Lets Build a Funnel with Clickfunnels

Welcome to the first installment of Let's build a funnel with Clickfunnels! I am super pumped to be be able to get this rolling.

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Overview of Todays Clickfunnels Training

I generally start off with the blank template option in Clickfunnels. I like to start off like an artist with a blank canvas and go from there.

Today's training I decided to go with a gaming funnel, first time doing so, so it should be very interesting.

So starting off I went into the ClickBank Marketplace to find an offer I felt would be potentially profitable. I actually asked my son to be honest. I said, “Hey, real quick, is World of Warcraft still a viable game? He goes, absolutely. Dad definitely is.” So that was pretty cool. So I'm going to go ahead and click on promote.

Using Tracking Links in Your Campaigns are Important

I'm not going to put any tracking ID in when I grab my link, but just so you know what a tracking ID is I'll explain. If for instance, you were going to promote this this product link on Facebook. Side note: You probably could not promote this particular product link straight on Facebook. But if you could, you would use it like this. So let's say you doing a Facebook ad or something you would just put basically a, I would put F B. Okay. And then generate hop link. And the “FB” is going to show on the end of your URL. What that does is, so if you make a sale, say you're advertising on different platforms and you make a sale on Facebook. You'll know. So you'll see which platforms your advertising to are more profitable than the other ones. So it's definitely going to do that, but I'm going to leave it off right now and just generate the hop link.

using a tracking link sub id

I already actually went through this funnel (Clickbank product) to make sure that everything was connected properly and it . After that I always test out my actual affiliate link to make sure it works as well.

How to Slightly Mimic The Sales Page to Stay Congruent

Once again I am starting out building the funnels from scratch. So I'm going to go back and look at the actual product sales page. The sales page is where I am making the funnel reirect to to actually sell the digital product.

Here's the deal, let's say you buy traffic, unless you're the actual product owner, I would never send it directly to the sales page because if you don't make any sales you will have nothing to show for it? However, if you have a capture page in front of it, you will definitely have something to show for it, and that is the lead(s) So you definitely want to make sure that you have a capture page in front of any offer you promote.

Your Clickfunnels Pages and Flows Do Not Have to be High Tech

The funnel that's we're making today is not going to be super high tech.

It's going to have capture page as well as a thank you page, and it's going to redirect to the sales page. So with this funnel you will have a page, and you will grow your email list. So then the people that like World of Warcraft will be on this list and you can actually email other offers to them..

Also, I know nothing about world of Warcraft, but I know if there's a proper funnel step ahead of it, and I target the audience properly, It should convert. It's all about testing different niches and products so you don't have all your eggs in one baskets.

When doing the headline copy, I usually put it in parentheses. The reason I do that is because it reads like you are having a conversation with the with the person looking at your page. This does work fantastically.

Adding Text in Clickfunnels

In Clickfunnels you can do so much with the text. When you go to edit your font it gives you a few fonts to choose from, but if you click on the search google fonts (see image below), it gives you a lot more options to choose from. The downside is you cannot see how the fonts look. Don't sweat it though, because you can see all the Google fonts here.

how to select a font in clickfunnels easily

I would personally go through all the fonts and pick out 10 of your favorites fonts and write them down or put them in a Google doc to refer to later.

When building a page I like to have a variation of the original page and then split test the two and find a winner. A variation could be as simple as changing a few words in the headline, changing the color, etc. The goal is to get the page to convert.

The fun thing about making funnels in Clickfunnels is how the funnel looks before and after. In most cases the funnel looks completely different after all your split testing. It is the art of marketing.

Side note: If you are a Funnellogics member, you can download any of the funnels in the back office, and make changes right off the rip so you can split test your variations.

Clickfunnels Pages (Desktop and Mobile Options)

If you notice in the video, I edited not only desktop, I also edited mobile. If you do not do that, your page may look terrible on mobile. I always double and triple check my work before launching a campaign. If you do rushed work, you get rushed results, so take your time. Also, I highly recommend you do not use your Clickfunnels domain, I would create a custom domain. The easiest way to create a custom domain is to buy it directly from Clickfunnels. It is a little bit more expensive, but the process super simple compared to connecting it from your own domain provider.

Always remember to save your changes before leaving your funnel. this is so you do not lose any of your work. Clickfunnels is great at notifying you some how forget.

Final Thoughts

I will reiterate this in every episode because it is so important, test your funnel before launching it. The worst thing you can do is launch a campaign and 2 months down the road realize that something was not properly set up. To this very day I always check my work from start to finish because I do not want to leave any money on the table, and neither should you.

Also, do not get discouraged if you get stuck while creating your funnels, it's all about growth and getting better. Feel free to join my free Facebook group, the Funnel Mastery Alliance to learn even more about using Clickfunnels and building your first awesome funnel!

This funnel will be put in the back office of the Funnellogics membership.

Would you have done something different? Have a question about the above training? Join the conversation and comment below.