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Wealthy Affiliate University

Wealthy Affiliate University, My #1 Choice and Why.

I am going to take you back to when yours truly first started. I was a complete newbie, fresh from 17 years in the automotive industry. I had already sunk a lot of money into “elite training systems” that were really good at showing me something pretty darn good and then trying to get me to buy the “better package.” At that point in time my frustration was at a giant all-time high.

This is not only a Wealthy Affiliate Review, it is my story. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since August 2013 and have been completely satisfied with everything they have to offer.

wealthy affiliate success stories

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories – WinWithFred.com

This is another installment of Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories. The one thing I love about Wealthy Affiliate is that every success story always refers back to the training.

Either it's the Boot camp sessions, video tutorials or live webinars, it all goes back to the learning.

When you take the time to develop your craft the proper way it pays dividends by far.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Before I joined WA, I had started a website, reviewing work from home opportunities. The site was not doing very well.

For the month of December my site got 10 visitors, my Bounce Rate was over 90%, the Average Visit Duration was less than 1 Minute, and my Adsense earned a total of .05 cents.

When I joined WA and started taking the Affiliate Boot camp lessons, I decided to completely deconstruct my site and start from scratch. I started to build up my pages according to the lessons. And I tied up all my loose ends with my Google+, Webmaster Tools, and Analytics.

For January my site… Keep reading this story

Here is just another reason why I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. Here is another amazing success story from marsgram

wealthy affiliate success stories

Wealthy Affiliate member Marsgram

Hi Everyone!

I haven't posted any blogs or even had a chance to work on my own site the past 2 weeks because….

I was building a site for my first client!!!

So……I just made $500, thanks to what I've been learning here at WA!

My original intention was not to build sites for clients, it was to make money from monetizing my own site. This job came about by accident. I was excited about building my site and showed my dad, who then showed his business partner. Next thing I knew they were asking me to build a site for their business, as a paying job!!!

I am not really all that far in my lessons yet, but I have learned soooo much while doing this job! I also have another job lined up to begin within the next 2 weeks!

I am amazed that I actually created a nice site, and that they love it!

A HUGE thank you to Warren(OldBuddy70), Randy(Bigdubbayew), edensbox; KylieL, the online chat group and everyone else who….Keep reading this story

It never gets old when it comes to seeing people achieve greatness. One of the biggest reasons for me to post these articles is to give true life examples of success.

If you read each and every success story it shows that each and every person learned before they earned. There are no free rides in life and success in anything requires consistency, devotion and perseverance.

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Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories – Ramccracken’s Story

Wealthy Affiliate University has so many different success stories and I am extremely excited to share as many as I can.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories – Ramccracken's Story

After reading up on Ramccracken (that is his user name:) it is amazing to me how not only did he take the chance and step out of the boat to start his own online business, but he stayed consistent with it!

Being a general Manager in the restaurant industry for 10 years, he decided to take the plunge and start his own online business. He is now not a statistic, he has stayed on course and is actually training people in the online world.

Here you can learn more about affiliate program, and here is his latest post…

I have experienced great success with WA by working a great program, WA, having support from my family, and staying determined to succeed. I wanted to share what I have achieved and some key points to my success to encourage others to make it happen. See where you want to be and make it happen.

When I started I had a lot of doubts and after month one, two, and three I had barely made a few cents and a lot of friends thought I was wasting my time and living in a dream world. Let me tell you that with WA and some great friends I've made along the way my dream world is becoming a reality.

My goals where to keep from my wife from going back to work after my son was born……. reality now. She gets to stay at home and raise our son which was a dream of ours so our kids would never be without one of us by their side.

wealthy affiliate success stories

The Car of my Dreams. Just bought it yesterday…….. reality

wealthy affiliate success stories

Quitting my job and doing IM full-time…. Still working on it. I'd rather pay my house and cars off before I quit, but it's a 3 year plan.

Main Points of my Success

1. Do all the training, I did it twice because I didn't want to miss anything. WA is by far the best place to learn and everything I've learned so far has been through here.

2. Always add content – when I didn't know where to go next I just wrote something new and that's still what I do. If I'm not sure where to go next it can't hurt by getting more visitors to your site.

3. Network with people – I have made so many good friends…

Continue Reading Ramccracken's Story


So many times stories like these are overshadowed by stories of defeat. In anything you do, you must persevere and stay the course.

One of the worst thing you can do is stay in a situation just because it is comfortable.

He set up a goal along with a 3 year plan and is on his way to achieving that goal.

Wealthy Affiliate University

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How to be a Better Writer w/ Special Guest Jeff Schapiro Ep#2

How to be a Better Writer w/ Special Guest Jeff Schapiro Ep#2

In this episode I welcome Jeff Schapiro. He gives us great insight on how to be a better writer, ways he conquers writers block, great ideas on writing format and how to keep your readers engaged plus more.

How to be a Better Writer w/ Special Guest Jeff Schapiro Ep#2

Jeff Schapiro has written for the Christian post the past 2 years. The Christian Post is ranked #192 on Quantcast and has on average 8 million readers monthly. He has interviewed various celebrities including:

  • Superbowl Champion Kurt Warner
  • Mark Burnett who produced Survivor, The Voice and Celebrity Apprentice.
  • Matthew Modine – Actor

plus much more.

He Short story about MMA being published in an anthology by Thunderdome Press coming soon.Jeff is also currently working on writing his first children's book.

Last but not least is a full time Student Ministry Pastor at Movement Church located in Coventry, Ohio.

He is Married to his wonderful wife Angie and has a very large dog named Bear.

Jeff Schapiro in the MMA Octagon

Jeff Schapiro in the MMA Octagon









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