getting back on track

Getting Back on Track |

Sometimes when your focused on something so hard you can lose sight of something else.

Yes, very true. That is exactly why I am posting this. You see, I was 173 lbs. roughly 2 years ago when I started working online. I hit it hard when taking off into the online world. I worked 12 – 14 hour days learning the basics of an online marketer. With that being said, I bet you can imagine what I wasn't focusing on…my fitness level.

Now let us fast forward to about 2 weeks ago.

getting back on track

Consider this, I was able to run 13 miles 2 years ago. Last year I ran 5.7 in a relay and finished without stopping. So when I looked at the scale at the doctor's office and it said 218 reality smacked me in the face!

What the french toast was I doing to myself? I gained 45 lbs since I started working online!

So in typical Fred fashion I laced up the good ol' Newton Gravity running shoes and hit the pavement. Garmin lock and loaded I started on the shorter route I used to run for training. The full route is about 2.6 miles.  I hit it hard as I did in the past, iPod blasting either Skillet, Eminem or Pearl Jam in most cases (I love my music).

Getting close to the 1/2 mile mark my body started doing something I really wasn't used to it doing in the past. I started to lose steam, and lose it really quick. Let me say I ended up doing a mile just under 10 minutes and I was spent.

My endurance was shot…toast that is.

I got home and my wife sorta chuckled as she explained to me you just can't get right back into shape.

So here is the point to this little rant. I am up to 1.5 miles and am determined to get back to my previous benchmark plus.

If you are not balanced in every area of your life it will show.

Looking forward to posting some progress next week so hold me accountable:)

– Fred


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  1. Joe North
    Joe North says:

    Hi Fred, Great article, and i agree with the balance thing. I’ve been a runner for years now and love it with a passion! It’s a great leveller for me in my life. Saw you on Twitter! Great to connect.

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