Count Your Blessings Everyday - Daily Journal 1-6-2016

Count Your Blessings Everyday – Daily Journal 1-6-2016

A day normally doesn't go by to where I don't count my blessings. Usually it is something that I read that gives me a mental wake up call.

Today, while working on some Facebook material I ran into a story about a veteran who got killed by a drunk driver New Years Eve.

What he wrote on his profile update was profound and rocked me guys.

Here is his last FB post, his name was Matthew DeRemer:


The final post of Iraq War veteran, Marine Corporal Matthew DeRemer






















Life is precious, don't take anything for granted because you don't know when your last day is going to be.

I actually take one positive thing from this post, Matthew DeRemer had his faith nailed down.


Tip of the day: Be teachable (you'll go a lot further…I promise)

Until tomorrow my friends… #FaithFocusFinish

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