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Favorite Tweets – Midweek July 10th.

I never really understood Twitter at first, and now it's probably my favorite social platform. Here are my favorite Tweets for the week thus far.

Ok, I had to put this one here because it is flipping hilarious. I love that movie, and yes, they do look like Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro (with longer hair).

favorite tweets
Props to Harriet Cummings on an excellent read, check it out


I love quotes like this…very true!


Jimmy Fallon, one of the most creative people on earth. He is in my top 10! Yeah Boyeeeeeee:)


Lebron James, amazing athlete. Will he end up in Cleveland after the verbal abuse he took for so many years?


Gotta throw some Vince Reed in here, excellent content.


Another great post from the Social Media Examiner


Take the time to watch this 5 minute film by Gary Vaynerchuk. He is hilarious, brilliant, and a Marketing Rockstar.  


 A new 5 minute film on the day in the life 🙂 A Short Film about How I do Business http://t.co/ahY4DR99V6 — Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) June 2, 2014


25 Year Anniversary for Seinfeld. You know what that means, I'm getting old. Favorite show of all time.


I'm gonna end off with Jerry Seinfeld's tweet for now, because Seinfeld is Awesome:)

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