Best Social Media Practices for Entrepreneurs with Katie Brinkley

(Last Updated On: June 8, 2021)

This episode we talk about best social media practice with Katie Brinkley. We dive into the new app Clubhouse and so much more regarding social media.

Best Social Media Practices for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs with Katie Brinkley ~ Episode #22


ABOUT Katie Brinkley 

Katie helps small businesses, realtors, home builders, home organizers, interior designers, and contractors add clients, increase revenue and GROW by providing area-specific social media, paid traffic, and digital marketing services.

What Makes Katie Unique is he is a lifelong Denver (Littleton) native. In addition, she “grew up” professionally covering pro sports (Broncos, Avs, Rockies, etc.) and doing marketing in Denver for the likes of Clear Channel Radio and the AT&T Sports Network, along with sales for Vail Resorts and other area employers.

Katie has been using social media since the early 2000s (remember MySpace?!), starting by helping college bands like Yellowcard hit the mainstream to make it part of my everyday professional existence for the past few decades.


Clubhouse Handle: @katiebrinkley

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Freddy Owen 0:15
Freddy. What is up, everybody? I am super excited to have Katie Brinkley on board today. Welcome to the Friday Oh show, Katie,

Katie Brinkley 0:24
thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited to be here.

Freddy Owen 0:27
Um, so Katie, tell us about yourself. Like, like, what are your hobbies? Like, what do you like? What do you love to do in life?

Katie Brinkley 0:35
What do I love to do in life? Well, a little bit about me. I live in Colorado. So I am a Colorado native. There are not very many of us roaming around here. We've had a lot of people move here in the past decade or so. But I'm a Colorado native. So I love to be active. I love to be outdoors. I'm an avid snowboarder. I'm an avid hiker and camper in the summer. And then I'm a huge sports nut. So I started my career as a sports broadcaster. So I was the locker room reporter for the Broncos, the Rockies, the avalanche, and the nuggets. So I'm a huge sport, medic, fantasy football, all things being active is something I'm passionate about.

Freddy Owen 1:16
I love that. First of all, I would never snowboard because I would probably break my neck. I don't have the best. I don't know. I maybe now I don't know. But that's really cool. So the Denver Broncos, you get to meet a lot of the players.

Katie Brinkley 1:28
Yeah, I mean, this was a while ago. I'm a little older than I look. But like, Rod Smith Jay Cutler, that's back when I was covering the team.

Freddy Owen 1:39
Oh, Jay Cutler. I heard full of

Wasn't he was a nice guy.

Katie Brinkley 1:46
Yeah, so I mean, like it was, it was one of those things where he was the quarterback. And you know, I was just a reporter, so I just couldn't have my one or two questions with him. But yeah, I mean, he wasn't. I think people kind of forget that he started a bronco because he was with the bears for so long.

Freddy Owen 2:02
Yeah, he just didn't have much of a didn't seem like a personality, but

Katie Brinkley 2:07
like, I feel like those memes of him like what their cigarette kind of hanging out of his mouth or that actually fit.

Freddy Owen 2:15
So we're gonna be talking about social media marketing, best practices. I know I could do better at social media marketing. I think everybody can. You know what, here's the thing. Everybody can do better no matter what. So I'm super excited to jump into this and talk about social media marketing best practices. I have a few questions. So the first question is, what are your favorite social media platforms right now?

Katie Brinkley 2:43
My favorite social media platform right now is absolutely Clubhouse. I think that it is completely changing the way that we network and we communicate and connect with new people from around the globe. I think it's it's completely different from all the other different social media platforms out there. Because you have the opportunity to get up and speak to your expertise or ask questions to people that you typically would have to pay 1000s of dollars just to listen to on a virtual summit or in an in-person summit, you could listen to it, but you can actually ask them your question. So I think that clubhouses are really kind of my favorite social media, or I guess social audio platforms that are going on right now.

Freddy Owen 3:29
So with Clubhouse, What do you the comparisons I have on Clubhouse? What is your handle on Clubhouse? @KatieBrinkley? Okay. So basically, when you jump into a room, do you usually create your own room? Or do you jump in rooms? How does that work?

Katie Brinkley 3:47
I do both. So I mean, I create daily rooms because I'm pretty active on the platform. So I talked about social media strategies or clubhouse tips. You know, it podcasting because I also have a podcast. So I talk about those topics on a regular a weekly basis. And then there are other rooms where I will join the stage, or I'll just go and listen to like last night I was in the comedy loud drum. And there were like six comedians up on stage, who were all doing since the Simpson's impersonations. And they were just pretending to be at Moe's bar hanging out. And they were just hilarious as these Simpsons characters. I mean, there's, there's something on there for everyone. And if you're just looking for a time to kill some time, you can do that in those silly rooms. But if you want to learn something, if you want to learn about some Instagram tips, or if you want to learn about Facebook ads, or if you want to connect with other real estate agents, all of that can happen at any time on the app.

Freddy Owen 4:47
Since we're in Clubhouse, I'm going to actually we're going to talk about real quick the clubhouse conversion method live workshop. So that is something that's that is it's in seven days, correct? Yeah, so Thursday the third. So if you're listening to this and as past seven days, I don't know if you can have a replay that they can possibly purchase. If so, I will put that in the show notes. But definitely want to make sure that you guys take a look at that, especially if you want to jump into the Clubhouse; I'm gonna tell you when I first got in the Clubhouse for a lot of people, it can be very, it's so silly, the way that we are wired as humans that we are afraid to put ourselves out there. And the first time I did, I was like, Oh my gosh, this is just weird. What if I, you know, stutter or something like that. But you can't worry about that kind of stuff. Because people generally are really, really nice people. And you can learn stuff, and they can learn from you as well. So Clubhouse is your favorite, what is your second favorite?

Katie Brinkley 5:48
My second feet will. So I have two. And I love Instagram because it now is basically your own little mini-website. And there are so many ways for you to connect with people in the way that they consume your content. There are five different ways to post on Instagram, there's the feed their stories, there are reels, there's igtv, and there's it live. And that way, no matter how your ideal client or customer consumes their content, you can get in front of them that way. So if they like seeing long-form video, hey, you can go and upload a nice long, professionally done igtv. Or maybe they just want to kill some time and watch a 15-second blurb and something from you; you can absolutely do that through a reel. And then your Instagram page or Instagram profile page now really is almost like a little mini-website. So I absolutely love Instagram and the way that it's connecting people and allowing you to have that social proof of exactly who you are, what you do, and who you serve.

Freddy Owen 6:50
So, let's jump into Instagram. Um, what do you see a lot of entrepreneurs doing that you are like that, not a good idea?

Katie Brinkley 7:00
The biggest thing that I see a lot of entrepreneurs do is they think they need to well; they think they need to be on every single social media platform. And I think that that is a common misconception because, well, I want to get in front of everybody. But if you're just pushing the same piece of content out on every single platform, you're not even really giving those people a reason to follow you on those other platforms. So, you know, if I was pushing the same content on Facebook, that I am on Instagram, why would someone want to follow me on Instagram, even if I'm showing up regularly on like Instagram Live or in my stories, and pushing out way more content over there. So go all-in on that one platform where your ideal client and customer as it is on. And then, as you continue growing your confidence on social media and figuring out the strategy that works for you and your business, then you can start adding in some of the other platforms.

Freddy Owen 7:54
So when do you? How did you, for instance, say, okay, Instagram is my second favorite? When did you choose that? How did you choose that? How did you like to say, Okay, this is where my ideal customer is at.

Katie Brinkley 8:08
So I work with a lot of professionals in the home industry—so real tours, home organizers, construction companies. And if you think about it, what they do is a very visual medium. So they're used to seeing pictures and engaging with that type of content already. Now, if I was more b2b, LinkedIn absolutely would be the spot for me to go because I can share a lot of relevant articles, I can write articles, I can go live on LinkedIn. So I mean, just figuring out who your ideal client is and what type of content they're pushing out will help you kind of figure out what platform makes the most sense for you. And I mean, all of these platforms will give you insight as to who your audience is. So if you have a lot of so, it's really weird. I'm on LinkedIn and on Instagram. That's not the word thing. But the audience that I have on each platform is very different. So on Instagram, I have more females that follow me. But on LinkedIn, I have a lot more males that follow me. So when I'm creating my content, I'm pushing a lot of the similar content out, I'm still directing back to that blog. But the graphic that I have promoting it is different. I'm like on Instagram; I have a lot of pink in my feed. But on LinkedIn, I have a lot of professional photography; I have a lot more of my other branded color, which is like a gray-blue because I know that not a ton of men are going to stop and click on a pink image if that makes sense.

Freddy Owen 9:37
Yeah, absolutely. So now you have it. There's a lot to juggle there. That's one thing I think a lot of entrepreneurs have a problem with is juggling. And also they try to do everything themselves, which is not a good idea. So how do you like, for instance, manage that?

Katie Brinkley 9:56
Yeah. So I think that one of the things that, like you said a lot, Have entrepreneurs are trying to do all the things, and I was absolutely one of them. When I started my business four and a half years ago, I, you know, was trying to do all the things. And it wasn't until I started delegating some of my tasks out that my business grew because I was able to focus on other aspects of my business that I could make more money. And so once I think delegation is huge, but not everybody should delegate their social media out. And I feel like a lot of people when I say that, they're like, Well, wait for a second, you're telling me that I shouldn't be paying someone like you? And actually, no, there's a lot of reasons why you should handle your social media by yourself. But that's something that I teach is for people to have a strategy for their social media so that they aren't just posting on the fly. And I really do believe that you can have a successful social media presence online and as little as one hour a week. And it's, it really is just all about the strategy. And knowing what is coming up, setting down, and setting aside the time to do it. And then from there, all you have to do is just be responsive, be social on those platforms, engage back with people who comment on your posts, comment on other people's posts, but you're not having to think of the content on the fly.

Freddy Owen 11:16
What is a secret strategy that a lot of people don't know about that you use that you can divulge for us today?

Katie Brinkley 11:27
A scheduler, absolutely utilizing a scheduler. So there's a number of schedulers out there. And I think you know like Facebook has one natively built-in. But I think that there's so many that are out there now. And I feel like I've probably tried them all. I'm not affiliated with this company; I feel like I should be because I talk about them all the time. But the one that I use the most is called lonely, l o l y. And lonely is a fantastic scheduler because they allow you to post to if you are; let's say you do want to have a strategy for Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram, you can schedule your posts out very easily. It has a nice user interface; you can see the upcoming posts on Instagram. So you can see the grid view for the entire month and be like, oh, okay, well, I actually already use that picture or if done to stock images back to each other or to graphics back to each other, that back to back so that way you can look and see like, Okay, this is how it's gonna look in the feed when someone comes and lands on my page. I know that this is how I want to look, or I should move stuff around. So utilizing a scheduler is essential if you want to have a social media strategy, and it's just you.

Freddy Owen 12:37
Okay, so and that's awesome. So it's called Loomly. Yes. Loomly. So Loomlyly. Okay. Now, with your, you said, four and a half years, what would you say? You already said that you tried to do everything yourself? But what would you say your biggest failure was? Was that it or?

Katie Brinkley 13:03
Yeah, that was something that I learned that on, you know, the way I was, you know, I need to delegate stuff out. But honestly, it was treating myself as my worst client. So I was, which is fine. Like, I was putting my customers first and growing their accounts, and doing all this work for them. But, you know, I didn't even have a social media account for a while. And as a social media agency or social media strategist. I mean, that made me Oh, well, let me go see what she's what learn more about her. And then they come to my page. And I have one follower, which is just a vanity metric, by the way, but at the same time, like, it's still kind of that social proof of, this is what she does like I said, Instagram, especially now, if you land on someone's page, it's basically a mini-website. So you need to have some sort of a presence over on these social media platforms to help you gain that social proof. So I think that that was my biggest mistake is that I was treating myself as my worst client. And I was trying to take on two mistakes, treat myself as well as the client, and then I was taking on every single client that came to me. So I had no niche. As I said earlier, you know, now I work with a lot of people in the home industry, I had to take a step back and end some contracts because I was doing it for everyone. And I wasn't able to grow; I wasn't able to focus on my own business. And the second that I took a step back and started helping the people that I enjoyed working with the most. That's when my business grew.

Freddy Owen 14:31
Yeah. So when did you start, like, for instance, your upcoming event that you're having? Have you had more of these before?

Katie Brinkley 14:38
Yeah, so I've done one of these, but in the past, and it was a really, really big success. A lot of people walked away, and I've seen them on Clubhouse hosting their own rooms, and they have a strategy behind it. And that's, that's the biggest thing is to help navigate a new app because Clubhouse is different from all of the other social media platforms. It is not a passive social media platform; you can't just turn it on and then watch TV like, I know that my husband and I will be watching, you know, the avalanche game. And then when a commercial comes on, we'll both, you know, it's called through our Facebook feeds just to kind of see what's going on or Twitter or whatever. And you can't really do that on Clubhouse; you have to be all-in on it. And so that's one of the things I try to teach us how to go into Clubhouse with the strategy and how to make money off of Clubhouse. So like I said, there's been a ton of updates in the app since my last workshop. And so that's why I'm having it again because there's a lot of new users, a lot of Android users, and people that are joining the app every single day.

Freddy Owen 15:39
Well, guys, if you go to Katie Brinkley, Click Funnels comm for slash live registration,

Katie Brinkley 15:46
and K slash Clubhouse, sorry. Oh, set up one more time. Katie Brinkley comm slash clubhouse

Freddy Owen 15:54
Katie, forward slash clubhouse? Fantastic. So, um, what would you say? Like you just said, a vanity metric. Some of you are just starting out, you know, staying consistent with putting up content. You know, we can all. I've talked to other people that talk about social media, like the color scheme of your social media; that's all-important. But some of that is starting out. First of all, I like to tell people that I'm coaching that, first of all, don't look at this guy over here; you can learn from this guy, but don't compare yourself to Him. You're your own entity, be yourself and just put yourself out there. Sometimes I have to tell that myself as well. So with that being said, What do you like? A vanity metric? What did you mean by that?

Katie Brinkley 16:42
So a vanity metric is a kind of how many followers you have, how many likes you have on a post? And really, both of those can be purchased? Much thanks, you'll ever do it, don't ever buy. Don't ever buy followers or likes because you can tell when somebody has. And if you are purchasing followers, when really you're talking to nobody. Yeah, sure. It looks like you have 6000 followers. But if you're only getting like two, three likes on a post, then you're kind of wasting your time, and people will be like, why is this guy have 6000 followers, but no one liking his posts? They can tell that the followers were purchased. So I didn't that's another thing too. It's better to have 500 active, engaged followers than 5000 people who never like, never comment, never share, and never, you know, ship talk about you to their friends. So focus on who your actual audiences don't get wrapped up in the vanity metrics of how many followers you have. There actually, even also, Instagram is going to give you the capability to start hiding likes on your posts, just so that people won't see like, Oh, well, look how many likes that they have? You know, so this, this must be the social proof because, as I said before, all that can be purchased. And so I feel like a lot of these social media platforms are going to start hiding follower count and likes on their posts just to kind of keep things a little bit more stress-free. I think that, especially to a lot of kids these days, are so wrapped up in how many people like their posts who didn't like their posts; why didn't they like their posts? That is really messing with a lot of

Freddy Owen 18:22
mental health? Absolutely. Oh, absolutely. You can just see it, you know, and that's good. That's a good way of putting it that you just need to put yourself out there. And be it does take time, you know. But if you're persistent, like just like, if you're working out, you know, working those biceps, it's gonna take time to build them up. It's not going to happen overnight. So if you keep on looking to go in the mirror and say, Look at me, oh, I don't see any results. Well, guess why he didn't stick with it stay in the gym. So And trust me, I think everybody has gone through this. So if you're listening to this, you know, I've gone through it. You know, I don't know if Katie has, but I went through it where you know, get frustrated. So we're gonna do a quick pause because I just realized that my computer is about to die. So give me one Second. Okay, one Second. Oh, man, why did they do that? I should have done that. So I want a Second. Okay, yeah, we're back. I plugged it in, and we are good to go. So I got to focus again. So here we go. So you're playing your favorite social media platform? Is Clubhouse, and what social media platforms? Do you not like that you that are popular but you just like not a big fan.

Katie Brinkley 19:39
You know, I'm just not a big Reddit person. So I think that people kind of forget about Reddit. But that's one that I just I don't really get one, and I think that too. I think there's been a lot of shifting away from him, if of them all of Facebook lately, just because, you know, they had problems with the election a few years ago. And then you know, with misinformation and, and stuff like that, but I think that is always going to be there. We just need to figure out where Facebook fits into our life. And I absolutely love Facebook groups; I think it's a great way to connect with people that have a similar interest and to grow, to grow a following, and to grow your network. But I think, you know, these social media platforms, okay, so when I got started back in the days of MySpace, Facebook wasn't even, like, on available for everybody. Like it was still just for colleges. As a note, I don't think anybody would have foreseen how social media was going to change the way that we live and the way we do business. And so I think that they're always changing, there'll be new ones that come along. And it's just how we decide to leverage them for our business while they're hot.

Freddy Owen 20:57
My space, you know, what's crazy, is, I still have in my space, I have no idea how to get into it.

Katie Brinkley 21:04
Me too. I was actually just trying earlier; I still found I found mine. And I was like; there's my space. I was like; I wonder how I get into it. Now.

We'll get into it. That's what I was doing while I was waiting for our show to start.

Freddy Owen 21:18
So awesome. So I guess let's boil it down to the top three things that you would say, this is what you need to do, you want to start a social media account, you want to really build your brand. And you want to make sales, make sales, digital products, whatever you're selling, what would you tell somebody,

Katie Brinkley 21:42
I would say, Well, if they need to pay attention to their social accounts and not just be pushing out white noise. So make sure that you are actually pushing out content that is social at engaging. So start with a hook point, have a description, have a CTA in your car, in your captions, follow up to the Pete with the people that are commenting on your posts, don't just leave them hanging, don't just have them comment and have them know that Hey, there, I'm talking to no one because no one has actually on the other end of the phone. So be social on these accounts when people are responding to you. And then lastly, is to engage with other users. So I think that a lot of companies, especially small businesses that are trying to do all the things, are like, Okay, done, I did my social media posts for the day and back to work. But really, you do need to go out and engage with other people, get to know them, to comment on their posts. And really, when you're doing it like that, you can do it at any time of day, you can do it in bed at night before you go to sleep, you know, spend 10 minutes scrolling through their feed commenting on posts, but that's all going to help with the algorithm and help you with your algorithm, for other for you to grow your accounts and to get in front of other people. So treat social media like a social, don't just push content out to everybody on all the platforms, and really try to create engaging conversations and community around your business.

Freddy Owen 23:09
And don't look at the likes when you first start out, or the followers just keep doing it.

Katie Brinkley 23:14
Yep, to stick with it, they'll come. And I mean, it's all which is it's hard to kind of be like, Oh, well, I'm posting all the time. There are a number of other factors that do go into it as far as using hashtags using geotags. But that is all stuff that I teach. But at the same time, like just getting started with a strategy and different content pillars that you can, you can post about on a weekly or a monthly basis will help you just kind of get in the routine. And then, from there, you can start adding in some of these other higher-level strategies.

Freddy Owen 23:48
So when you say a social media scheduler, you don't want to just put by by by value obvious. Yeah. So how do you? How would How do you structure it to where it's a nice smooth transition? You're not like bombarding them with, you know, by this?

Katie Brinkley 24:13
Yeah. So I mean, as I said before, a lot of the people I work with are in the home industry. And so obviously, we want them to buy a house, but I can't, you know, one, the house might be already under contract by the time that the social media post goes up in Denver, let's say in the housing market, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't say like, Oh, well, this house has already sold so don't even bother content contacting us. It's, you know, telling the story of the house like so, whether it's a new, you know, a newly remodeled kitchen or if you're talking about the homebuyers, and just saying like, Hey, this is the people that were selling the house, they're on their way out to move to Wichita, and this house had tons of memories, bringing the story into every single post will help those conversations happen. So whether it's you know, Just seeing you in their feed like, Okay, well, here's this house that's for sale. Cool. I'm not in the market for a house. But if you bring it back to the story of what the people that lived in the house or the way that this newly remodeled kitchen came to be why they remodeled kitchens, like let's see before and afters, you know, so that people can see what the transformation, that's the biggest thing is that I think a lot of people forget that all of our lives are a story. And I don't really think my story is that great a lot. No, but at the same time, not I'm absolutely enthralled with the day-to-day lives of real estate agents; I really am. There's so much hard work that goes into everything that goes into selling a house that a lot of people don't realize, and so while it might just be the day to day for you, that's just because it's your story, how can you tell others your story, because it's, no one else is really living that same life. So bring in a bit of you to bring in a bit of a story to your posts, and then the comments will start to happen.

Freddy Owen 26:03
I definitely would not want to; I really it's a tough job. It's a tough job. But it sort of reminds me of I have a friend with who he built his business. And I'm going to have him on as a guest because he's been amazing, but social media, Facebook, with his he has got a got an Oh, my gosh, concrete company. And he takes pictures of before and after talks about how he's blessed to have work. And it's just like, his following just grew and grew. And then you can see like, you know, locally, in like the local groups, I am looking for somebody to concrete, and people are just putting his company. And yeah, very, very social. And there are other companies that aren't social, but I think if they followed that, that, you know, system that he set up, it's fantastic. And it doesn't take long. I know what he does picture, you know, sometimes video saying look at the crew are hard at work, you know, stuff like that, and people get really engaged by it. You know, I might not, but other people do, and that is looking that are in the market for concrete. He's a friend of mine. So I do get engaged with it. But my point being is, is this more so he started off with zero and built it up just by social media. That's not his only Avenue, but it's consistent. He's consistently

Katie Brinkley 27:35
and it might feel at the beginning to like you're saying that like oh, now what if not, don't worry about the likes of the followers because like it will take a little while for it to gain momentum. And then one person will start following and will tell their friend, and you know, it'll start showing up more and more, the more and the more that people engage with your content. So what he's doing is absolutely perfect cuz he's taking them on the journey with him, you know, the before and after he's letting people have the keys to the background by doing those videos.

Freddy Owen 28:02
Yeah. And he's been doing fantastic. I like how you said about the keys to the secret backroom. Such a good job. Jeremy, I want to tell you that, so make sure you guys check out the show notes to see what Katie has to offer. We're gonna have all social media stuff on there, as well as the link to the Clubhouse, which is again, you said Katie Brinkley comm slash clubhouse? So check out the show notes. Now, are you ready for the Well, first of all, I want to ask you, is there any question that I did not ask you that you would have asked you? Let me ask you that?

Katie Brinkley 28:37
No, this is great. You know, and that obviously felt like a fantastic conversation. I can talk about social media for hours. So this was fantastic. And hopefully, people can walk away with some actionable tips to start thinking about for their social media.

Freddy Owen 28:51
Well, we'll count that as part like this as part one of our conversations; we'll have another conversation down the road. So awesome. I'm super happy that you came aboard. But we're gonna do the super hyper fast q&a round. Now. These are questions that have nothing to do with social media. But are you ready? Yeah, let's do it. So if you're arrested with no explanation, what was your friends and family assumed you had done? That I was speeding. But yeah, yes, Peter.

Katie Brinkley 29:19
I like to get to my places efficiently.

Freddy Owen 29:23
She's a speeder. Okay. Excellent. Would you rather swell? Would you rather sweat melted cheese or has snakes for hair? Oh, my God. I guess have snakes for here. Snakes for here. Interesting. Yeah, it's a good time travel. Where would you go? I will go back to the 1920s. Really? Yeah. Interesting. Okay, why?

Katie Brinkley 29:49
I liked the music. I liked the way they dress like I just think that it was a slower pace of life and not as crazy as things are today.

Freddy Owen 29:59
You know, I say the same thing. But I'm starting to realize that yes, this time is a lot faster; you have to hang on tight. Okay? When you're in life in general, you have to hang on tight because it's so fast. But you have the choice of what you consume. So, but it's also an amazing time. It's amazing when you see kids literally investing in cryptocurrency; you have kids that are starting their own website and building a following. It's amazing. So there's absolutely no reason if you're consistent, and you put good stuff out there, that you cannot make something special online. So I do agree with you, though. It is a lot faster, and it takes a while, and as and I think it's gonna, I don't think it's gonna slow down. So just hang on to me there the ride. I know. I'm waiting for a car to fly by any minute now. Okay, Seinfeld, the office friends, are the big bang theory. Um,

Katie Brinkley 31:10
well, because the office got so bad the last two seasons. I'm gonna say, Seinfeld.

Freddy Owen 31:15
Good answer. I love Seinfeld. What's your favorite? I love the office.

Katie Brinkley 31:20
I did at the office probably would have been my top. But the last two seasons I just after, you know, Steve Carell left it just it wasn't the same is for me. So um, Seinfeld. I love the one with the lane dancing.

Freddy Owen 31:37
The little kicks. Yeah, there we go. I love that one, too. She danced. There outside of Jarius Jeremy. Jerry is talking about it. And that guy's like Senator Danson. So yeah, it's a great episode. And you what you have as a neighbor, George lane, Jerry, or Kramer?

Katie Brinkley 32:04
I would have, I'd have a lameness, my neighbor. You wouldn't have done I can invite her over to watch her dance. And I would just make me laugh all the time.

Freddy Owen 32:13
I would have Kramer, but I would lock the door. Never so often. So. Okay, final thought, one last shout to the radio show fan that you can have that you feel that can have an impact on them. Today. I didn't understand your question. Sorry. So one last shout out to the radio show fam that you feel that it can have an impact on them today.

Katie Brinkley 32:35
Put on your blinders. I think that is one of the things that really helped me with my business. Don't it's so hard, especially with social media and everything online right now, to make the comparison. But to see what other people are doing. But all you're seeing are their highlight reels; you do not see their bloopers; focus on your own path, your own journey, because your journeys gonna be different from everybody else's. And that's what's gonna help you stand out from the crowd.

Freddy Owen 33:05
This is gonna just open up another question. That is so true. Highlight reels, and maybe eventually down the road, we'll be able to all just be real and show some of the craziest things that we do behind the scenes because life is not Facebook. And a lot of people treat Facebook at life as Facebook and for business got to be on there. And I'm not saying Clubhouse or anything, but definitely don't. I love that, keep your blinders on and focus on what you're trying to accomplish. Don't look around because a lot of is smoke and mirrors. A lot of his fake likes and fake followers, as you said, so just focus on you, Katie. You're a rock star. I really appreciate you being on the radio show. And I'm looking forward to the next time that you're on.

Katie Brinkley 33:59
Awesome. Thank you so much for having me.

Freddy Owen 34:01
I'll talk to you later.

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