The power of positivity

The Power of Positivity is Endless!

“Just stay positive!”
We’ve all heard it–that vague nugget of wisdom tossed around like a hackey-sack. Maybe you offered it to a friend who was backslidden and feeling down; maybe that coworker or neighbor said it with a shrug over coffee. At the time it may have meant the same as “Just hang in there!”…and of course, that would be encouraging to anyone feeling stuck. But is there something more to the concept of “positivity”?
We think yes.

What is the power of positivity?

For some, caught in the fray of modern life, positivity is so foreign of a concept, it’s darn near impossible to pin down what it even is. On top of that, positivity can look different from person to person, making it even more complicated to root out and understand. But let’s start with this–have you ever been around someone and found yourself inexplicably energized by them? From a project leader at work to the cashier at Target, there are people out there that inspire you without even really meaning to. Why?


Generally, we can rely on positivity to manifest itself as “happiness”…even if happiness is just a side-effect of being positive. At the very core, positivity is a living goal: it can change shape, and it takes work. Thankfully, when it comes to positivity, a little effort goes a long way.

How does it help?

From your physical health to your emotional well-being and deep, interpersonal fulfillment, there is no end to the benefits of positivity on your life. Let’s take, for just one basic example, The Nun Study. It’s been called the quintessential study in positive psychology, and the findings truly live up to the hype. The short of it is, in the 1930’s and 1940’s, young nuns were asked to write a few pages about themselves–these autobiographies were dissected and coded, giving the researchers clear groups of the young women based on the overall “positivity” of their work. Remarkably, the “happiest” or “most positive” nuns outlived their less positive counterparts by ten years in some cases. The nuns which exhibited the least positivity in their autobiographies continued to pass away at a more frequent rate than the “happy nuns”. By the time the ladies were in their nineties, only 15% of the “least happy” group had survived…while 54% of happy nuns were still alive and well.

But the benefit doesn’t stop at longevity.
In fact, we’ve hardly scratched the surface.

Other benefits of positivity…

In The Workplace:
–Employees in a positive environment outperform those in a negative workspace.

–Positive people make better leaders.

–People who are positive tend to be more successful.

In Your Daily Life:

–Positive people form stronger, more meaningful relationships with their friends and family.

–Overcome stress more easily (or eliminate it altogether) by adopting a positive outlook.

–A positive attitude will almost miraculously give you a boost of motivation.
In Your Personal Health:
–Positive people get sick considerably less than negative people.

–Positive people enjoy longer, better sleep than negative people, allowing for them to feel refreshed and rested in the morning.


We know–that sounds like an infomercial-style list of promises–it can’t really happen, can it?
It can–all of it–but it takes a little work.
As a human, your brain is hardwired to look for the threat and danger in every situation–but in our modern age, we tend to focus on the negative and problems with any idea when no true danger is present. Negativity can blind us from opportunity, and breed fear where it shouldn’t be. Remember when we said positivity is a living goal? What we mean by that, is what it takes to be positive can change–sometimes it’ll be effortless, when things are going well and life is good! When you feel great, there’s no limit to what you can do.

But…the real test of your resolve to be positive comes in when things are not so great–the setbacks, the plateaus, the unexpected tragedy. When it takes effort just to get out of bed.

In times like those, a positive attitude can make an opportunity appear out of thin air. Choosing to think positively will keep you in tune with the solution that is right around the corner–all you have to do is grab it.

Take a look at that list again:

In The Workplace:
–Employees in a positive environment outperform those in a negative workspace. Why? Because a positive work environment encourages the creative process, allowing employees to focus and find solutions.

–Positive people make better leaders. Why? Because their positivity inspires those around them, which creates a positive environment (and we all know what happens in a positive environment.)

–People who are positive tend to be more successful. Why? Because positive people are motivated and energized, no goal is too big or out of reach, and leave a better first impression on those around them.

In Your Daily Life:

–Positive people form stronger, more meaningful relationships with their friends and family. Positivity helps us see the best qualities in people, focusing on their abilities rather than their faults.

–Overcome stress more easily (or eliminate it altogether) by adopting a positive outlook. Stress is the result of being afraid (of taking that next career step, for example)–use that power of positivity to remove your reservations and see how high you can climb!

–A positive attitude will almost miraculously give you a boost of motivation. When there’s nothing you can’t do, who wouldn’t want to do it all!?
In Your Personal Health:
–Positive people get sick considerably less than negative people. Stress can drastically reduce your immune system’s ability to keep you healthy–eliminate stress, get sick less! On top of that, your blood pressure will drop, and suddenly your need for that guilty vice (like junk food, maybe?) will all but disappear.

–Positive people enjoy longer, better sleep than negative people, allowing for them to feel refreshed and rested in the morning. Again, this is due to stress reduction, allowing you to sleep in peace. Also, the increased daily activity thanks to your new boost of motivation and energy can play a role in deeper sleep!


It won’t always be easy, but truly successful and positive people tend turn all of their stumbling blocks into stepping stones. The more you actively choose to focus on solutions, not problems, and positivity rather than negativity, the easier it will become. Change your life by changing your thinking–and there’s no time like the present to start a new, positive chapter of your life! We can’t wait to see what you can accomplish after you throw off the chains of self-doubt and start living for the very best life has to offer!




feed your brain with knowledge

10 Podcasts to Feed Your Brain On A Daily Basis

Knowledge is key, we all know that, but we often don't embrace it on a daily basis. The more you feed your brain with valuable content the more valuable you become to whatever industry you are a part of.

I knew this was important but it became etched in my brain after attending a private networking event Atlanta, GA. hosted by Matt Bacak.

One of the biggest takeaways from the trip was that everyone that I talked to was a sponge when it came to consistently enriching their mind with daily shots of value from other top influences in the industry.

Makes sense, Right?

I think I listened to 15 hours worth of podcasts during the trip. If there is one thing that can blast your dome with gravy its listening to podcasts daily.

So as I traveled back from Hotlanta I decided to conjure up a list of 10 mind blowing podcasts. These will help you become even more valuable in your entrepreneurial craft.

Here are some mind piercing podcasts I have on my Podcast Addict app that I think you'll benefit from as an entrepreneur (No particular order, all great for feeding your brain)


10 Podcasts to Feed Your Brain On A Daily Basis

  • Anti-preneur – The Ben Settle Show – This podcast is definitely an acquired taste. Ben marches to the beat of his own drum and tells you like it is wether you like it or not. Tons of value though so I recommend tuning in. (iTunes Link) (Stitcher Radio Link)
  • Cardone Zone with Grant Cardone – Another great entrepreneur and the master of closing. Grant can also come off a bit gruff to the thinned skin but sometimes thats good for ya;) (iTunes Link) (Stitcher Radio Link)
  • Entrepreneur On Fire – John Lee Dumas – This dude is full of energy and a beast when it comes to having quality guests on. The question is, are you ready to ignite??? Well worth putting EOFire on your playlist! (iTunes Link)         (Stitcher Radio Link)
  • The #ASKGARYVEE Podcast – Gary Vanyerchuck – Love this dude! Raw, real, and in your face… but 110% legit! If your not jacked up after listening to Gary Vee than you need to get checked out. This podcast is an absolute must on your playlist. (iTunes Link) (Stitcher Radio Link)
  • The 5 AM Miracle with Jeff Sanders – To be honest, I am not a early riser in most instances, but this podcast is on my playlist. It has a lot of great info about productivity and a healthy lifestyle.  (iTunes Link) (Stitcher Radio Link)
  • The Art of Likability – Arel Moodie – Great podcast on showing you how to build better relationships and become more likable. (iTunes Link) (Stitcher Radio Link)
  • The Tim Ferris Show – Tim Ferris – This is just a cool podcast to listen to. Tim Ferris has been called “the world's best human guinea pig”. So with that being said you can learn at least something from each episode.  (iTunes Link) (Stitcher Radio Link)
  • The Model Health Show – Shawn Stevenson  – This is more of a fitness/health podcast…You gotta stay healthy to be productive, right? Well worth your time to put this in your podcast library. (iTunes Link) (Stitcher Radio Link)
  • GSD Mode by Joshua Smith – GSD = Get S*&t Done! This podcast was brought to my attention by fellow entrepreneur Gemma Chain. Joshua can definitely whip your mindset into shape and get you hustlin. He motivates you and brings the heat every episode;) (iTunes Link) (Stitcher Radio Link)

Of course reading books or listening to audio books is just another surefire way to increase your knowledge so you can be a valuable to the industry you're in.


Did I miss one of your favorites? Comment below to give your take!


the chicken man

The Chicken Man – What’s Your Purpose

I felt it on my heart to share this. It's a video called Chicken Man. In life we have the tendency to go through junk… hard times… and we let that mold our future.

We let the obstacles of life knock us down and define us. We are all born with a purpose but seldom do any of us realize what it is.

Tomorrow isn't promised so live for today… No regrets…

No Excuses! Get To The Finish Line

No Excuses! Get To The Finish Line

No matter what your situation, do not make excuses to why you can't do something.

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No Excuses! Get To The Finish Line








no excuses




power of giving

The Power of Giving

After my son showed me a few inspiring videos I was just drawn to make a special area in to show the amazing gestures that are so often overlooked by some of the carnage we have in this world today. I am going to call this the Power of Giving portion of the blog.

I thought that if I can help spread the word of such kindness that it may become contagious.

power of giving

To start off, I wanted to recognize an amazing non-profit organization call Soldier Socks. noticed that a lot of the military abroad where lacking sufficient necessities (mainly tube socks and wipes). Ever since it has started, has sent over 50,000 pounds of items to troops abroad. To Give to visit here.

This goes to show that even the most simple things in life that we take for granted can make a huge impact for others!

Now onto a video that my son showed me that got the juices flowing for the #PowerofGiving


cross that line to greatness

Cross That Line to Greatness

Cross That Line 

I ask you why?

Why do you let others draw the line?

The line that you never agreed to

But you have no problem standing behind it,

living within its boundaries only to realize day in and day out that it is holding you back from what you are destined to become.

To cross that line out of your identity into your essence.

to become who you really want to be.

but you just can't fathom what others might say or do,

so you stay within that line and become somebody who just isn't you.

Behind the line is a comfortable illusion of what your life is and beyond that line is who you want to be.

Others are telling you from all directions to stay within the walls to keep you protected…

But that voice deep down inside whispers to you that you've been created for greatness and to cross that line someone else has illustrated.

Decide now

Decide today

To cross that line

And navigate your own way.


I wrote this as I was pondering how long it took me to cross the line myself. I encourage you to look deep inside of yourself and ask yourself are you where you want to be in your life?