect. An example is, “Are you still in the market?” or “May I send you a proposal today?” In general, closed ended questions begin with a verb, such as “are,” “did,” “will,” or “won’t,” “didn’t,” “aren’t,” etc.

Here Are Some Examples of Closed Ended Sales Questions

  • Is this the kind of product you’re looking for?
  • Are you considering purchasing in the next two months?
  • Are you evaluating different vendors right now?
  • Does this make sense?
  • Is this a good time to talk?
  • Are you aware of the promotion we have going right now?
  • Who else needs to be involved with making this decision?
  • Would you like to give this a try?
  • Which option would you like to proceed with?

I was reading something from world renowned motivational speaker and author Brian Tracy and here are a few things I learned from him…

Solicit More Specific Answers
You can use closed ended questions to get more specific answers. “Will you be making a decision within the next two months?” “Are you considering changing your suppliers for this product?” “Is this the sort of thing you are looking for?”

Ask Them To Take A Position
A closed ended question forces the prospect to take a position. “Do you like what I’ve shown you?” “Does this make sense to you, so far?” “Would you like to get started on this right away?” You use this type of question when you want to get clear answers and bring the sales conversation to a close.

When A “No” Means A “Yes”
The third type of question is a variation on the first two and is called the “negative answer” question. This is when a “no” means a “yes” to your proposition. “Are you happy with your existing supplier?” If the customer says “no” it means that they are interested in considering a new supplier. “Are you getting the kind of results that you expected?” If the customer says “no”, it means that the customer is open to considering your product or service as an alternative.

Action Exercises
Here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action.

First, begin closed-ended questions with verbs. Whenever you want the customer to be more specific or to take a definite stand on your product or service.

Second, ask closed-ended questions in a warm, friendly, curious tone of voice. Always be courteous, caring and concerned. Never use pressure or manipulation.

via Brian Tracy

It’s important to use common sense when talking to your sales prospects and learning about their needs, just as it’s equally important to be natural in your conversation. However, spending some time to practice asking both open ended and closed questions, even through role-play with colleagues, is a great way to ensure you have a productive conversation and can build a successful relationship with your prospect.


This may sound pretty balsy but a great closing technique is to start filling out the sign up form and asking questions like “what do you want your login to be”? You definitely need to make sure you have a good rapport with your customer.

I most definitely would make the transaction as seamless as possible so I would fill out the form for them (if your in front of them). Another greatclosing a deal idea is to give them access to screen recordings of the back office that you actually produced. That shows them that you care about your customers and your passionate about what your doing.

When you get an objection don't freak out, it's going to happen. It's all about how you act after a “no” and then react to their objection. Your goal is to have your prospects best interest in mind first and foremost, come prepared with your confidence intact and bring them onboard with your idea/product. If you do the above ideas and implement a few of your own strategies you will have the word “no” fearing you.


10 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Affiliate Marketing

10 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Affiliate Marketing ~ Win With Fred

MacGyver could make an explosive with a pack of Trident gum, a tooth pick and a table spoon of Shlitz Malt Liquor. He used the tools around him and made them into something amazing. So I am going to give you 10 ways that you can be the MacGyver when it comes to Affiliate Marketing.

10 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Affiliate Marketing

1. Keep It Simple Stupid – Don't take that as an insult please, because I learned this one the hard way. Far to often we overload our minds with information and grasp 10% of it and lose the rest. Don't dive into too many projects at once. Focus on no more than three and devote some time to each and every one of those daily until they are completed. This will be so beneficial to you because before you know it you'll be finishing these tasks quicker than you think because you are devoting your complete attention to them and not jumping into idea after idea. Ideas need to move forward in order to see results. We start projects to finish projects. Period. Focus and go!

2. Research – This is a must because if your going to spend any kind of money you want to make sure it is money well spent. Before you make any rash decisions to join something, buy something, or put your time into something make sure that the juice is worth the squeeze. So many times people see dollar signs and they jump right into something only to lose mulah and that isn't fun. Research is a key component of any business and needs to be done. Once you have figured out the pros and the cons you are good to go.

3. Promote – Only promote what you would sell to your grandmother. That sounds strange, but if it's not good enough for grandma, it's just not good enough. I failed in this area. I was selling numerous things that after I look back on it now my grandmother would of slapped the taste out of my mouth if I sold it to her. Just because it says it's a great product on the sales page doesn't mean it is. It all goes back to #2 and that is do your research.

4. Engage – If someone responds on your blog, to an email or sends you something through social media make sure to get back with them. This is 10 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Affiliate Marketingcritical in creating a customer base and building trust. One thing I would do is have an email specifically for engaging. That being said you take 15 minutes out of your day and check that email and engage.

5. Blog. Blog. Blog – This is a huge one, because blogging can generate an audience and some great targeted leads. Yes, it does take some time but should be done consistently. Blogging doesn't mean you strictly have to talk about affiliate marketing either. When you write, write with passion and about things that you have experienced in life. You will eventually start developing a fan base and gain quality customers as well. The importance of blogging as an affiliate marketer is crucial to your success.

6. Lights. Camera. Action – So many people are afraid of getting in front of the camera because they are afraid of how they look or sound. The best advice I can give you is to simply DO IT. YouTube is a giant tool that needs to be utilized because you can educate people and brand yourself. This doesn't mean putting up fake product reviews or talking about something you don't have any clue about. If you bought a product for your business and love that product than do a quick tutorial on it and put your affiliate link below it. You will be extremely surprised at the outcome in the long run.

7. Network – Get to know like minded entrepreneurs like yourself. Join some private Facebook groups, Google Plus communities, and Warrior Forums. This is a good way of building friendships and possible partnerships in the future. Don't be that guy that posts their affiliate link in those groups because they will kick you out as fast as they brought you in. Build a rolodex of the people you meet and stay in touch.

8. Build Your Email List – A quality email list is gold to an affiliate marketer as long as it is not abused (aka:Spam). You can build your list through your blog, buying a quality solo ad and doing some targeted advertising. Those are not the only ways you can do it but once again, information overload. When you set up your list make sure you either have a well groomed auto responder in place or you stay on top of emailing them some good sauce. Once you start abusing your list you will see a giant decline in opens as well as your subscribers dropping off like flies.

9. Train Like a Boss – This is a must! Take 20 minutes out of your day and do some kind of training. If your not good at using WordPress, watch tutorial videos. If you are working on your personal development than watch personal development videos. Take notes everyday and refer back to them if you need too. Training is something that needs to be put in your daily routine. Keep your notes separated by topic so your not having any issues looking back in your archives.

10. Never Give UP! – Don't be a statistic, because that is the easiest thing to do. If you believe you can achieve something than go after it. I think out of all 10 of these items this is the biggest one of them all because giving up is the easiest thing to do. #FaithFocusFinish

Just a  little blast from the past for all you McGyver fans out there the video below is for you!

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Social Media can be a huge benefit or a huge waste of time

Social media is the digital crack this day and age. You can let a whole day pass you by if your not careful. Whether it is your messenger popping up onsocial media your Mac or PC or your phone alerting you of a status update and you realize its your friend taking a picture of what they had for breakfast or your niece her 4th selfie of the day. Social media can be a huge benefit or an utter waste of time.

Specifically, among American social network users:

  • 18-34-year-olds report spending 3.8 hours a day;
  • 35-49-year-olds report spending 3 hours per day; and
  • 50-64-year-olds report spending 2.4 hours per day.

stats via Marketing Charts

Best bet would be to turnoff any social media outlets when your working on other projects but definitely take 1/2 – 1 hour to network , engage, post some valuable ideas and answer your messages. If you are just planning on browsing to see who is eating where or what is the latest and greatest video your friends are posting I would wait until you have all your tasks done for the day.

Social media is a fantastic tool but also can be the most addictive waste of time if not utilized properly.

How to get targeted leads? Breaking it all down – Win With Fred

Something an internet marketer should always be searching for daily is how to get real targeted leads for their online business. And when you get targeted leads it is extremely important to take care of those leads. Building a solid foundation of leads and turning them into lifetime customers should be one of the highest priorities for any marketer. So the best answer on how to get targeted leads is quite simple but the the answer you want to hear.

Their are many methods of getting targeted leads, and some of those strategies involve a little elbow grease. But I can certainly tell you in the long run it is going to be well worth it.

“An online business owner who doesn't blog is a lazy business owner”

Yes, I said it, because 12 out of 20 of the top internet marketers said that if they where left with only 1 tool to use in their tool box it was their blog. Let's break it all down and look at the benefits of each of these lead generating ideas and i'll give you my grade on each one.

Blogging/SEO – A good article is a sure fire way to get targeted leads, according to a lead generation new jersey company friend of mine, and he's obviously right. Let's get real, if you have a website that your an “expert” in, quality content should not be an issue. If you don't believe that your a good enough writer to blog on a daily basis than you choose the topic and have a freelancer write the article. Don't let laziness be a reason why you cannot write an article though. Make sure you choose a very good keyword(s) when posting your article. A few really good keyword tools you can use are google keyword tools which is free. The best paid services I have found are SEM Rush or Jaxxy. They both have a ton of extra features that the Google keyword tool doesn't have. Grade A

Solo ads – this is a tricky one, reason being is how do you know who has a decent list that you can trust to make an investment in and what is a fair rate? I can honestly say that researching the seller is the best option. You can tell if a solo ad seller is good in most cases if he truly cares what gets sent out on his email list. A good place to buy solo ads is safe-swaps, but one again, do your research (not by looking at the sellers sales page) and look at the reviews. Safe swaps is extremely strict and has a very unbiased review system. Grade B-

Traffic exchanges are probably the riskiest of all when it comes to getting leads because even though they are free in a lot of cases, your going to get very few opt ins and could waste a lot of time doing so. They are sold that way to the customer but your dealing with a lot of cold leads if any leads at all. The time it takes to mess with a traffic exchange you could have written 2 – 3 blogs:) Grade D

Social media – this is another very good way at getting leads but takes time as well. The worst thing you can do is spam your link all over social media. You'll end up losing friends, getting kicked out of groups or banned in certain cases. If you sincerely want to network and bring value to the table than this may be a great choice for you. Once you start engaging with others and building relationships it becomes a lot easier to get leads. Grade B+

Get it done, never give up, stay focused! #FaithFocusFinish


Super Bowl 2014, What did we learn? – Win With Fred

How is it that Super Bowl 2014 inspires me to write a blog. Let me start by the final score, Seattle 43 Denver 8.

preparation is the word that best describes this game. The game started off with a stumbling bumbling play where the wall was hiked right into the other end zone. The first play, that play set the tone for one of the biggest lambasting performance of all time.

I love Peyton Manning, he is by far one of the best players of all time. Why did I say that, because one of the best of all time didn't come prepared nor did his team.

It doesn't matter what you did all season if you don't come to play in the biggest game of the year.

Whatever you do, preparation is crucial in all aspects of life and I believe they where lacking in that area. But, The Seattle Seahawks came lock and loaded and ready to play.

Russell Wilson, a born again Christian who was told he was told he was 2 small to play the game, came prepared and gave all glory to God after the win and was very humble. Congrats Russell and the whole team to a job well done.

Separation is in the preparation…in anything in life.

Last note to Peyton, Don't retire champ, you have some fuel left in the tank:)


Thought I could throw in some some Tweets to make the Bronco fans smile:)