he made his first sale

He made his first sale online! Bob Finn video #5

Yes, 62 year old Bob Finn has officially made his online! I am so jacked for him because he has been working extremely hard with the training. I remember connecting with Bobby this last winter and he had so many things going wrong when it came to advice. He was willing, ready, and truly wanted to learn about how to legitimately start making money online.

Just getting cleared by the doctors from having cancer, Bobby at age 62 wanted to prove that anyone with the drive and determination could do anything they put their mind to. He has kept his promise by blogging on a consistent basis and being very teachable.

Bobby and I meet every week to go over how he is doing. Even when he was sick he still wanted to keep learning. Since I have gotten to know Bobby he has been completely honest with his weak areas and is not afraid to attack them. His goal from the start was to supplement his retirement and learn something new everyday. Bobby loves blogging about things that are near and dear to his heart and genuinely cares about people. <a class=

How he made his  online

I didn't want Bobby to get information overload so he had 1 basic social media account and his blog. I explained to him that when he tweets any type of link, don't over do it. He ended up making his first sale off of Twitter, that is extremely awesome! Bob is an inspiration to me! He has more heart than a lot of people and I am extremely honored to call him not only my student, but my friend.

I encourage you to show Bobby some love by visiting his ever growing website and follow him on Twitter @winwithbobby

Watch all of Bobby's training videos from when we first started here.


When life changes suddenly in a blink of an eye

When life changes suddenly your world can feel like it's falling apart around you. If it's a relationship falling apart, losing a job, or losing a loved one, it never is easy to cope.

Living with something inside of your mind and not being able to shake it can be harmful . December 2007 was a day that changed everything. Getting

My beautiful mother, I miss you and think about you and dad everyday,

My beautiful mother, I miss you and think about you and dad everyday,

that call in the morning that my mom went to the emergency room is still embedded in my mind.

Our phone rang around 5:45 a.m. and my wife Kristy answered it. I of course was a zombie because I sleep like a log. She nudged me telling me that mom was on her way to the hospital. Of course I asked why and there was no clear answer because at this point in time nobody knew anything.

You see, I was blessed to be a part of a very close knit family. My sister Beth, Tammy and brother Marty (If he wasn't my brother he would most definitely be my best friend) kept close tabs on each other as well as our parents.

My Father who I miss dearly and my Awesome son Chase! (Older picture but one of my favorites).

After the phone call I was debating weither to just roll over and go back to bed because mom was bullet proof in my eyes. What I mean by that is she never got so sick she had to go to the hospital and when she did get sick it was over pretty quick. I decided to go because all of my siblings where going and in my mind at the point in time I didn't want mom (or dad) to be upset I didn't go.

I remember vividly driving to the hospital, in a snow storm. It was one of those snow falls where it is coming down in droves but it is completely silent outside. As I made my way to the hospital a very uneasy feeling came over me. I felt as if it was preparing me for what I was about to find out. I kept on thinking to  myself that mom had passed away and then arguing back “there is no way.” Sounds a bit crazy, I know, but I am sure everyone has had those moments. Of course, I wasn't rushing because I had to prove to that voice that they were wrong and I was right (I have struggled with pride all my life but I am much better than I used to be.

Now, I'm at the hospital, making my way to the emergency area. Calm, cool, collected. Say hello to the attendant outside and walk through the sliding

My Amazing, Beautiful, funny and adorable wife Kristy Ann. Love her with everything I am

doors. I didn't even have a chance to look in the waiting room because I saw both of my sisters peering outside of a door down the hallway crying. I was walking towards them telling myself over and over again “No, no way”. Mom had died of an aortic aneurism. Having coffee before she went off to work it just happened.

I remember seeing my dad sitting down and looking up at me with a blank look on his face. Little did I know what was going through his  mind, or the hell that he would go through mentally for the next year and a half. I wanted to see her, I had to say goodbye to my mom. So all of us went into the room she was in. I fell to one knee and cursed God asking him why? Why would you take someone that had such a kind heart for everyone and take her so quickly.

I felt God had made a mistake, I felt that he had abandoned my family. I was angry with life and with God.

The following days before her funeral I pretty much shut down. We were taking turns staying with my dad and I remember him crying himself to sleep. Drinking his scotch to take away the heartache and pain. They where married for 39 years and we where planning on getting them a cruise trip for their 40th anniversary.

The night before the funeral I wanted to write something to say at the funeral, but couldn't think of anything. Finally I gave up and went to bed, I had nothing. 2 a.m. I woke up (in which I never do) and I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I remember grabbing an envelope and writing down what came to my mind, it flowed smoothly. I sincerely felt that someone was there beside me helping me along as I wrote everything down. When I was done I rolled back over to sleep but had the feeling that everything was going to be alright.

When life changes, what do you do?

My Brother in Christ/Pastor and friend @JeremySchweyer

Fast forward to now, my faith in God has changed dramatically. Dad passed away in 2010 in which I though was going to be easier but by far it wasn't. Losing someone you love in a blink of an eye is ever so life changing. We can ask why, but to question God and the reason is just not an option for me anymore. God is in total control even though we may not like the results at that point in our life.

My wife Kristy has been with me through every bit of this. She has seen me at my highest highs and lowest points. I thank God for her and my son Chase every day. So many times in life we have choices to move forward or digress backwards. I choose forward with my God, my family and my friends.

I know God taught me something that day, and I am not really sure what it was, but I know it was for something good. I keep striving to reach out to him as he helps me find my true purpose.

If you are going through something in your life that you are trying handle by  yourself, give it to God.

As the NewsBoys sing #God'sNotDead


This is for you mom and dad, I miss you dearly and love you forever and one day will see you again. XOXOXOX