3 Key reasons to why your website is not getting ranked?

3 Key reasons to why your website is not getting ranked?

You work extremely hard to get visitors to come to your website, but you find out they get on and then right jump off. This is a huge problem for so many reasons, and a catalyst for you're not getting ranked well in search engines.

A “bounce rate” is the amount of visitors who jump on your site and leave without exploring other pages. This tells the search engines that visitors do not find a reason to stay on your site! If you have engaging content but still have a high bounce rate it leaves you asking yourself, “What the French toast is happening?”

Why my website was not getting ranked?

When someone comes on your site the first thing they want to know is what it’s about. When I first started my website I totally blew this one. I went back in the website time machine to see how my site has changed since I first started it, and boy was it an ugly trip. The picture below shows you exactly what was on my front page.

3 key reasons

I started off with a banner ad and then followed that move with a cheesy video promoting something (I was a newbie). If you notice there is nothing that tells the visitor what the site is about. If a visitor visits a website and doesn't know what they are getting into, or they are pitched products from the start, they are going to bolt.

Now let’s go to June of 2013 – still huge mistakes and definitely a learning experience. Take a look at the screenshot of this page.

3 key reasons why visitirs to your site are not staying

My site, July 2013.

First of all I set up a free Google hangout.  That wasn't a bad idea, but the page look was hideous. It had plain copy, I never introduced myself and I had an opt-in area right off the bat. Even though it tells the visitor about a free event, it doesn't do much of anything beyond that.

Now that I’ve shared my mistakes, I want you to learn from them:

3 key questions you need to ask about your site now!

  1. What is your site? – If it has a name, make sure it appears at the top of the page. If you just have a picture or an ad it tells your visitors absolutely nothing.
  2. Have you made it crystal clear what your site is about? – Example: You have a site called Mike’s Basement for the title…but that’s it. Visitors will most likely look at that and laugh because they think to themselves, what am I here for?
  3. What do I get? – This is a giant thing you need to handle if you haven’t already. Example: If you have Mike’s Basement for the name and it says it is a basement remodeling site, that's all good. The question from the consumer is, am I going to get pictures of Mike's Basement being remodeled or training on how to remodel a basement? The more they have to guess the bigger the chance they get frustrated and head out to find a better site.

So how can we make MikesBasement.com a winner in the eyes of a visitor?  How can we make it attractional and informative so they keep looking further? Here is an example:

What is it? Mike’s Basement

What is it about? Quality basement remodeling ideas and tutorials for the do-it-yourselfer.

What do I get? Training on how to transform your basement into a mighty man cave for a fraction of the cost.

Answering those three key questions will not only entice the visitor if they are looking to remodel their dingy dungeon, but it will also let them know how Mike plans on helping them do so.

If this is not implemented and you're lazy about doing your site it will be like basketball, because people are just gonna bounce.

In closing, I recommend you take the time and do a visual audit of your site. If any of the 3 components above are missing make the necessary changes and watch what happens.

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Gain A Higher Page Rank

Simple easy to do tips make your website gain a higher page rank

How to improve your website and make it loved by search engines isn't rocket science. There are many factors that go into a website and if you where to try to figure it out yourself you would end up in a mental institution. I decided to grab the bull by the horns and research this dilemma of so many site owners. There are some key tools that you can use will help you save time and save your sanity.

simple easy to do tips make your website gain a higher page rank

Evaluate the performance of your website

These are 2 of my favorite sites to evaluate the overall performance of your website.

Hubspot – Hubspot has a tool that you can check your site and they give you score from 1 to 100. In addition, with that they give you recommendations on how to improve your site score. With an improved site score usually means you'll rank higher in due time. WooRank – woo rank is another site checker that goes a bit more in-depth and does the same basic testing method. The difference in grades by both tools differed significantly so you need to jot down the most important things to do first and go down the list.

 The need for speed

WordPress is a wonderful platform and I use it personally but you really have to watch out for a majority of things.

Simple Easy to do tips for speed

“The web should be fast.” – Google, Inc.

The speed of your website is a huge factor for ranking your website better and making your visitors happy. One of the first things I tell someone is to check their site on GTmetrics. This gives you the speed of your site as well as a list of necessary components that could be affecting it. Look below at the video to see exactly how it works.

A few factors that can really take a toll on speed are:

  • Theme – is your theme outdated and the creator no longer updates it? This could not only cause speed issues but HTML code that is a cluster can deter search engines from even crawling your site due to errors.
  • Plugins – yes, plugins are great but take it from a guy that had to go to plugin rehab they can be more of a nuance than anything can. You need to make sure that the plugins your installing really benefit your site or hinders it.WordPress SEO Plugin
  1. WordPress SEO Plugin – The one plugin that I use that I consider great for anyone is Yoast. It does take up a good amount of load time but very helpful by grading your site.
  2. WP-Smushit – This crusher plugin optimizes your images by suppressing them. This is extremely beneficial in increasing your speed. It takes your images and reduces the file sizes and improve performance
  3. W3 Total Cache – The only cache plugin that I have not had any conflicts with is W3 Cache, it too is not one of the lightest plugins but the ease of use outweighs that.
  4. WP Optimize – WP-Optimize is an extensive WordPress database cleanup and optimization tool. It is beneficial because it does not require PhpMyAdmin to optimize and clean your database tables.

Those are my four basic plugins when it comes to optimizing my site. Now understand, I do have other plugins I use on my site but I am very picky on which ones I use and which ones I would like to have but really can do without. The less plugins on your site the better, hands down.

Text to html ratio

This one is a tricky one because you may have a ton of text on your front page and you still may be getting a low text to html ratio. Search engines love websites that are rich with content, and lots of it. A big factor in text to html ratio is of course your theme, plugins running, and text actually on a page. A few reasons the text to html ratio on your website is important

  • Easier to crawl – Simple, the more text you have the easier it is for Google, Bing, Yandux and the rest of the search engines out there to crawl your masterpiece.
  • Optimizes your Page Load Speediness: Less HTML signifies that there isn’t any pointless code present on your website.  Increasing your page speed in which makes it user friendly and the search engines happy.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Higher text to code ratio signifies an enhanced user experience, and higher user experience is exactly what the search engines want to see.
  • Designed to be user friendly: websites with higher text content to HTML tend to be more readable and understandable for individuals. It offers the impression that your website has been constructed with the visitor in mindThis then makes your site appear a necessity in the eyes of the search engines.

Keep your links clean

Another important factor in your SEO efforts is making sure your links are clean and not broken. There are numerous plugins that you can use but it will slow down your site. Broken Link Check is a free site that will scan your site and determine if you have any link issues. This goes for all links, internal and outbound. It also shows the Shows the whereabouts of problematic links in your HTML and gives you Reports of any error codes (404 etc.) for all unhealthy URLs.

Your Meta Data should be fresh

  • Your content on your site should have title tags and Meta descriptions.
  • Meta keywords are virtually ignored by search engines, but if you still use them, make sure it relates explicitly to that page and that it is also structured properly.
  • Meta descriptions need to be distinctive and address to the topic of that specific page. Duplicate Meta descriptions will not get you anywhere and cause more headaches.
  • Title tags should also be fresh. Act as if your title is a 4-8 word advertisement, so make them elite to attract the reader so they want to click and continue reading.
  • Header Tags (h1, h2, h3) best practices –This goes back to over doing something and hurting yourself more than helping. Make sure that you use the header tags properly throughout your post. If you use Yoast, there is a section shows you how your article is looking in their eyes. The video below explains how this works.

In closing, make it a part of your routine to consistently check your site. Consistently make sure everything is updated and running like a well-oiled machine. This includes updates to your theme, plugins and of course WordPress itself. The small amount of time it will take you to do these things will benefit you greatly. I can certainly say with confidence that the time we take to create, maintain and market your website, these simple easy to do tips will help your page rank climb.

Note: Content is absolutely key to getting ranked better on any search engine. There is really no point in doing the above if you're not writing engaging content.