he made his first sale

He made his first sale online! Bob Finn video #5

Yes, 62 year old Bob Finn has officially made his online! I am so jacked for him because he has been working extremely hard with the training. I remember connecting with Bobby this last winter and he had so many things going wrong when it came to advice. He was willing, ready, and truly wanted to learn about how to legitimately start making money online.

Just getting cleared by the doctors from having cancer, Bobby at age 62 wanted to prove that anyone with the drive and determination could do anything they put their mind to. He has kept his promise by blogging on a consistent basis and being very teachable.

Bobby and I meet every week to go over how he is doing. Even when he was sick he still wanted to keep learning. Since I have gotten to know Bobby he has been completely honest with his weak areas and is not afraid to attack them. His goal from the start was to supplement his retirement and learn something new everyday. Bobby loves blogging about things that are near and dear to his heart and genuinely cares about people. <a class=

How he made his  online

I didn't want Bobby to get information overload so he had 1 basic social media account and his blog. I explained to him that when he tweets any type of link, don't over do it. He ended up making his first sale off of Twitter, that is extremely awesome! Bob is an inspiration to me! He has more heart than a lot of people and I am extremely honored to call him not only my student, but my friend.

I encourage you to show Bobby some love by visiting his ever growing website and follow him on Twitter @winwithbobby

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