Single Opt-In Versus Double Opt-In

Single Opt-In Versus Double Opt-In – Episode 41

In this episode I go over the pros and cons of single opt-in versus double opt-in.

Both definitely have their benefits, but I give you my favorite of the two.


What is a single opt-in?

A single opt-in is when someone subscribes via a capture/squeeze page and they do not have to confirm their email. This is a great way to build a list quickly, but…and it's a big BUT… the email that is submitted could be misspelled or fake. Trust me, that is not uncommon when it comes to a single opt-in.

What is a double opt-in?

A double opt-in is a much more solid way of collecting valid emails, but, you make the subscriber do an additional task by checking their email and verifying their email address. That can be an issue because a lot of the times people are so impatient they never confirm their email.

Enjoy the podcast:)


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