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Done For You options to Free up your time and get on with life

A done for you type services are great if you have ever felt like you were completely over worked and just couldn't get ahead? Whether you’re a Solopreneur or an entrepreneur you have to be able to focus on your business and not the tedious little tasks that can make your head pop off.

There are a few ways you can leverage your time effectively without over paying.

Use Fiverr

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways is to hire someone to do a gig for you on Fiverr. In most cases everything you purchase on Fiverr is only five bucks. You must do your research on each and every profile and make sure to read carefully. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Fiverr is really good for small tasks like graphics, articles (make sure to check there is no plagiarism), small voice-over gigs or video-gigs, and some social media exposure. There are many other wild and crazy gigs on Fiverr, so have fun searching!

Hire a Freelancer

Another good way of freeing up your valuable time is hiring a freelancer. This option allows you to post a job offer and have numerous applicants come out of the woodwork to apply. Here is a trick you can do to make sure someone properly read over the complete job description. At the end of your job posting put a directive in such as please put the word “achieve” as the first word in your response. This will make it easy to weed out people that don't read your entire posting. Another thing to do on these types of sites is to make sure you look at the applicants’ skill level and feedback. This does not mean to rule out a first timer, they could be just starting out and be just what you are looking for. Remember to hire a freelancer like you would hire someone off of the street. It may be a good idea to have a Skype interview or to have them do a mini assignment for you. Here are a few good freelancing sites that really have worked well for me…


Done For You Solutions

Now for the ones of you who just don't have the time, nor the patience to look around to find a gig or a freelancer and want that all in done in one easy, painless process, there is Done For You Solutions. 

I had the pleasure of talking to owner, Ric Thompson, about the Done for you Solutions and he stated:

“The average Solopreneur/Entrepreneur works 70 plus hours a week and makes on average $40,000 a year. With our service we free up valuable time so they can cut down on their hours and get back to doing what is really important”.

Here are some of the benefits a service like this offers:

Web Development and Design – whether it's an HTML site or built on WordPress get it done by people who have done hundreds of others. If you know what you want, we can build it.

Routine tasks – get rid of the repeating work sucking up your time. Email list management, newsletters, data entry, research, reporting or a dozen other things. If it's something that happens over and over again, let us do it cost effectively.

Customer Service – 80% to 90% of what comes in are the same questions and over and over again. Let our friendly staff handle it for your business.

Other VA tasks – we've got a team that can handle pretty much anything but content creation or bookkeeping. Quit looking for a bunch of individual freelancers and get an entire team in place instantly.

WHO WE DO IT FOR:  Small and Micro Businesses around the world rely on our Virtual Teams everyday to get more done in less time. OUR

BACK END SUPPORT: We pride ourselves on our client service. Not only will you get your own Account Coordinator to help follow through on your tasks, you'll have complete access to anyone on your team for any task you need done via Skype, email and even your own Basecamp system (included at no charge)

The final question to him was “What is the biggest reason to get Done For You Solutions“?

“Every minute you waste trying to find individual outsourcers is a minute wasted. In 24 hours you could have a whole team at your fingertips”.

After talking to Ric I believe this is by far is the most efficient method of leveraging your time if your working yourself to death.

Get Done For You Solutions Here and get a 14 day trial.

I'm going to close with this, time is money,  leverage your time so you can get back to doing the things that truly matter to you, like spending time with the family, getting back to your favorite hobbies and of course…building your online business.


top 5 marketing tools i use on a daily basis

5 must have marketing tools that I use on a daily basis

Since I use an assortment of marketing tools on a daily basis, I wanted to selectively pick out my top 5. The tools I chose are the cream of the crop for daily productivity and running my online businesses.

5 Tools I use on a daily basis

1. WordPress – Of course I use this awesome website platform, in my eyes there is nothing better (even though I really haven't dived into any other platform). I stick with what works best for me. I think WordPress has really made some tremendous strides with their latest updates and it is a great platform for newbies all the way up to a seasoned pro. The amount of website development someone can do with this platform is tremendous and in many cases they can do it for dirt-cheap. WordPress in a no brainer for me, I recommend it to my students and colleagues if they are starting up a website.

2. LeadPages – I love LeadPages, this bad boy is my hammer in the box. One of the best aspects of LeadPages is the template selection that you have access too. The industry elite designs them. LeadPages allows you to use predesigned templates already optimized for conversion and ready to roll. The ease of integration with your autoresponder is seamless. LeadPages also allows you to set up and connect a webinar with Go-To-Webinar. They allow you to upload eBooks, reports etc. so when someone signs up for your newsletter or promotion they get it

3. PicMonkey – This is my simple graphics tool that I use. I use an assortment of other graphic programs but this one is a quick and easy tool that can make some awesome magic happen. Almost every featured image on is made by PicMonkey because it is fast, easy to learn and affordable (free in many instances). PicMonkey has tons of options with editing, text, borders, sizes, layers, and more. To give you an example of how cool PicMonkey is, I wanted to make a meme for my brother for his birthday and put it on his Facebook, so after I found the different pictures (a total of 6) I ended up with the one below. Took me about 10 minutes to put it together and post it. PicMonkey is a definite tool in the box!

tools I use on a daily basis

This picture I made for my brothers birthday with PicMonkey










4. Pretty Link Pro – Pretty Link Pro is extremely beneficial for any blogger and is a necessity in my daily arsenal. This tool helps you primarily by giving you a tracking device on your links to see how many unique clicks they obtain. This tool allows me to automate repetitive tasks and optimize my site with split testing. I can also see the results of my campaigns immediately and virally spread my links.

5. RebelMouse – I love this tool so much that I ended up making a tutorial product on it called The RebelMouse Method. RebelMouse is a platform that takes all of your social media outlets and brings it all together in one central hub. I would call this the super glue in my toolbox because instead of going to every single social media outlet separately it allows me to handle it on one page. RebelMouse also automates all aspects of my social media and it can translate right back onto my website. It brings the ease of managing your social media to a completely new level, and the developers keep adding more features making it even better.

Honorable Mentions: Still in my toolbox but not on my top shelf.

Wunderlist – An effective tool that will synchronize all your devices and help streamline your day. Wunderlist also allows you to add other users to certain tasks. It is a wonderful organizing, task, and project tool.

HitList – Another time management tool that is very effective.

HootSuite – I used to use HootSuite everyday. It is an excellent social media tool to schedule out posts to numerous social media outlets.

RoboForm – I use RoboForm everyday and it should be in the top 5. I guess the reasoning is I take this password-protecting tool for granted.

Aweber/GetResponse – Okay, I have two different products but they both serve as my autoresponders. Working online, you have to make sure you can reach out to your subscribers and they get the message. Aweber is my favorite for my blog because its ease of use. GetResponse is also very good in terms of integrating better when selling a product. They both have their ups and downs (Check out my top 5 autoresponders article) but yes; I use them on a daily basis.

Canva – I absolutely love Canva because it to has a ton of free options and templates. Canva gives you the ability to make read ready graphics in no time. Check out the tutorial below on how Canva works. Canva makes graphic design super simple for anyone.

I would love to know what your top 5 marketing tools are, please comment below and share your thoughts.

importance self awareness

The importance of self-awareness in your personal development

Self-awareness is one of the most neglected keys to personal development.  We often walk through life aimlessly, focusing on our amazing strengths but ignoring our internal weaknesses.

You can watch training video after training video and still end up falling on your face.  Example: Imagine a nice, shiny car with a spotless interior and dressed tires that has no oil in the engine – most likely it won’t run.  The same is true for you.  We may have an amazing outer appearance, but on the inside there is emptiness.

The importance of self-awareness in your personal development

Personal development has to be a part of your daily routine.  Write down your strengths and weaknesses.  Acknowledge and prioritize them.  You could be an amazing writer, but in front of a crowd you could freeze up and not even be able to speak.  With that said, do you focus on getting better as a writer or do you focus on your weakness, speaking?  You definitely should stay on top of your writing but work even harder on your confidence to speak.

We tend to constantly develop our strengths and ignore our weaknesses.  If you are out of shape physically (which affects a dynamic range of things) you can spend 15 minutes giving yourself reasons why you can’t do it or just do a workout for 15 minutes.

It’s the little things you can work on, from the inside out, that will change your thinking dramatically.

I have a great friend who I know has the best intentions but every week seems to have an excuse as to why he couldn’t do something.  The problem, I believe, was he was trying to accomplish so much that he lost interest too quickly.  If he were to focus on that one weakness – following through with things – imagine what he could do.  Perhaps he could finish those 30 unfinished projects?

We all deal with some type of weakness, but never want to face it because that’s where we are most vulnerable.

As of now I am working on one of my biggest struggles, time management.  It’s a day by day process for me, but I know that I have to do it, and in the long run it will pay off.

“Your inner strength is your outer foundation” Importance of self awareness in your personal growth

“Your persistence determines your distance”


“A great life starts within” 
― Malka Maxwell

“Good, capable individuals unconsciously and consciously guard and nurture themselves and their spirits every day in all sorts of choices, large and small. Just as their lives are never static, they are rarely if ever fractured. Their morals and ethics are never cut off from the whole of their evolving beings.” 
― Donald Van de Mark

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.”

Jim Rohn

“Be consistently consistent on growing spiritually, mentally, and physically every single day.”

Bob Beckett


Self-Awareness – conscious knowledge of one's own character, feelings, motives, and desires.

“the process can be painful but it leads to greater self-awareness”

converting traffic into leads

Converting traffic into leads, case study #1

When I first got into this business it took a few bumps in the head to realize how important not only traffic was, but how important converting traffic into leads was. Now, I was never good at science in school because I really hated it, but I absolutely love split testing everything.  You see, some of the simplest little changes can boost your opt in rate and change the landscape of your ROI. The reason I compared it to a science is it will always be ever changing and there is no 1 person who can say they have the best answer. Reason being, every method can be tweaked and twisted around to suite your specific niche.

Converting traffic into leads, case study #1

In this segment I am using Leadpages, their very user friendly and in my eyes the tops in the industry when it comes to landing pages. Let me give you an example, while do a 50/50 split test of 2 different capture pages (below) I was able to gauge some very interesting results…


Converting traffic into leads                                                                                                                                                                                                                  










Converting traffic into leads












I tested these 2 pages against each other to see which one would convert better. A few subtle changes in the verbiage and font and of course a completely different background. My particular favorite was the one on the right, I thought the color mixture was better and I like the back ground better. The headlines where different but had the same premise. The free reports I gave away where exactly the same and so was the wording. The blue header didn't pop as much in exhibit A and somewhat blended into the background, but I didn't think that was going to be a huge issue.

So after looking at both pages, and considering the differences, which one do you think converted better?

Considering I sent 500 clicks (250 to each page) the outcome was a pretty overwhelming. Each page converted over 50% opt in but Exhibit A blew the pants off of my favorite by 15.5%, I was blown away by the results. So this is where I have fun with my split testing, I try to figure out what was the biggest thing that caused such a drastic change in conversion? Here are some of the variables I can think of …

  • The background picture (one is during the day the other is at night)
  • The copy difference
  • The font difference
  • The color variance

That is where split testing is so important, so when you do start a campaign you can see what works and what to ditch. Give me your thoughts on what you think was the biggest difference maker in case study #1.

How to Create a Blog, How to Start a blog, How to make a blog, starting a blog, making a blog, creating a blog

How to create a blog site and unleash your creativity – Win With Fred

How to create a blog site and build it from the ground up is really not that hard. Blogging should be enjoyable and exciting, and in the long run it can be lucrative. The question I pose to you is what is holding you back from blogging?

I am going to give you my personal way to describe how to create a blog. I am not going to go into the technical jargon of how to set up a blog right now because you can watch that aspect in the Resource Tutorial video section at WinWithFred. I am going to tell you the personal aspect of a blog in my opinion. First and foremost, a blog with nothing on it is like a canvas for a painter or a blank piece of paper for an author. Behind every blog there is a story, dream, message or life testimony. A blog should not be started with a mechanical mindset or plop it on paper attitude. Your blog should be from you, not anyone else. It should be laid out and designed with your point of view in mind and through dedication and imagination you will be able to create something incredible, something that you can sincerely say was inspired by you.
“A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.”
― Lee OddenOptimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing
When I first started writing my blog entries I thought it strictly had to be about “Marketing.” I was very wrong thinking that and had to completely retool and rethink everything. The biggest point I am trying to make is blogging is not rocket science, it is something that defines you as well as your profession or being.
Blogging is probably the best way to generate truly targeted traffic  to your mailing list. Reason being, if put together correctly and optimized to its full potential, you can gain loyal followers who end up being long time customers and advocates of your brand.
I cannot tell you how many times it took for me to get to a point where I liked how my blog looked. I must be color blind because when I look back athow to create a blog site pervious versions they where really rough. But that's the beauty of owning your own blog, because you can make it look exactly how you want it to look.

How to create a blog site and unleash your creativity

There are a lot of great themes out there for free but they can have limitations. Below are a few of my favorite companies that make some pretty amazing themes and have the support to back them up.

Once you find a theme that fits your personality your in business. Your design, inspiration, talents and treasures in cyberspace for the whole world to see.

Owning a blog should not be tedious, it should be fun and rewarding. I will be putting up some tutorials for WordPress basics so stay tuned.

Here is another very cool quote on blogging:)

“I'm a writer by profession and it's totally clear to me that since I started blogging, the amount I write has increased exponentially, my daily interactions with the views of others have never been so frequent, the diversity of voices I engage with is far higher than in the pre-Internet age—and all this has helped me become more modest as a thinker, more open to error, less fixated on what I do know, and more respectful of what I don't. If this is a deterioration in my brain, then more, please.

“The problem is finding the space and time when this engagement stops, and calm, quiet, thinking and reading of longer-form arguments, novels, essays can begin. Worse, this also needs time for the mind to transition out of an instant gratification mode to me a more long-term, thoughtful calm. I find this takes at least a day of detox. Getting weekends back has helped. But if there were a way to channel the amazing insights of blogging into the longer, calmer modes of thinking … we'd be getting somewhere.

“I'm working on it.”
― Andrew Sullivan

Resource Note: WinWithFred Highly recommends using Bluehost for hosting your blog. It is at a minimal price of $3.95 per month and Bluehost can help you get everything set up with their top notch service.

If you have any questions or comments please comment below and I will do my best to answer them.


Are you dealing with the obsessive critic? Win With Fred

Are you dealing with the obsessive critic? That one person that seems to bring you down and never pick you up? Are you getting frustrated by certain people pushing you to the point where it makes you feel numb and unmotivated?

Critics have their opinion, but as far as ones who push their opinion on someone until they suffocate them, I have no use for them. Yes, there are critics who critique movies, music, books etc. I really don't have a problem with them as long as they realize there are other point of views out there and they don't push the envelope with their opinion. The critic I'm talking about the ones we all deal with, sometimes on a daily basis. I guess in many cases critics can be straight up bullies.

This post is to motivate those people who have had those critics bring em' down…there not worth it.

One thing to consider is the ability to decipher a critic and someone giving you constructive criticism but not pushing their opinion on you. Take it from someone who has let the critics bring him down as low as you can be, it's an utter waste of time to dwell on something that some Nimrod has to put his 2 cents in on.

I'm gonna end with this, Stay true to yourself.

I Hail the dreamers who keep on dreaming'…

Props to the Fighters who keep on pushing forward, take the punches and get back up…

I Salute the innovators and the motivators that change the way things are done…

High five everyone out there with the fire and drive to make a difference in someone else's life…

The teachers who spread the knowledge…a BIG shout out to you…

and the critics… who thrive on bringing people down and pushing your thoughts and dousing water on other people's internal fire…Nothing for you. I just hope one day you realize the shit you put people through on a daily basis just to make yourself feel higher or inspired is exactly that…shit.

I love this quote from Malcolm X…”If you have no critics you'll likely have no success”

are you dealing with criticism









Are you dealing with the obsessive critic? Give me your thoughts…