You can’t do that!

you can't do thatYou can't do that! Have you ever been told that?  How many people have doubted you in certain endeavors. The biggest question is how do you react to the criticism especially if it comes from family or close friends.

Too many times we are taken let others dictate our direction we take in life. It could be as little as how we should raise our children or why we shouldn't pursue our true ambition in life.

I have learned to be a good listener in many cases but ultimately take what I am told and use it as fuel for what I am perusing.

The biggest question you can ask yourself is “why am I doing this?” Your “why” is what should be the catalyst of any endeavor.

No matter what you do in life your always going to have critics, just don't let them carve a different path in your life's journey.


I love this commercial below… No, No, No…

You Can't do That! Oh, yes you can! #FaithFocusFinish

Try Something Different Today

You get that great thing where ideas and thoughts just don't seem to occur inside your mind. Instead of getting frustrated and mentally shutdown try something different today.

We lose that child like instinct when we get older to be spontaneous and let go. try something different

Today, take a different way to work, stop by and old friends house or drop the briefcase and hit the swingset for 5 minutes at the public park. Clear your mind of all distractions, bills, deadlines and detours in your life.

“Sometimes it's better to slow down so you can speed up” – David Putman

Today, I started doing a daily motivation to spur ideas…what are you going to do?

Give it a shot, try something different today