converting traffic into leads

Converting traffic into leads, case study #1

When I first got into this business it took a few bumps in the head to realize how important not only traffic was, but how important converting traffic into leads was. Now, I was never good at science in school because I really hated it, but I absolutely love split testing everything.  You see, some of the simplest little changes can boost your opt in rate and change the landscape of your ROI. The reason I compared it to a science is it will always be ever changing and there is no 1 person who can say they have the best answer. Reason being, every method can be tweaked and twisted around to suite your specific niche.

Converting traffic into leads, case study #1

In this segment I am using Leadpages, their very user friendly and in my eyes the tops in the industry when it comes to landing pages. Let me give you an example, while do a 50/50 split test of 2 different capture pages (below) I was able to gauge some very interesting results…


Converting traffic into leads                                                                                                                                                                                                                  










Converting traffic into leads












I tested these 2 pages against each other to see which one would convert better. A few subtle changes in the verbiage and font and of course a completely different background. My particular favorite was the one on the right, I thought the color mixture was better and I like the back ground better. The headlines where different but had the same premise. The free reports I gave away where exactly the same and so was the wording. The blue header didn't pop as much in exhibit A and somewhat blended into the background, but I didn't think that was going to be a huge issue.

So after looking at both pages, and considering the differences, which one do you think converted better?

Considering I sent 500 clicks (250 to each page) the outcome was a pretty overwhelming. Each page converted over 50% opt in but Exhibit A blew the pants off of my favorite by 15.5%, I was blown away by the results. So this is where I have fun with my split testing, I try to figure out what was the biggest thing that caused such a drastic change in conversion? Here are some of the variables I can think of …

  • The background picture (one is during the day the other is at night)
  • The copy difference
  • The font difference
  • The color variance

That is where split testing is so important, so when you do start a campaign you can see what works and what to ditch. Give me your thoughts on what you think was the biggest difference maker in case study #1.

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