Welcome to the WinWithFred Blogging Starter Kit. This is a page dedicated to helping you get your blog up and running without spending an arm and a leg.

My biggest goal for this page is to help you not make the mistakes that I made. This is quite simply the easiest way in my eyes to start a blog and get absolute clarity on how to start a blog and make money with it.

The tools below are either free or low-cost. Next to each item will be the price so there is complete and total clarity.

The beauty behind this is no matter what kind of passion you have you can create a blog about it! No matter if your blog is about making money or baking cakes, you can do it if you put your mind to it.

Blogging Starter Kit


Let's start with the basics. If you have someone tell you that a blog costs a ton of money their not telling you the truth. Below are my choices when it comes to getting up and running with your blog. If you notice, most of the recommendations below are actually free!

Now understand, a blog is not an out-of-the box plug and play type system. There is some training and technical aspects you need to consider. I can tell you that out of my years of development I have a lot of hours invested in training and trouble shooting. Was it fun, yeah, some of the time. I can tell you that if I could have used my time a little differently I would have. Take the time to read over each option so you can choose the best platform for your needs.

I have put the price next to each option plus my personal rating when it comes to overall personal satisfaction, newbie friendly and other variables that make up the score. 10 being unbelievable and 1 being don't bother. I am not going to list anything below a 5 rating because I don't want to waste your time or mine.


blogging starter kit

Cost $0.00 Starter Membership

With the FREE membership, which is a Starter membership,  you get 2 free websites and access to the basic level of instruction.

Upon signing up you you'll be guided through a series of lessons, and guides to :
– understanding how to make money online
– choosing a niche
– the first setup of your own website
– getting your site ready for SEO <— Very important
– finding content ideas from keywords
– understanding website pages
– creating your first 3 pages
– creating quality content

During your first 7 days, you have access to the full site, including the chat function.

After the first 7 days, you still have access to:
– your 2 free websites
– the basic level of instruction
– the special search feature

There are no hidden agendas, no smoke and mirrors. You get it all for free, no strings attached.

Blogging Starter Kit Rating 9.5 out of 10

There is a premium membership that is available for a flat $47 a month.

wealthy affiliate starter membership

Visit here to read my full Wealthy Affiliate review 


blogger blogging platform

$0.00 Cost

Blogger is another free option that you can quickly and easily set up a blog for free. Blogger is Google's blogging platform and is extremely reliable. The only thing that Blogger does not offer is any additional training. If you want to get a blog started up and have an adequate amount of training than Blogger is for you.

Blogging Starter Kit Rating 8.0 out of 10

Get Your Blogger Site Set Up Here



$0.00 cost/upgrades available

WordPress.com is where I got started.

If I had known then what I know now I would have done things a little differently and not went with the basic WordPress set up because I could have save myself a lot of headaches.

This is not saying that the free WordPress site setup is not a good choice, but if you are brand new blogger, it is extremely daunting.

WordPress has certain stipulations when it comes to their free site platform. If you have some decent knowledge of WordPress than you can give them a shot, and if you're not so techie than I would choose another route. Definitely a decent choice if you're looking for just a free blog with really no bells and whistles.

The cool thing about WordPress is you can upgrade to your own domain name if you want to.

Blogging Starter Kit Rating 6.0 out of 10

Get Your Free WordPress Blog Here


WP Engine

Cost $29 Month and up

WordPress hosting is good-by itself, but if you want to super charge your WordPress site than WPEngine is going to take your blog to the next level. No, WPEngine is not free unfortunately, but if you want to make your site faster, more secure and give your visitors an overall better experience–it's a clear choice.

WPEngine is the ultimate when it comes to WordPress hosting.

They offer hassle-free hosting from their fast and robust servers that can handle anything.

They offer amazing security with their plans. If your site gets hacked they fix it for free. They also have daily backups, one-click restore points, and automatic caching.

WPEngine's customer service and expertise is by far tops in the industry.

 To give you an idea of how good they are, major brands like Balsamiq, FourSquare, SoundCloud, HTC and many others use WPEngine for their WordPress hosting.

WPEngine handles all the technical aspects of running a blog so you can keep focused on what’s important, your content.

Blogging Starter Kit Rating 9.5 out of 10

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