Aweber Communications has been one of the top email marketing solutions for marketers all over. The ease of use and service they provide is top notch. I have been with Aweber since I started doing email marketing and have concluded they are the industry standard.

Email that gets to your customers Inbox

To make sure that your email gets delivered, Aweber does the following:

  • Authenticate all email campaigns using SPF and DomainKeys
  • Automatically removes undeliverable addresses and unsubscribes.
  • Proactively seek out and resolve potential delivery problems before they become your problem.
  • Help you avoid spam filters by throughly checking your emails for spam-like content and instructing you on how to make it better.

… and a lot more.

Aweber offers a huge variety of email templates

You don't need to hire an expensive designer for your email templates… Aweber has you covered!

  • Over 600 easy-to-customize templates included – and more being added weekly!
  • Various color schemes to match your branding and your personality.
  • Dedicated areas for you to display your logo and images
  • Tested with all the major email clients (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! and more)
  • Personalize your emails with your subscribers' names and other information.
  • Plain text is your forte? Aweber email marketing newsletters can do that too.

Aweber intergrates with Facebook and Twitter

Reach out and get subscribers from social media!

  • Instantly send Twitter followers a link to your newest emails.
  • Keep a record of all your past newsletters with the Broadcast Archive.
  • Constantly GROW your list with an integrated sign-up form on the online version of your message.

Image hosting included with Aweber

Add images to your emails right from your desktop. Aweber automatically keeps them in your personal Image Gallery so you can access them anytime you need them.

  • Upload images, or just drag and drop them into your message
  • Browse your Image Gallery to have immediate access so you can use them again.
  • Store an unlimited number of images, up to a whopping 10 MB each.
  • Easily resize, move, and replace images with the click of a button.
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