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This episode we talk about best social media practice with Katie Brinkley. We dive into the new app Clubhouse and so much more regarding social media.

Best Social Media Practices for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs with Katie Brinkley ~ Episode #22


ABOUT Katie Brinkley 

Katie helps small businesses, realtors, home builders, home organizers, interior designers, and contractors add clients, increase revenue and GROW by providing area-specific social media, paid traffic, and digital marketing services.

What Makes Katie Unique is he is a lifelong Denver (Littleton) native. In addition, she “grew up” professionally covering pro sports (Broncos, Avs, Rockies, etc.) and doing marketing in Denver for the likes of Clear Channel Radio and the AT&T Sports Network, along with sales for Vail Resorts and other area employers.

Katie has been using social media since the early 2000s (remember MySpace?!), starting by helping college bands like Yellowcard hit the mainstream to make it part of my everyday professional existence for the past few decades.


Clubhouse Handle: @katiebrinkley

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Freddy Owen 0:18
Everybody, Freddie Oh, here and I were doing video for the first time. So if you're watching this on YouTube, welcome, we're doing video, and I'm super pumped to have a very, very good friend of mine. I've worked with him in the past Entrepreneur on Fire for Christ. George Burns, welcome to the radio show.

George Burns 0:37
What's up everybody excited to be here? just excited to see what God is going to do there during this during the show,

Freddy Owen 0:43
during the show. So quick question. Now, George, you are Christian, and entrepreneur and Entrepreneur on Fire for Christ. And I know that we work together, doing a lot of stuff, I did a lot of stuff behind the scenes with the Masters purpose. And you still have that? And how, first of all, tell people who you are a little bit about your history. And yeah, just tell about who you are. Sure. So

George Burns 1:11
my name is George Burns, I'm a faith based entrepreneur. And over the past 2020 years, we've set up about 1600 companies in business in the hard surface cleaning industry. So about 20 years ago, we developed some tools for cleaning tile floors were in the cleaning industry, and then we patented them. And then we actually started selling a turnkey business package. So we still sell, we still sell tools in that industry. But we're no longer actually setting people up in that industry. So we you know, things have seasons, right? So there was a beginning. And we transition. And so at this point, what we're doing is we're helping people in the marketplace. We're teaching and sharing about biblical principles in the marketplace, how to start grow and scale your company, on the Word of God. And so that's really our primary passion. We're in a lot of transition and stuff right now. So we're, you know, so if I get an opportunity, I'll share that. And, yeah, so just on fire for God and just sharing experiences and, and to be able to help people to not have to go through some of the same things that we did in this walk of faith as an entrepreneur. Seasons,

Freddy Owen 2:19
seasons, we talk about seasons all the time. We all we all have seasons, and I think that's some people, if you're not a Christian, you know, you would call it good times and bad times. But it's seasons of life, that that can be very, very hard and tough. And as an entrepreneur, when you think about it, like a Christian entrepreneur, it's a slippery slope with a lot of people. Because first of all, if you bring in your Christianity into your business, it can turn a lot of people off, which honestly, I'm I don't care. And because I if they were of a different religion, I wouldn't care, you know, so I hope they don't care as well. But what would you say the biggest struggle for a Christian entrepreneur is, especially in the online world?

George Burns 3:07
Hmm. Well, one of the things that I was one of the things honestly that I challenged, I was challenged with, with funnels and marketing and hooks and stories and all these different things. Personally, I kind of had this little one piece where I was a little bit challenged. And I asked somebody was very, my ask Myron golden. I don't know if you know him, but he's pretty,

Freddy Owen 3:31
you know, I actually met him.

George Burns 3:34
Yeah, he's a Christian entrepreneur. And I was actually on a call on with that, that platform they have now. Come on your clubhouse, I was on clubhouse. And he was on and we had an opportunity to ask a question. And I was kind of in transition, I asked him a question. Because I've seen so many times, there's so many people selling, selling, selling, if you're a good entrepreneur in the digital space that you're selling all the time. It's not like when you're selling, it's you're always selling if you know you have a close out, well, you're having a startup and you're selling, right. So there's a place where you can get to where you're kind of like feeling a little bit overwhelmed with this sell, sell, sell. And a lot of it is based upon story. A lot of it's based upon hooks, a lot of it's based upon, unfortunately, marketing numbers, all these things that are somewhat half truth. Right. And they can be a struggle if you're trying to do the right thing. And, you know, keep your business pleasing hasn't to the Lord. You know, the Bible talks about having just weight scales and measures, right or not having unjust weight scales and measures in other words, you know, just doing things the right way. So, one of the things that I was struggling with, there's a scripture that says because they have itchy ears now this is talking about the church, right? This is talking about the body of Christ as a whole, right like and you can take this because God's ways are the same yesterday, today and forever. For right now. This is what is going on right now. It says because They have itchy ears, right? They will keep up for themselves teachers, they will turn their ears away from the truth and be turned aside to fables, right? So when we're listening to these marketers, and we're listening to these things, they're feeding us, or they're, they're, they're capturing us with the stuff that really that what we want to hear because it's in our heart, right? You want to make a million dollars, you know, I mean, if you want a million dollar funnel, right, do this challenge. And I did this, and you can do this too. And there's plenty room at the top and all these, really, it's feeding that flesh man inside, right to get you to hook so they can get your email address, so they can put you in the funnel, they can do their thing, right? And I understand that, I get it from the standpoint of Hey, you can't you just marketing different ways and stuff. I can remember a mentor that I had for season, he said, and I still, I'm still challenged with this a little bit, but it's like, you know, you work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. He said, sell them what they want, and then give them what they need. And that was very, very transitional in his life. Right? Because it's like, how can I I can't change somebody's life. I think Zig Ziglar said, I can't change somebody's life if they just come to an event for a day, right? But I can if they buy my business business, and they get some coaching, they get more resources. Right? So it's like, from a biblical standpoint, you're not going to your life isn't probably going to change by hearing me speak once, right? But if I can get you into a book, if I can get you into, you know, our workbooks, if I can get you into, you know, some more in doctrinal things that can change your life from the inside out, then maybe I can make a little bit of difference. But the one thing that Myron said, when I got on the phone with him, I was pretty excited about it. He said, I said, so what do I do, I struggle with this. And he said, and he said, You know what, it's not my job. To write every wrong in this world. He said, it's my job to be a light into this world. And I thought, for me, that was very profound. It was one of those things that it was like, it was just very profound for me, when, when he said that, and it kind of, in a sense, it kind of set me free a little bit, if you will. So you know, when you're in sales, when you're in marketing, when you're in these, as an entrepreneur, like I'm ordained as an evangelist, but I'm out, like, selling products, if I don't sell a product, you don't have a business, right? If you don't market something, you don't have a business. So anyways, God's taken us into this into an interesting transition, which had to do with waiting, it had to do with actually doing nothing. And I'd love to share that at some point during, during the show, but man, it's just, it's so good to you know, as you're moving one step at a time, and trusting God, he doesn't show you all the steps he like, shows you one step at a time. And when you can trust him in that you can know that you're, you know, your life's pleasing to Him. So anyways, I'm excited about that,

Freddy Owen 7:56
I want to jump into that transition. But let's, when you talk about like, as a Christian entrepreneur, the struggle with like, cuz you see, in a lot of this, let's just be real, you know, when you see people posting that, you know, this, they made this much money, they never tell you, you know, how much it costs them to make this much money? You know, and that's it goes back to, I always say, Are you a billionaire, if you make a million dollars, but you spend $990,000, to get to that million dollars, you know, in sales, and I like transparency, I like to be real, I think you can still be transparent, and be real in this. In this online world. You just got to be it's a slippery slope, you know, because you can really go down the wrong path. If you let yourself get on the wrong path, doing business with, you know, ethically and, you know, giving people value and that's what you do. I've actually been on some of your live, live online events, and I forgot what you did, really made me like, almost uncomfortable, but everybody was engaged. And I was like, and you're like, Let's dance or something every start dance. I'm like, dang, you know, that's awesome. But everybody was doing it. And so I it's infectious that yes, you can be real. And you can, you're going to go through seasons, but you can be real and be yourself and do it with God first, at all times. So the transition explain the transition to us.

George Burns 9:32
Well, the transition, I think this is one of the transitions that a lot of people go through. So I'm going to share this one. This is one that I'm actually going through right now. So there's a certain part of me because we've built businesses, we've you know, we've made a million dollars, we've made $10 million, you know, I mean we've lost $10 million. We made I mean it just we you know once you go through it, right you understand it's not that hard to make it and it's not that hard to lose it and you just but you have all this, this knowledge and this stuff in your belt. If you will learn your toolbox. So when you're gonna go out and do it again, you, right, you can watch out for those landmines, and you can, you know, press forward and those types of things. So it's just like our Christian walk, right, as we're growing, we're learning, like, hey, if I saw this seed that's not going to produce the type of fruit or the type of harvest that I'm, I'm looking for in my life. So as you begin to realize that these small habits, over time, they create a difference, the small habits, like being in the Word of God on a regular basis, right, that is completely transforming my life, from the inside out, if you talk to any of these people that, you know, they all write their own success, they all write their books, and they all write these different, you know, these are the, the habits of the successful, right, so they spend time in meditation, right? Okay, or they do this and then they spend time and you know, learning a new skill set. And I believe those things are true, right, I specifically spend time meditating on the Word of God reading, memorizing scriptures and those types of things. But as an entrepreneur, you have to realize that you're not playing by the same set of rules that everybody else is playing on as a Christian entrepreneur. Because if you have a heavenly Father that loves you, and you're a son and a daughter of a king, right, and you're trying to be in his will, then he has, you've given him the you've given him the right to bump your cup, you've given him the right to have these, if you will, these these boundaries in your life to keep your life pleasing unto him. So as we've been tracking through this thing, we've learned, you know, digital marketing, we've learned how to drive Facebook ads, we've learned how to create funnels With your help, we've learnt all these different types of things. Bitly links, you know, Grilli Valley traffic, how to contact your people, you know, community, all these different things that we learn as entrepreneurs, we're like, Hey, you know, there's that certain part of you, Hey, I can grow and scale a company and like these people are doing and they're making millions of dollars, you know, it's, you know, it's pretty simple, right? Right, like, you know, know, like, and trust and have value and build value for people, and then give them what they want, and all these different things. And I get it, I get it. And there's a truth to that. But there's a truth to it. From the standpoint, that's not God's necessarily His perfect will for everybody to do exactly the same thing to run the same exact challenge to run the same Facebook ad. Are you with me? Oh, yeah. So God does things different ways, right, with different people that different times for different reasons and seasons, right. They're, they're different. So the season that we're transitioning into, I'll just be vulnerable is me and my wife, we did a couple challenges and stuff and, and, you know, there's a lot of selling your, your, you know, your bigger package at the end, so you actually can bring in provision to keep your your company going. And for us is for us, we sold a few packages and stuff. And it wasn't really something that looked profitable to us. And it's not that, you know, I didn't believe I could continue doing it and continue tweaking it and continue to get better closing ratios and all that and build a bigger company. I know I could do that if I kept going. Right? And there's a certain amount of entrepreneurship inside of us. It's like, you know what, I'm gonna do this, I don't care. Winners never quit and quitters never win. Right? Right. You know, there's that that what we have inside of us. But if you are listening to that unction in the spirit or the Word of God, when he wants to come and put you in a more accurate direction, this is what he did me. So if you're going through some pressure, right now, if you're going through something, I don't know who this is for, but if you're going through something, and it just feels like something is not working, and you've been pressing and pressing and pressing, and it doesn't feel right. And it's just like, you know, just almost makes you cringe, and you're getting ready to blow up the house, blow up the marriage, blow up the church, whatever it is that you're going through, maybe you need to stop, and listen, and wait. So this is what happened to me. So me and my wife, were in our room over here by actually, it's my music room. And I said, Honey, I want to talk to you about some stuff, and boom, we're kind of in this place. And no, we said, you know, what, we're going to look at putting a certain amount of a certain amount of money in Actually, I'll just tell you is $30,000 out of our money that we wanted to put into the master's program, and it's actually set up as a nonprofit. And we're going to do this and we're just going to pour the money back into the kingdom and obviously for tax reasons and those types of things, but

well, the 30,000 was gone. And being an entrepreneur being like I say, you know, a man that's a little bit on fire sometimes when it comes if I get a green light from God, I'm going for it. Right. And I felt like God put certain things in my spirit A long time ago. So we're in that room. And I said, You know what? We're gonna have to come to an agreement and I'm the head of the house so you're gonna follow me as I follow God, right? And so we were Kevin this like this some tension is about my comp. Oh, yeah. You talk about you have a paid off house and now you want to borrow $100,000 against it in Jesus name, right. And your wife's going Like, I need a little bit of security here, honey. You just spent 30,000. Right. Okay, so we're going like this. And I'm like, I mean, I mean, it was it was nasty. It was I mean, it wasn't nasty, but it was like it was getting there. Right. And it was like, You know what? I said, I mean, this just the pressure was too much. It was like it was not. I said, You know what, we're done talking. And we're gonna pray. So we prayed for six hours in that room. And I mean, we prayed, and we prayed, and I prayed in the Holy Spirit, we just prayed. And we just cried. And we just put the Bible out there. And we got, we need to hear from you right now. And as we're praying, this is literally like five and a half hours later, right? My wife goes over to the whiteboard, and she just starts writing scriptures down. Keep in mind, we didn't have a Bible open. We had a Bible in there, but we didn't have it, open the scriptures. And so she starts writing scriptures down. She said, Abraham, the promise was birth. There was no money involved. It was God's timing. She said, Joseph, when Joseph was in the pit, it was God's timing. Before he took him to the pinnacle. She said, David, God said, I didn't tell you to build me a house, I told you, I would build you a house. And she went on and on and on and must wrote, like 10 different names and addresses and everything on the wall. And the word was, wait for the word was God's timing, but the word was wait. And so what happened from there, we took that word, and we stood on that word, and it just ministered to our spirits, because these are the ways of God. The Bible says the ways of God are the same yesterday, today and forever. So what happened from there is, you know, I do a podcast called entrepreneurs on fire for Christ. And I interviewed a guy named Jonathan Cottrell. And he actually started like small business, Arizona stuff does big events and stuff over here. And we actually went out to lunch in Mesa. And the idea was just to get to know one another, and just to kind of walk together a little bit and see if there was any synergy to where God could use us together, right. And he was sharing with me a vision that he had about that moved him into writing this book. And this is what it was, he said, somebody came to my house, and they knocked on the door, and I answered the door. And I went to the door, and there's this, they had this big bed, they said, Hey, we're here to deliver this big bed. And this bed was so huge, like one infant in front door, but it was a huge bed and really nice. And the people are at the doors, okay, we're here to deliver this bed. He's like, I didn't order that bed. I, if I was going to order one, I'd order one that was slim and sleek, and just the right size for me. And, and it's, you know, too much, you know, and he's like, the people at the door were like, Well, hey, the beds, the beds already been paid for, you know, and said, he said at that moment, he instantly came out of that transit that vision or dream or whatever it was. And he said, in the Holy Spirit, like in the back of his head, he said, he said, Jonathan, I have so much rest for you. Not Jonathan. JOHN, yeah, Jonathan said, I have so much rest for you. And it's all been paid for. You know, that it was like, I have so much rest for you that you can't even imagine. And it's all like the bed was God was saying, hey, I want you to rest. Right? Okay. So it's funny, because when I was saying that I got a little bit confused, cuz I'm like his name, Jonathan. Yeah, this is Jonathan Cantrell. But I didn't think about this because Jonathan, right. We know in the Bible, he was the one like, that Jesus loved, right, it was my beloved. Right. Okay. And so, Jonathan went on to tell me about this book that he wrote in the book, and he showed me the cover of it, and the coverage of it says hustle more, and then it's crossed out in red, and then it says, work harder, and that's crossed out in red. And then the next word says do nothing. And I didn't think too much of it, you know, do nothing. Because I think I probably shared the weight piece with him. Then he shows shared this do nothing piece with me. And then literally the next day, my wife says, Honey, can you come here, I want to show you something. So I never really thought of the word so much do nothing about those kind of a cool title for a book. And it talked about, you know, it was a Christ centered but business book. And my wife said, Come here, I want to show you something and she takes me over to this wooden box that she

this wooden box that she just one second. Hey, Don, can you go grab that wooden box real quick? I'm going to show you guys this wooden box. She takes me to this wooden box, right? Okay. And it's just she says, Can I show you something real quick for like 60 seconds. And I'm like, okay, you know, so she takes me in there and there's this wooden box. I'm getting. I'm having it brought over here right now. Hopefully it's not too heavy. Trump sparks spontaneous things I do.

Freddy Owen 19:57
He does do a lot of spontaneous things. Just FYI. The box won't drop it yet though. I got to ask you real quick. Did he keep the bed? No, it wasn't a real bed. Oh, was it a dream? maybe I misunderstood.

George Burns 20:18
I want to show you this box. Okay. Okay, so I can see. See what it says here. She says 1992 my me and my wife met in 1992. And I see that word at the top says far new,

Freddy Owen 20:36
farty. intae Yeah, foreign and

George Burns 20:41
I'm gonna tell it tell you this, then I'm gonna show you so and then here's some white stuff and then the top, the top flowers lavender, right. Okay. Okay, so I'm just gonna put this out of our way.

Freddy Owen 20:55
If you're listening on iTunes, right thing, we do have this on video. So you can check out the YouTube channel or visit with for to watch the video because George is actually showing us the box.

George Burns 21:10
So this is crazy. This is crazy. So 1992 we met? Right. Okay, Napa Valley. That means talking about the valley, right? We know fruit grows in the valley. Okay, right. Okay. scripturally. Okay. And then Chardonnay. What is that at? wine? Right? Yes. So she wasn't showing me this. But she said for me for this this season our life right? Like fruits growing in the value that that wine crispy, right? And then Chardonnay represents wine or that new wine? Right? Okay, the truth of our life being poured out as drink offering, right? And then, for us kind of where we're at right now. It was this is a picture of building our house. Right? That's a long story. But this far new. Then she said, Honey, I looked up this word. This is the next day after I met with Jonathan and he told me about the book The next day. She said this word, our new intake. It's French guess what it means? rest? Do nothing. The same same as the book The day before? Like what's the chances that and then she's she's sorted and then I want to show you one more thing is that and I looked at see here's some white flowers. And those to me rec represented purity. And then this is lavender. And my wife said she said so I looked at lavender. And I was like a wonder where you know what's, you know? What are you trying to show me about lavender? And what it was was she looked she looked up lavender. It's mostly grown in the capital of the lavender. place in the world that has grown the most right is in one place in the whole world. And it's called squeezy something swinoujscie squeezy. Washington.

Freddy Owen 23:00
Right. squeezy Washington. See, what's it is it on squinty squinty Washington Square in Washington Square, Washington,

George Burns 23:13
in Washington, so check this out. So Marla's mom, no Marla's dad and my mom passed away about 60 days ago, right both in the same week. We just booked tickets to go to squinty Washington Square in Washington and we leave tomorrow for celebration of life for her dad. So anyways, I don't know that like it's just there's just absolutely no coincidence that God shows us wait. And then he shows us do nothing. And then he brings us here he confirms it the next day. We're going to that place in Washington, the one place in the world is the capital of lavender. And then to top it off, three days later, right? Remember, you know what number three represents? When Jesus was right. He died three days later got rose again. Right? So three days later, I'm at the gym, and I meet these three guys at the gym. And guess what their names are? Joshua, Caleb and Mark Joshua Kayla mark. Right. Okay, so Joshua and Caleb are the ones that right? despise it brought back the good report, right? That took over led the children into the promised land after Moses. And obviously Mark was one of the Gospels. But what happened there was God opened up a door. And as we begin to bracket things in the ministry and bracket things, as far as business goes, this was just for us. This was just our own convictions is God opened up a door for us. And these these guys here in air Arizona have a real big solar company. And we're going to be the marketing arm for their solar company. So this is literally happening as we speak. I mean, we just had shirts to come in, we ordered just ordered 20 shirts, the branding, all that stuff. So God is we're in transition. And it's, it's kind of sometimes it can be a little bit of a scary place to be, right? Because God shifts you. And he's like, hey, everything that you've already done, I want to, I want to pivot you and have you move into a direction because I want you to do new things. Not that everything that you did was in vain, because you've learned from it, you grew from it, I'm still going to use it. But I'm going to do it differently than the way that you expected.

Freddy Owen 25:42
It's crazy that you say that, because I completely see how that could happen. Because a lot this is where I think a lot of entrepreneurs in general, even Christian entrepreneurs, there's no, you know, the thing is they, they try something, it doesn't work. And the first thing they do if it doesn't work is they quit. They don't take a step back. And wait. And I No, no, no, no, the power of prayer and how, how intense that can be. And I know that everything is in God's timing. And in that is with life. That's with entrepreneurship, business, anything, so nothing surprises me that story. as amazing as it is, it doesn't surprise me because that's how God works. It's having the eyes to actually see it, to realize it and not look, right, be present, be present. Exactly. That's something that I have learned in the past, you know, nine months is to be present. And to realize and look at what's in front of you not look to the future, not focused on the past. But look at what's right there right now. And it might not happen as you want it to happen. Normally, it doesn't. Normally, you know, you're like, Wait a second, that's where people they just throw in the towel and they give up. And that's why you have to wait. And if you're Christian, if you're not Christian, listen to this, wait, and then reset and refocus. But I, I, I encourage anybody that's listening to this, that's not Christian. Okay. This isn't about actually saying, okay, we need to be Christian to do this. But realize that I've seen this, this kind of thing happened. George, you had that happen to you? You know, I this is where we live. But it's crazy, because my I was talking to my niece, because we had our our dogs Rafi pass away. And I never knew this because we were on vacation. And he passed away. He was scruffy, a Christian though. He was in a Christian household. So yes, I believe he was a Christian. But he barks an awful lot. Yeah, but the crazy thing is he, you know, we get back. And you know, of course, you know, I was devastated. The whole family was devastated. And I couldn't find out like, a year and a half, two years later that she at the house, like 10 minutes before he passed away, saying, she said, Lord, please take take, you know, take him home because he's sick. And he was, and then he passed away 10 minutes later, unfortunately, with her there and obviously sort of freaked her out. But you know, it just God's timing, God's timing. And I completely agree with that. So proceeds, so the solar company, you do another marketing for the solar company.

George Burns 28:43
And so it's amazing how just like, one of the things that we've been taught, we've been in the same church for about 20 years. So my, my pastors actually like my father, like a spiritual father. And so we've been through it together. One thing that we've learned is, if it's birth in the flesh, it'll be have to be sustained in the flesh. And if it's birthed in the spirit that God will sustain it. So one of the things that was pretty cool, when we got together, we actually did our first meeting we had about, I don't know, it was probably about 13 people there. And we had actually one of our coaches that was with us for about 10 years. And at the Masters touch, he's a pastor, now he came, and he or, you know, he dedicated the company to us, or to Christ and stuff. And, you know, it was interesting, because it's like God already has surrounded us with, right all like a lot of the people that are going to be involved. So it was like, you know, George, in his own strength, didn't have to go out and create anything. It was literally a picture of God saying, I'm going to build you a house. Sure you have to walk in it, but it's like, when you can see his hand moving in it. It's it's the coolest thing. It's like, Oh my gosh, it's already been there. It's already done, you know? So it's, it's really Cool, when you can see that you're just present enough to see God's hand working in your life and your business and

Freddy Owen 30:06
everything. It's it's nice to me because I, I told somebody a similar story and because being online and it's like I've met people, that you're one of them that has had an impact on me through my journey online, because you know, it's crazy. I love talking to new people, but it's always at the right time. And people look back at that, and they say, well, that's just coincidence. Why does it have to be coincidence? Just it's a simple question. Why does it have to be coincidence? Why can't it be, you know, God, because in my eyes is because it's always at the right time. He's always there at the right time. So I think it's a great story. So you guys gonna be doing this? And are you pumped?

George Burns 30:53
Yeah, I'm really excited. You know, there's a scripture that says, lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways, acknowledging him, and he will direct your path. And so when you acknowledge God, when you acknowledge the Word of God, because that is, that's how you hear from God is reading your Bible. The that His ways are the same yesterday, today and forever. And it's just like, it's amazing. When you know, the closer that you begin to have a relationship with somebody, the stronger that that trust factor can grow. So like, it's just, I mean, it's just one of those things, where you've, you know, when God's taking you through so many things, and you've walked through so many things, then you're beginning to walk in and again, it's like, wow, you know, and it's like, I'm not looking for a sign. But man, God, when you give me some that are so perfectly clear, yeah, my head, I feel like my, my hair's on fire. And, you know, it's just amazing, just amazing to see what God's gonna do. And the cool part is, is there certain desires that he put in my heart long time ago, and desires to help, you know, transitional housing desires to have elderly care homes and transitional housing for people that are coming out of rehab and stuff that are, you know, wanting to serve God, but they just need to, they need a transitional place, they need a place where they're having small groups, and they're having, you know, somebody with accountability with Bible reading, but having like a father around, you know what I mean, before, they're just thrown out into this world system. So I have a lot of those desires, I believe that God is going to use this business and these resources to help fund some of those things. And I mean, it just goes on and on and on. Because I'm an evangelist is what God's put in my heart. And with this, with this business, I can set up teams not only all over Arizona, but we're, you know, the solar companies, actually in 30 states. So I can literally go, I could go speak at a church, I could go stay there for an extra couple of weeks, build a couple teams over there, and have teams all over the world, selling solar, but the cool part is is you know, I tell you what, hey, the Mormons got it down when they got they train them up when they're young to go door knocking, right. So and then once they get done with that, after they're done with their mission, then they put them in the solar business or the alarm business. I mean, this is true. I mean, a lot of solar and alarm companies best to talk because they're going door to door, and it's one on one sales, and it works. And they send them out by the 1000s. So I'm excited to be able to send out people like that, that have the Holy Spirit that aren't afraid to share if somebody needs prayer or something while they're out there. And so, yeah, fun stuff.

Freddy Owen 33:33
I gotta throw something out there, too. And this is a shout out to your wife, Marla, Marla does. She still has her t shirt line, correct?

Unknown Speaker 33:41
Hmm. I got

Freddy Owen 33:45
three of those. And they're fantastic. So the shirts are fantastic. So I'm gonna definitely put that in the show notes as well.

George Burns 33:52
So there's a little bit of branding and she does a little bit of funnels and stuff from learning from you.

Freddy Owen 33:57
Yeah, but she does a great job, too. I went I went on to the Masters purpose calm and it was, it looks fantastic. So one thing about it is on the master purpose, you have your free the battle plan book. Hmm. So they can go to that. I'll make sure that's in the show notes as well. Absolutely. Talk about the five pillars I know you can't really dive deep into because those are big workbooks. But I know you have those available on there too. And that's for what you say that's for, you know, Christian entrepreneurs and the struggles that they go through because no matter what, you know, people think that you know, being you know, Christians is like shiny happy people. It's always gonna go good. It's far from nothing like that. No, not at all. As a matter of fact, the closer you get, the harder it gets. And I think it's

George Burns 34:52
there's like a honeymoon stage, but then you realize that you come You know what I mean? That, that Christ gave his life for you. And he's asking you later down your life and follow Him. So it's a picture of actually dying to your own desires. And then he begins to put his desires in your heart and then he begins to fulfill those desires. So it's a pretty, you know, the there's a scripture that says, For God sways aren't our ways in his thoughts aren't our thoughts as the heavens are higher than the Earth? So are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts? So if you can picture that this is the world system, right? God systems like upside down. So you don't you don't lift yourself up, you humble yourself and pray and then God is the one that lifts you up and exalt you. It's backwards. So if you want to learn the ways of God, this is this. The five pillars? It's a great, great resource on there, we didn't put those on there for free. I think they're super, super inexpensive.

Freddy Owen 35:46
They're like $11, which is a fantastic, yeah,

George Burns 35:48
they're there. This is years of, you know, years of learning on our end. Just show you.

Freddy Owen 35:57
Yes. Building relationships.

George Burns 35:59
Yeah, so we have the blueprint here, which is talking about David's 400 and that, some of that building relationships, product knowledge, fleeing idleness, disciplined action actions, and then the other one is seedtime. And harvest. And just to give you an idea, these workbooks, you know, there's they're packed with, I mean, that's the,

Freddy Owen 36:28
and he wrote those, I want you to write those.

George Burns 36:30
Yeah, this is years and years worth of consistent writing. But this is about marketing, and all these things. These are the ways of God and how it applies in your business. So we talked about seedtime. And harvest, we talked about sowing resources, like finances, right into ads into, and you know, how they produce, how they, they work, when to stop, when to sow more, all these different things. Right? Believe it or not, the answers are in God's word, you just got to, it says that it's the glory of God to conceal a matter, but it's for kings to search it out. So we've searched it out. And a whole lot of it is in here. And I think it'd be a real blessing to your company for any reason you don't, you know, you're like, hey, this isn't for me, you know, I mean, just let us know, and we'll give you your 11 bucks back. But it's really,

Freddy Owen 37:18
I think it's $11. So

George Burns 37:20
yeah, the only reason we're really having to pay for it is because people, a lot of times they won't use something they don't pay for. So we just want to make sure it was affordable and everything for everybody. Yeah, definitely. So you'll get a copy of the book and get a copy of the book. I'll give you that link, um, to, to where you can get a copy of that for free and get the whole book, The battle digital, obviously, digital copy.

Freddy Owen 37:42
Excellent. So no, I think it's, it's, it's really cool, the transition that you've made, and I know, because I was behind the scenes, with the massive purpose with the five day challenge. People have, they have, how can I put it they have the the, they don't have patience. You have to empty now. Right? Yeah, you have to have patience, with, with anything you do, especially with business because and that's where you have to be, you know, smart enough to realize that it doesn't happen overnight. And it's gonna take time, it takes effort, and you got to put in the work and a lot of people don't want to put in the work. And I think it's, it's that those guides are great, cuz I was actually, when we were doing the five day challenge, I was reading through a lot of that stuff, too. And it makes a lot of sense. So definitely guys visit the funny women, Fred calm and check out the show notes, I'll have all his links in there ways you can get a get a hold of him. And then the podcast name is entrepreneurs on fire for Christ, entrepreneurs on fire for Christ. And I, you know, it's crazy, because I think that there are so many entrepreneurs out there, especially in the online space that that are Christian, you know, and they, I just, I'm not afraid to put it out there. You know, I remember talking to a I don't want to name his name, a very successful entrepreneur. And he told me that he brought his his he was he's Mormon. And he brought it into the space and he got a lot of negative feedback from that. And Russell Brunson brings it in that he does. That's what is he is he is one of the most Yeah, he's not he's not shy about his faith. Okay, well, when I actually met him back in 2012 2013, he said, I asked him about that, because that's important to me. That's important to me. And I and and just like if I if I buy somebody else's product, and they you know, I'm not gonna judge them off what you know, they believe so I just think it's fantastic that you have always stuck to your, you know, since I've known you as to your roots, no matter what the struggle that you may have went through times because we all go through struggles. You know, it's not always you know, super fantastic happy hour cupcakes and cupcakes. You know cupcakes do sound good right now. So yeah, but now excellent guys check out the show notes. I really really think that you'll like what George has to offer as well as it on the matches purpose. You have so many different things on there. You actually have but you have the branding and you have Where do you get Marla? Marla is

George Burns 40:28
Mr. Tucker help with shirts or logos branding, that type of thing? Um, she also does just basic branding and funnels. Yeah. So complex stuff that you do.

Freddy Owen 40:40
But she does a fantastic job. So fantastic job. So Okay, are you ready for the super fast? Sure. Questions. Here we go. Let's do it super hyper fast q&a around Okay. What would be your weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse? sword. Okay, if you were a fruit, what fruit would you be? in orange? Okay, white, orange. I like oranges. Okay, good answer. If you can replace all the grass in a row with something else why? Whatever fee and why? turf. Okay. Somebody says spaghetti one time

George Burns 41:22
you can pick up poop easily from it. And you don't have to water it.

Freddy Owen 41:26
Okay, you found a time machine that took you back 600 years. All you have on is a T shirt and boxers. How do you tell the people that you're from the future? That's a really good question. I don't know about that one. Well think about that because we'll go back to it because you got to answer it. Well, artists are Bandy always recommend when someone asks you for a music recommendation.

George Burns 41:54
I really like Chris burns. He's a worship leader.

Freddy Owen 41:58
Chris burns. Okay. And is he like Amazon? I'm sure he's everywhere. Okay, excellent. And epic feast is hell on your honor. What's on the table?

George Burns 42:09
An epic feast is held in my honor. Probably. Philemon Yon in Chilean sea bass, and some crab legs

Freddy Owen 42:17
to Chilean sea bass. Okay. And then let's go back to you found a time machine that took you back 600 years, all you have on is a T shirt and boxers? How do you tell the people that you from the future? I already know my answer on this one. It's really because here's the fat. Those people aren't wearing t shirts and boxers. I'd be like, seriously? Look what I got on?

George Burns 42:40
That's an interesting question. I don't, I can't even process that question. To be honest with you, I probably just take everything off and say I'm here to have a shock factor.

Freddy Owen 42:52
Okay, okay. So I

George Burns 42:54
don't find your naked Christian entrepreneur showing up in the future.

Freddy Owen 43:01
Okay, so one last shot to the radio show fan, but you can feel if that could have an impact on them today.

George Burns 43:08
I would say that the biggest thing that I could possibly leave with you is to have begin to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If God came and he created this world, and he, he created you in his image, you should have a desire to have a relationship with Him and to really know him. If you don't know him yet, I encourage you to go get alone, just by yourself on a mountain or by yourself in a room and get to a place where you can just cry out and just say, God, I you know, if you are Jesus, if you are the Son of God, I want to have a personal relationship with you because I believe that, that He will answer you, and He's faithful to begin the work that he started in your life. And he has, he has a desire to have a relationship with you. He went to a cross because he loved you so much. Right? So Shouldn't we have at least the courtesy to get to know, you know, the God who created us, amen. And the way that we do that, the way that we have a personal relationship with God, is by doing what just like you're gonna have a relationship with your husband, right or your wife, you're going to spend time together, quality time together, you're going to talk to each other, right? And you're going to listen to each other. The way that we listen to God, or the way that we hear from God is by reading our Bibles. The way that we speak to God is through prayer in the way that we have intimacy with God. And that quality time with God is when we're by ourselves, and we're worshipping Him. And that's how we're intimate with our Creator. And I'll tell you what, when the presence of God hits you, and that intimacy and he begins to wrap you in, in your arms, you're never the same again, I can tell you there was a season in my life and even when you studied the scriptures when Abraham he went to these different places, one of the first places he went to is called the Valley of Bekaa, and it means the valley have weeping. And it was a place where he was just so like, like inside, he was just there was just tears flowing out of his eyes on a regular basis and, and he was just intimate with God. And it was just a place of brokenness, a place of humility, but a place where his loving father came in, wrapped his arms around him. And you feel this love and this, this. Just like, you just feel this love. It's just the craziest thing when a grown man can just weep and just shake or whatever it is that you're doing. And then just when you're kind of like, you come out of this little trans, if you will, or that this intimacy with God, this like you feel like that was, I've never felt that kind of love before. And that when you experienced that, you're never the same again, and you want to run back to it. And it's a picture of a son running back to his father's arms, because he's never experienced the love of the Father before. And this is a generation where we're a fatherless generation. But I'm here to tell you today you have a heavenly Father that loves you more than your earthly father could ever possibly imagine that He gave His life for you, that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly. And that you would begin to learn the ways of God by being in the Word of God. And by moving in tracking one day at a time and trusting God in the process. And I'll tell you what, it's life more abundantly. Anyways,

Freddy Owen 46:27
no, that's a great way to end.

George Burns 46:30
You know what, there's 30 OSHA rules, there's tools on there, on that website, also, thread that there's a devotional on there, called the maintenance Manor, where you can download it, it's free. And it's a stimulus to get you into the Word of God. We read two or three chapters a day, and every year you'll read through the Word of God. So it's something that compounds over time there's scripture memory books on there are free downloads, so we want to make sure that you know if you want those that you can have those for free. So

Freddy Owen 46:58
fantastic, George, I truly appreciate you being on the radio show today. You're a rock star man. Alright man, appreciate it.

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