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Failing Forward, Failure is an Ingredient to Success Ep:9

When I first heard the term failing forward, I did not quite understand it. Now, after growing, learning and experiencing failure I understand it crystal clear.

Failing Forward is a key ingredient to success

I think each and everyone of us would be more than happy to grow up not having any bumps in the road. You know, when things do not quite work out as planned and you have to reset and refocus. Failure is a major ingredient to success in business and especially life. As I prepared for episode #9 I did a little research on people failing and forging forward to the realm of success.

Failing is my eye is a stepping-stone to success.

In most cases, when someone fails at something their first inclination is to give up.
Possible reasons:

  • It was to hard
  • Made them Uncomfortable
  • It did not make sense to them the first time.
  • They have outside influences telling them they're not good enough.

If I could count how many times I fell flat on my face in life, it would take me awhile to name them all off.

failing forward

Look at some of the “Failures” that managed to get back up and push forward to amazing success.

Michael Jordan could easily have quit basketball when he was cut from his basketball team his junior year of high school. Now he is known as the greatest basketball player ever by most people.

Lady Gaga got dropped by a major record label after only 3 months. Look at her now, she might be one of the strangest people on the planet, but she has sold a ton albums.

Steven Spielberg was denied by USC School of Cinematic Arts not once, but twice! If he would have given up there would be no E.T., Chunk, Sloth, Indiana Jones and no one would have saved Private Ryan!

Dr.Seuss’s first children's book was refused by 27 publishers. I grew up with his books. I highly recommend Cat in the Hat!
Oprah Winfrey was canned by Baltimore's WJZ-TV for being “too emotionally involved”. Now she has a net worth of $3 billion!

Henry Ford was flat broke 5 times before he founded Ford Motor Corporation.Macys founder R.H. Macy started 7 business that failed. After that he started a department store called Macys, have you ever heard of that place? Yeah, think of how the kiddos would feel with no Thanks Giving Parade!

Sochiro Honda was turned down by Toyota Motor Corp after an interview for a job as an engineer. He was unemployed for some time so started making scooters out of his garage. After being encouraged by his neighbors to start his own business, Sochiro finally started Honda.

Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because he lacked imagination and had no good idea's. Walt Disney also went bankrupt in the process. Now, If you think of Disney, you picture an amazing legacy.

Jerry Seinfeld, my favorite comedian of all time! His very first appearance on stage he froze up, and ended up getting booed off stage. Jerry knew he could do it so he got right back on stage and killed it. The rest is history, he became one of the most talented and beloved comedians and had a gut busting sitcom about nothing that still to this day is #1 in my book.

Failing Forward quotes

Below I put a link (affiliate) to an excellent book you might want to check out by John C. Maxwell.

In closing, my advice to you is to not reject failure, but embrace it so it fuels your fire within. Always remember that failing forward is essential to success.

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