gratitude opens door

Gratitude, The Key to the Open Door of Success in Life

Gratitude opens doors entitlement closes doors. In addition, as for leadership that speaks volumes in life, your business and your overall image.

Gratitude enlightens the soul

My son who is 13 now was adjusting to me working from home. Growing up for 12 years with mommy at the helm, he had a different set of rules and regulations. My wife Kristy started working in cosmetics, and all of the sudden, it was my son and I.

I remember a day when I walked in his room and it looked like wild monkeys from Jumanji ransacked it. I flipped, called him up to his plush lair, and explained that his room was not a war zone and he had to clean it up. 20 minutes later, I walked up to check how the room cleaning process was going. I get up there and I find the door closed and a sign stating, “Please do not disturb, my room, my area.” Let me just say there was a good heart to heart conversation

I can look back and remember when I was young and my dad had the same conversation with me.

One of the prime elements of leadership is gratitude. Are you grateful for your customers, team and partners? If you have an entitled attitude, how would anyone in his or her right mind follow your vision?

“When you fail to consider the source it fails you.”

– Jeremy Schweyer

“The people that complain the most are usually the least committed.”

– Jeremy Schweyer

In American culture, we are heading for diabolical entitlement meltdown. What type of leader is going to shine in this unstable climate? As of now, America’s youngest generation has the attitude of entitlement. My pastor called our young generation,  “generation me.”

Our fists are gripping tighter and tighter, on things that we possess and gratitude is waning. As leaders of such a “what about me” culture, we must express our gratitude on a daily basis. Leading by grateful example is the solution.

A few key questions you can ask yourself if you feel you are going through the “entitlement” struggle.

1. Do I think the world owes me?

2. How often do I use the word mine or me?

It’s important to understand that the world doesn’t owe you anything. As you strengthen your leadership skills, you will understand that. If you have a strong team, realize it was a group effort, and not a solo project. Let your team know you’re grateful for their blood, sweat, and tears. So many times, we forget who was there when times were tough. Think back and you will remember.

“What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude.”

― Brené Brown

“It may sound reactionary; however we can all feel it. We have changed the way we think of ourselves as citizens. We do not think of ourselves as citizens in the old sense of being small parts of something larger and infinitely more important to which we have serious responsibilities. We do still think of ourselves as citizens in the sense of being beneficiaries–we're actually conscious of our rights as American citizens and the nation's responsibilities to us and ensuring we get our share of the American pie. We think of ourselves now as eaters of the pie instead of makers of the pie. So who makes the pie?” –Unknown

“Something has happened where we've decided on a personal level that it's all right to abdicate our individual responsibility to the common good and let government worry about the common good while we all go about our individual self-interested business and struggle to gratify our various appetites.”

― David Foster Wallace, The Pale King

Gratitude speaks volumes


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