Super Jacked to have Gemma Chain on live with me to share some of her Facebook tips. Gemma is one of my amazing coaching students and a great friend as well. Enjoy!

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Facebook Marketing Tips – Fred Owen & Gemma Chain

Webinar Notes

Facebook Tips  –

  • Be Proactive with your social media efforts. Remember, if you don't, someone else will and gain the benefits.
  • Do not be robotic with your posts. Be You!
  • Be yourself and the people who are meant to work with you will come.
  • Best types of social media posts – Animals, beach, and lifestyle pics are appealing to people.
  • Whatever your interests are, share them. You will attract those people.
  • Quality posts over quantity, don’t just spam. Spamming It's a good way of losing traction in your social media efforts and losing followers.
  • Social proof – Show them, not just product pictures.
  • Video is huge! If you’re not doing video, it’s a must!
  • Brand yourself, not anyone else… Be yourself and don’t hide your true self.
  • Share your love or passions
  • Share your experiences and you will attract those types of people who also want to work from home.
  • People spend up to 3 hours a day on Facebook. We need to market to them and engage with those people.
  • If someone isn’t ready to take action, they are watching and may take action at a later date.
  • Help people dream. Remind people of their dreams.
  • The only way you will fail, is if you quit…stay consistent in your social media efforts.
  • Connect with those who are living this life already.
  • Take Action!

Coaching – Learn from those that do what you want to do. A mentor is critical in success.

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