5 Awesome Tools that will help you Create crusher content

I wanted to get a list of 5 awesome tools that help me create content, I almost couldn't think of them because I had writers block!

Brain mush (writers block)  is a serious epidemic with bloggers and it can be quite painful. It is the inability to think of anything creative and can make you feel quite dumb if it is not addressed. We tend to lose are creative edge as we grow older because we forget to have that child like view of the world and makes everything we do dull and boring. Sometimes it takes the creative genius of your 13 year old son to put a fire under you to get the Brain mush flowing properly.

Effective ways to be creative don't require massive research or long words like Floccinaucinihilipilification to make you look smarter than you really are. You just have to be you and use a few tools to get that little hamster upstairs in your head running on that wheel faster than ever!

5 Awesome Tools that will help you Create crusher content

1. Ask you children questions: Sound a bit crazy but when you get down to it they can be a huge influence on your creativity. I like to watch my son draw something or ask him questions on an idea and he tells me either “Dad, thats stupid” or “Thats cool!”

Of course a good portion of the time he responds with “What?” but it's all good because I can teach him at that point.

2. Brainstorm and create a Mindmap for free Bubbl.us. Mind mapping is the process of using visual diagrams to show the relationships between ideas or information. You can use it for brainstorming, project planning, collecting and organizing thoughts.  A great tool to help solve problems, map out resources and uncover brilliant and fresh ideas.

3. Hashtag it baby! Use those hashtags and unveil some brilliant ideas. You can google a hashtag and come up ideas pertaining to your topic. Remember, it is to get those juices flowing that will create the brilliance you have stored up inside. A really cool tool I use is Storify, it helps by making sense of what people post on social media. Storify users curate the most important voices and turn them into stories. It can give you perspective on any event or topic.

4. Stay thirsty my friend – No, not thirsty for Dos Equis beer! Stay thirsty for the latest and greatest information on your particular passion or niche. A wonderful tool I use is Google Alerts, it helps monitor the Web for interesting new content. You set the desired keyword(s) and it informes you of what is being published, trending etc. Definitely a crusher tool that needs to be in your toolbox.

5. The 5th and final tool is one of my favorites. Portent.com  is a tool that helps you come up with an array of titles for your next blog post or presentation. Some are funny. Some are genuinely useful for your post.

Now that you have been able to shake out some of the brain mush go ahead leave a comment, because your cool like that:)

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