3 Key reasons to why your website is not getting ranked?

3 Key reasons to why your website is not getting ranked?

You work extremely hard to get visitors to come to your website, but you find out they get on and then right jump off. This is a huge problem for so many reasons, and a catalyst for you're not getting ranked well in search engines.

A “bounce rate” is the amount of visitors who jump on your site and leave without exploring other pages. This tells the search engines that visitors do not find a reason to stay on your site! If you have engaging content but still have a high bounce rate it leaves you asking yourself, “What the French toast is happening?”

Why my website was not getting ranked?

When someone comes on your site the first thing they want to know is what it’s about. When I first started my website I totally blew this one. I went back in the website time machine to see how my site has changed since I first started it, and boy was it an ugly trip. The picture below shows you exactly what was on my front page.

3 key reasons

I started off with a banner ad and then followed that move with a cheesy video promoting something (I was a newbie). If you notice there is nothing that tells the visitor what the site is about. If a visitor visits a website and doesn't know what they are getting into, or they are pitched products from the start, they are going to bolt.

Now let’s go to June of 2013 – still huge mistakes and definitely a learning experience. Take a look at the screenshot of this page.

3 key reasons why visitirs to your site are not staying

My site, July 2013.

First of all I set up a free Google hangout.  That wasn't a bad idea, but the page look was hideous. It had plain copy, I never introduced myself and I had an opt-in area right off the bat. Even though it tells the visitor about a free event, it doesn't do much of anything beyond that.

Now that I’ve shared my mistakes, I want you to learn from them:

3 key questions you need to ask about your site now!

  1. What is your site? – If it has a name, make sure it appears at the top of the page. If you just have a picture or an ad it tells your visitors absolutely nothing.
  2. Have you made it crystal clear what your site is about? – Example: You have a site called Mike’s Basement for the title…but that’s it. Visitors will most likely look at that and laugh because they think to themselves, what am I here for?
  3. What do I get? – This is a giant thing you need to handle if you haven’t already. Example: If you have Mike’s Basement for the name and it says it is a basement remodeling site, that's all good. The question from the consumer is, am I going to get pictures of Mike's Basement being remodeled or training on how to remodel a basement? The more they have to guess the bigger the chance they get frustrated and head out to find a better site.

So how can we make MikesBasement.com a winner in the eyes of a visitor?  How can we make it attractional and informative so they keep looking further? Here is an example:

What is it? Mike’s Basement

What is it about? Quality basement remodeling ideas and tutorials for the do-it-yourselfer.

What do I get? Training on how to transform your basement into a mighty man cave for a fraction of the cost.

Answering those three key questions will not only entice the visitor if they are looking to remodel their dingy dungeon, but it will also let them know how Mike plans on helping them do so.

If this is not implemented and you're lazy about doing your site it will be like basketball, because people are just gonna bounce.

In closing, I recommend you take the time and do a visual audit of your site. If any of the 3 components above are missing make the necessary changes and watch what happens.

please comment below on why your website is not ranked




fptraffic is a huge game changer

FPTraffic is a Huge Game Changer to Managing Your Facebook Page

If you are not using FPTraffic to manage your Facebook pages, you are missing so much.

It can seem like a daunting and time consuming task to grow your Facebook fan page, but it really is not if you learn how to leverage it. If you run your fan page correctly from start to finish, it can totally consume hours from your day. I love researching; it is something I have always been passionate about When I first started the WinWithFred fan page I found myself on Facebook way to much, so of course, I researched a better way.

There is HootSuite of course but that too can take time to set up, schedule, and find images and all that jazz. When I discovered FPTraffic is was like an Epiphany. This system is extremely similar to Hootsuite and the cost is almost identical. The game changer for me was how much quicker it is to schedule, get a relevant picture to your post and add some text as needed. I will continue to use Hootsuite in the future because it is still a viable tool in my marketing arsenal.

FPTraffic is a huge timesaver

Fact is Facebook is the juggernaut when it comes to social media. I started using FPTraffic and it nearly cut my time on managing my Facebook pages in half. Below is a tutorial I did to show you how simple it is to use FPTraffic.

fptraffic is a huge game changer

FPTraffic Benefits

Easily Manage All Your Pages and Posts – Add an UNLIMITED amount of Facebook Pages and schedule an UNLIMITED amount of posts to your FPTraffic account for just $10/month. FPTraffic makes managing hundreds of Pages easy. Not only is finding and scheduling content a breeze, but managing it is as well. Every post published on your FPTraffic account is saved so you can easily go back and repost it. You can also add descriptions and captions to your photo posts with a click of your mouse!

Integrates with your Amazon – This year FPTraffic members are likely to generate over $1,000,000 in sales on Amazon. Do you want a piece of that pie? Use the Amazon tool on FPTraffic to easily find and schedule products to your Pages.

Amazing Tutorial Guides – Membership to FPTraffic gives you access to the top Guides on how to build, grow, and monetize Facebook Pages. New opportunities arise constantly and the FPTraffic Guides cover all the latest methods for advertising and monetizing your Facebook Pages.

The training guides they provide you are extremely in-depth and constantly being updated, before you know it you will be a Facebook fan page Rock Star!

In closing I want to stress the importance of leveraging your time when it comes to working online for a good living. My motto is “If I use a product and it meets or exceeds what it promises than I am going to promote it. FPTraffic is an outstanding tool and is now one of my favorites, and I can assure you it will be one of your favorites too!

 fptraffic, leverage your time like a boss with this tool


roadblocks in our lives

Words that are The Biggest Roadblocks to Success

Our mind can be one of the biggest roadblocks to success. If you listen, speak, or hangout with negative people it can completely deflate you. Some words can have a tremendous impact on your business and overall well-being.

When I was younger, my father always corrected me when I said, “I can’t”. He would tell me, “Freddy, you can do anything if you put your mind to it.”

Words that turn into roadblocks

I can’t ________ today. The word “can’t” should be completely stripped from your vocabulary. You were put on this earth for amazing things. The sad thing is only a fraction of people actually realize that. You can accomplish anything that you put your mind to. Some things will take longer than others, of course, and if you keep a positive attitude you will get there. I am not giving an example of “I can’t” because I think you get the point.

I’ll try to _________ today. In the grand scheme of things we try something new every day, but what are we trying to accomplish? Fact is, you can learn how to do something and eventually be able to do it.

I should _________ today.  That one word should be eliminated because all you are doing is putting off something that you have wanted to accomplish until tomorrow.

Example: I should start blogging today. Well, if you have a blog, than you should blog today. Human tendency is to prioritize things that are not truly important to us at the top of our list. When you let someone else dictate your priorities it is a huge problem.

Nevertheless – this one has probably been the toughest for me. I feel like a “butt” when I say “but.” The word “but” nullifies the positive statement before it.

Example: I really want to start working out today, but I do not have the time to do so. I still find myself saying the nasty “B” word; fortunately, I am getting better at not using it.

Other words that can be considered roadblocks

words that are the biggest roadblocks

Little tweaks in your life can take you to higher peaks. To learn how to have an attitude of expectation will catapult you to new heights.  I guess it goes back to the old saying “you are what you eat”, In this case it means, “you are what you speak”.

Love your thoughts on this topic, please post a comment and share.

happy mothers day

This Goes Out to All the Wonderful Women on Mothers Day

I woke up this morning and reflected on the many wonderful women have influenced my life, those who had a part in molding me into the man I am today. There are too many to mention in this post, but there are a few that really stand out.

Here are 6 wonderful women who have impacted my life

my wonderful mother

Mom and I at my wedding

I close my eyes and can envision my Mother who passed away in 2007. I remember how gentle natured she was, and so giving and loving. I have to admit I was a momma's boy, and when she passed away, a part of me seemed to go away with her. She taught me honesty, integrity and caring for people.

grandma on her 91st birthday

Grandma's 91st birthday

My grandmother, who was a fighter until her final breath lived in the same house most of her life. I learned that sometimes living in simplicity is a good thing.

my sister tammy

My sister Tammy

My sister Tammy, who went through so many trials and tribulations in her younger years, became a better person, and she is one of the most faithful women I know.

one of the wonderful women I know Theresa

Theresa, she is a fighter who always lights up a room

My great friend at church Theresa who faces health challenges every day and at one point was in the hospital near death. Never once have I heard her complain, and I can always count on a huge smile and a hug when I see her.

my sister beth

My sister Beth who is a Rockstar

My sister Beth is a bull dog with a big heart. She is going to be running her second Half-Marathon in Cleveland. She is a tenacious redhead (like me) and one of the most organized people I know.

wonderful women who impacted my life
And last but by far not least, my wife of 16 years. She has always been by my side in the greatest of times and my lowest of lows. She ignites my fire and keeps me determined and focused. Kristy puts up with all my corny antics, and trust me, there are plenty. She is my best friend, and an absolutely amazing mother. She is a strong woman.

Men, take time to pay honor to the women in your life each and every day. Love them, encourage them, and lift them up every day!

I thank each and every one of you for everything you do and wish you a wonderful Mother's Day.


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marketing the practical way

How to be a Better Writer w/ Special Guest Jeff Schapiro Ep#2

How to be a Better Writer w/ Special Guest Jeff Schapiro Ep#2

In this episode I welcome Jeff Schapiro. He gives us great insight on how to be a better writer, ways he conquers writers block, great ideas on writing format and how to keep your readers engaged plus more.

How to be a Better Writer w/ Special Guest Jeff Schapiro Ep#2

Jeff Schapiro has written for the Christian post the past 2 years. The Christian Post is ranked #192 on Quantcast and has on average 8 million readers monthly. He has interviewed various celebrities including:

  • Superbowl Champion Kurt Warner
  • Mark Burnett who produced Survivor, The Voice and Celebrity Apprentice.
  • Matthew Modine – Actor

plus much more.

He Short story about MMA being published in an anthology by Thunderdome Press coming soon.Jeff is also currently working on writing his first children's book.

Last but not least is a full time Student Ministry Pastor at Movement Church located in Coventry, Ohio.

He is Married to his wonderful wife Angie and has a very large dog named Bear.

Jeff Schapiro in the MMA Octagon

Jeff Schapiro in the MMA Octagon









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