Why are You Failing to Make money Online

Are you failing to make any money online?

I can promise you $0 to 6 Figures and beyond is genuinely attainable, but there are a few things I think you need to know first before you either throw in the towel because you have been at it for some time or you are starting from scratch and don't know where to start.

When I first started online, I did not have a clear direction, and it cost me. I made things way too complicated when I should have had a concise and straightforward mindset. Does this mean that you don't have to work hard and invest in yourself? Absolutely not, It says you avoid doing things that DO NOT make you money.

Also, not being stupid by thinking that you are going to build a 6 figure plus business in a month. I've coached a lot of people in this industry, and the top 3 reasons for their lack of success are…

Three prime reasons people fail building a business online

1. They're lazy
2. They don't feel confident investing in their business (yes friends, running an online business does cost money)
3. They lack consistency and never master that one thing that can help you make a living from the comfort of your own home.
There are also other reasons that may be out of their control, but for the most part, it is those three culprits.

It drives me crazy to think that someone is ok with working for someone else 40 hours a week and not to hustle for themselves.
Is being an entrepreneur for everyone? Not a chance, but don't start something you plan on quitting. If you sincerely believe that you're going to make a ton of money without putting forth some effort, then you need to wake up and shake yourself.

The traits of successful people I have mentored through the years

Some of the characteristics that some of my students have that have had the most significant successes…
1. They listen
2. Invest in themselves
3. they know what that it doesn't happen overnight.
4. Laser focus on building their audience and building their business.
5. They turn roadblocks into learning experiences.
6. They continually try to get better at their craft by learning from the best and applying what they learn.
7. They don't make excuses (that is a bonus one for you)

be stronger than your excuses

I don't care what you set out to do online, email marketing, your own product, e-commerce, blogging, etc. You have to build an audience, and if you do that, your earning potential is limitless. That along with consistency and mastering the skill is priceless.

You have been hustling and still, have not made a dime

Why and how could this be happening you ask?

It could be a various list that is causing you to be in this rut. Ask yourself this question, how much time do you legitimately focus on money making tasks? When I first started online, I was like so many others, all over the place and getting nothing accomplished. Now, I focus on things that I know will bring in revenue.

Do I focus on blogging every day for hours on end? Not a chance.

Yes, you can make a substantial amount of money blogging, but it can take a lot of time to build up to a decent amount of revenue and site authority in most cases. If your a writer and have an unquenchable thirst for blogging, then go for it.

My first year and a half I dabbled in a bunch of different things and imagine what it got me?

A lot of wasted time, Confused and broke.

What that first year and a half did do for me was wake me mentally on what I did have to do to make this work.

focus on revenue


If you genuinely want to succeed here is my best advice

Be patient but be persistent! If you're going to learn to master something, then stay focused on it and get it done. You have to make sure that whatever you set out to do, you love it and you know that you can make money doing so.

I did this with building audiences thru email marketing and building audiences. Mastering this and staying consistent opened up numerous opportunities financially.

Imagine this…

Let's say you have an undeniable love for having an e-commerce store. You build it, master the ins and outs of setting it up, formulated the perfect method generating targeted traffic towards that specific niche and monetizing the store.

That's great right?!

But it doesn't have to end there.

You could branch out and create training showing the exact methods you used to build your e-commerce store sell that as a product as well. What you end up doing is creating another targeted audience of people that want and need to learn exactly how you achieved success.

So now you have 2 viable streams of income, your store, and your coaching.
But wait, let's not stop there because you also have tools that you use within your coaching that have some pretty good affiliate programs so now you have more streams of income coming from those avenues.

Let's get a little crazier and have a high ticket one on one coaching platform. Yes, there are people out there that want to accelerate the learning process, and they have no problem paying a premium price for your one on one expertise, and you help them build their e-commerce empire. Remember, you mastered what your teaching and they need someone with your skill set and knowledge.

Wow, another stream of income. I hope you see where I am going here.

turn roadblocks into learning experiences


There is a reason why you chose to become your own boss online, and if you want something bad enough, you're going to do whatever it takes to make it happen. You want to have the choice to decide when and what you want to do online and how you plan on doing it.

If you think it is going to be free, without any failures and frustrating days, I recommend you go back to working your 9-5 job and help create someone else's wealth.

If you are ready to actually take the bull by the horns and create something special, Master it and make it happen!

Be the best at whatever you set out to do and finish what you started.

You are worth it!


How to Increase Productivity and Stay in the Zone

Can you imagine a tightrope walker performing his craft 300 feet high and then suddenly his cell phone goes off? The question is would he answer it or wait until he made it to his destination?

I think we all know the answer to that.how to increase productivity

Distractions can kill productivity in a split second leaving you scratching your head wondering where the day went.

I have encountered some of the biggest distractions during my work day and it really jacks my mind up. Whether it’s a chatty friend sitting next to me, social media updates or the wonderful ding that another email came in. I finally had enough and had to buckle down and cut out those distractions and re-visit them at a more opportune time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends, social media and sometimes email but come on.

One of the worst things you can subject yourself to is unnecessary distractions during your workday. It not only is a time killer it can cause unneeded stress.

Here are some of my methods of eliminating distractions throughout my day, sometimes it isn’t easy but at the end of the day I find myself getting a heck of a lot more accomplished.

6 Tips on how to increase  your productivity

Tip #1 – I Work alone most of the time. This is probably one of the hardest ones to do because when you work from home it can get a bit lonely. I love hanging with other people at the coffee shop from time to time but I have come to realize I can get twice as much done in half the time. I do take a day or two out of the week to meet up with my friends but can’t do it every day. Working alone doesn’t mean you have to be a hobbit in the house or office. Take the time to venture out to various places with wi-fi, this will spark creativity.

If I am with a group and I am in focus mode, I put a pair of headphones on and zone out. I feel that sometimes it may come off rude, but people should understand if you give them heads up.

Trust me, I am a talker myself but when it is time to focus I am better off going solo.

Tip #2 – Social Media can wait – I shut it down, No exception. When I first started working from home, I found myself looking at social media for 2 – 3 hours a day. I understand how important social media is for networking, but I leave myself an allotted amount of time to network, answer questions, and catch up. This goes for every social media portal.

I just find it much easier to do it this way because if I am focused on something I am the type of person that wants to get it done sooner than later. Your best bet is to make it the main focus for around a half an hour unless you are doing a webinar and plan on engaging through social media. You do however want to make sure you answer any questions and engage during that time period.

Tip #3 – Tabs can multiply like Gremlins – As your reading this look up and see how many tabs you have open. If you have 3 or more tabs open your setting yourself up to click on one of those tabs and lose focus. I usually bookmark an interesting page I want to look into and revisit it later that night.

When I started online I think I averaged as many tabs opened as Lebron James scoring average, it was sick. Keep your opened tabs to a minimum, this is an excellent tip for the ADD type like myself.

Tip #4 – The cell phone dilemma solved – This one is a difficult one, but there are ways of controlling it. The best way of doing it is to make it clear to friends and family to please call only if it’s an emergency during certain times. My wife, however, has 24-hour access, but she knows when I’m in the zone. You, however, want to keep the line open for your clients.

Tip #5 – WhatsApp, Skype or FB Messenger – These are the main portals for business during the day. A message or a call can pop up out of nowhere when I’m in the zone. I usually leave this on available for the most part, but if I am shooting a video or doing a podcast, I go incognito and put it on do not disturb. At the end of my task, I set it back in motion to make sure someone didn’t try to get a hold of me. If you put do not disturb put a status on your Skype that you will be on shortly and to leave a message. Also, try to schedule our meetings on Skype and make sure they don’t conflict with other important tasks.

Tip #6 – Texting – I don’t respond until the end of the day unless it’s essential, and if it is imperative I would hope to get a call instead of a text. This is another thing that can be a giant distraction, and I don’t like ignoring them, I just feel that responding to them can wait until the end of the day. It’s a case by case basis I guess you could say.

If you can control the distractions during your work day an 8 – 10 hour day can turn into a 4 – 5 hour day.

Just think of how many things you could do with that extra time. There hasn’t been a day that has gone by where I have been 100% distraction-free, but I can tell you it has gotten a heck of a lot better since I have implemented some of these habits.

I would love to get your thoughts if you feel I have missed anything or how you deal with distractions during the day. I really hope that some of these tips will improve your productivity and give you more time to spend doing the things that you love to do.


The Power of Positivity is Endless

“Just stay positive!”

We’ve all heard it–that vague nugget of wisdom tossed around like a hacky-sack. Maybe you offered it to a friend who was backslidden and feeling down; perhaps that coworker or neighbor said it with a shrug over coffee. At the time it may have meant the same as “Just hang in there!”…and of course, that would be encouraging to anyone feeling stuck. But is there something more to the concept of “positivity”?
We think yes.

What is the power of positivity?

For some, caught in the fray of modern life, positivity is so foreign of a concept, it’s darn near impossible to pin down what it even is. On top of that, positivity can look different from person to person, making it even more complicated to root out and understand. But let’s start with this–have you ever been around someone and found yourself inexplicably energized by them? From a project leader at work to the cashier at Target, there are people out there that inspire you without even really meaning to. Why?


Generally, we can rely on positivity to manifest itself as “happiness”…even if happiness is just a side-effect of being positive. At the very core, positivity is a living goal: it can change shape, and it takes work. Thankfully, when it comes to positivity, a little effort goes a long way.

How does it help?


From your physical health to your emotional well-being and deep, interpersonal fulfillment, there is no end to the benefits of positivity on your life. Let’s take, for just one basic example, The Nun Study. It’s been called the quintessential study in positive psychology, and the findings genuinely live up to the hype. The short of it is, in the 1930’s and 1940’s, young nuns were asked to write a few pages about themselves–these autobiographies were dissected and coded, giving the researchers clear groups of the young women based on the overall “positivity” of their work. Remarkably, the “happiest” or “most positive” nuns outlived their less positive counterparts by ten years in some cases. The nuns which exhibited the least positivity in their autobiographies continued to pass away at a more frequent rate than the “happy nuns.” By the time the ladies were in their nineties, only 15% of the “least happy” group had survived…while 54% of happy nuns were still alive and well.

But the benefit doesn’t stop at longevity.
In fact, we’ve hardly scratched the surface.

The Benefit of positivity…

The Workplace:
–Employees in a positive environment outperform those in a negative workspace.

–Positive people make better leaders.

–People who are positive tend to be more successful.

In Your Daily Life:

–Positive people form stronger, more meaningful relationships with their friends and family.

–Overcome stress more easily (or eliminate it altogether) by adopting a positive outlook.

–A positive attitude will almost miraculously give you a boost of motivation.

In Your Personal Health:

-Positive people get sick considerably less than negative people.

-Positive people enjoyed longer, better sleep than negative people, allowing them to feel refreshed and rested in the morning.

We know–that sounds like an infomercial-style list of promises–it can’t really happen, can it?
It can–all of it–but it takes a little work.

As a human, your brain is hardwired to look for the threat and danger in every situation–but in our modern age, we tend to focus on the negative and problems with any idea when no real danger is present. Negativity can blind us from opportunity, and breed fear where it shouldn’t be. Remember when we said positivity is a living goal? What we mean by that, is what it takes to be positive can change–sometimes it’ll be effortless when things are going well, and life is good! When you feel great, there’s no limit to what you can do.

But, the real test of your resolve to be positive comes in when things are not so great–the setbacks, the plateaus, the unexpected tragedy. When it takes an effort just to get out of bed.

In times like those, a positive attitude can make an opportunity appear out of thin air. Choosing to think positively will keep you in tune with the solution that is right around the corner–all you have to do is grab it.

It won’t always be easy, but truly successful and confident people tend to turn all of their stumbling blocks into stepping stones. The more you actively choose to focus on solutions, not problems, and positivity rather than negativity, the easier it will become. Change your life by changing your thinking–and there’s no time like the present to start a new, positive chapter of your life! We can’t wait to see what you can accomplish after you throw off the chains of self-doubt and start living for the very best life has to offer!