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22 Feb: Motivational quotes to get your mindset amped for daily success

Below are some of my favorite positive motivational quotes as well as snippets from some of my favorite books. Motivation is something that comes from an inward desire to be better at anything and everything you do. Reading motivational quotes is just a friendly reminder to make that flame grow brighter.

When a motivational quote catches my eye, it’s a friendly reminder to get going. It should be a virtual tap on your shoulder to never give up and always focus on the results you’re looking to get.

We all have “peaks and valleys” in life, and the last thing that you ever want to do is to stay in the valley, wallowing in self-pity.

Just consider the below quotes a kick in the butt—a wake-up call to live your life to the fullest.

Structure in your life and business crucial for success

24 Dec: Structure in your life and business are crucial for success

Structure is one of the core aspects of my life, but it took something drastic to realize the importance of structure in my day to day life.

The life of an entrepreneur isn’t all rainbow and butterflies. You could be on top of the world one day and feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders the next day.

The question is, how do you avoid the significant ups and downs while building your business?

First and foremost, you need to have structure in your day to day life. That means not sitting in front of your computer 16 hours a day.

To be honest, this is where I failed miserably.

I can assure you that if you put your business before your family, it will have consequences.

Now, if you’re single and don’t have a family, does this apply to you? I would say absolutely.

Here is the deal, with structure in your personal life, you will have structure in your business.

Podcasts To Listen To That Will Help You Thrive in Business and Life

02 Dec: Podcasts To Listen To That Will Help You Thrive in Business and Life

I wanted to compile a list of podcasts you can listen to that will spark creativity, inspiration, motivation, and action-taking. Bookmark this page and check back often to see what podcasts get added to this ever-growing list.

Knowledge is critical; we all know that, but we often do not embrace it daily. The more you feed your brain with valuable content, the more valuable you become to whatever industry you are a part of. I knew this was important, but it became etched in my brain after attending a private networking event in Atlanta, GA. Hosted by Matt Bacak.

One of the biggest takeaways from the trip was that everyone I talked to was a sponge when it came to consistently enrich their minds with daily shots of value from other top influences in the industry.

having patience when things seem to be falling apart

01 Dec: Having Patience When Things Seem To Be Falling Apart

Patience is key when it comes to growing your business, and unfortunately a lot of entrepreneurs do not possess that quality.

As soon as you crack your eyes in the morning, your world starts moving. You need to be ready to make patience a priority.

Have patience with all things, but first have patience with yourself. – St. Francis de Sales

We all know that taking practice, Preparing yourself each day to first and foremost make yourself a priority when giving patience, grace, and forgiveness.

Each day brings its new challenges, whether in your marriage, kids, job, friends, etc.… and acknowledging that we still have the need to learn new things as we grow older. That can bring frustration, anger, and other things. Practice that patience with yourself, and the rest should fall into place.

Life never goes quite the way we plan. That is a fact. We can plan our day down to the last minute all we want, but there are times when life throws us a curveball or 5!!

How to Make A Strong and Amazing Relationship with Roman Mironov

12 Aug: How to Make A Strong and Amazing Relationship

I honestly wasn’t going into this episode expecting to spill the beans on some pretty personal facts about myself, but it happened. Really enjoyed hanging with Roman talking about how to make a relationship last for the long haul :)

Roman is a certified relationship coach trained by Robbins Madanes, the official training center of Tony Robbins.

He helps clients create those beautiful moments in a relationship that you wish you could relive over and over.He also teaches you how to be grateful for your partner, respect them, and communicate effectively.

how to change your mindset

30 Jul: How To Change Your Mindset and Finally Take That Jump To Greatness!

Lee Chambers is an Environmental Psychologist, Wellbeing Consultant and Certified Life Coach. He is the founder of Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing. Born in Bolton, in the north of the United Kingdom on May 22nd, 1985, he was the first member of his extended family to go to university. He holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business Psychology from Manchester Metropolitan University and an MSc in Environmental Psychology from the University of Surrey.

Lee lost the ability to walk due to autoimmune arthritis in 2014 and has relearned to walk and become medication free, controlling his chronic illness through lifestyle alone. He has worked in local government, a corporate organisation and in elite sports. Ever since he was young, he had an entrepreneurial spirit, selling his

She wants to help you reach your potential and reset the way you think about yourself

22 Jul: She Wants To Help You Reach Your Potential and RESET the Way You Think

Jen Sugermeyer Wants To Help You Reach Your Potential and RESET the Way You Think About Yourself.

Jen Sugermeyer, a Virginia native, is now a truck driving, Texan that lives with her cat, Booger, in the great city of Dallas. For the last 15 years, Jen has worked in corporations around the globe; Washington, DC, Afghanistan, Virginia, California, Texas and even spent a couple years in Italy.
When she isn’t writing or coaching, you’ll find Jen globe trotting (been to 49 countries), boxing (watch out, she’s a southpaw with a reach!), exercising, being both in front of and behind the camera, spending time at the lake, and hanging out with friends, family, and doting over her niece, Olive. Jen embarked on the fight of her life- for her life- and she aims to share her strength and encourage others to claim the life they deserve!

Best selling Author of RESET: 5 steps to reclaim the life you thought you lost & learn to love yourself and Defining Your Boundaries: The YES|NO playbook to what you want in life.


07 Jul: He Wants To Help You Set The Stage For The PERFORMANCE of YOUR LIFE!

The Freddy “O” Show Episode #7: Ryan Stanley wants to help you set the stage for the PERFORMANCE of your life!

About Ryan Stanley
Ryan Stanley is Co-Founder and Headmaster of Mindset at Teach Me to Sell. He also is a Life & Self Leadership Coach who has helped transform the lives of 100’s of individuals. Ryan is also a public speaker, author and a loyal Phish Fan.

Henry gold wants you to live a limitless life

24 Jun: Live A Limitless Life! Special Guest Henry Gold

Henry Gold is founder and the host of Limitless Life Podcast where he interviews regular folks on what they do to live an extraordinary life. Many of Henry’s guests were once broke, worked in a 9-5 Just Over Broke (JOB) raised in a broken family, have had disabilities, bullied, and told they were no good. — Yet, they achieved what most people called impossible in life.

After Henry went through many life crises, including dealing with a narcissist father, broken relationship, as well as diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of the golf ball, He made it his mission to show others how to live an extraordinary life regardless of their current circumstances.

His goal is to inspire you through his actions. He will also want to guide you to find your purpose in life, and show you how to live your life without fear, hesitation, and self-doubt.

Crush your comfort zone with Jesse Harless

17 Jun: Smash Your Comfort Zone With Jesse Harless

The Freddy “O” Show Episode #5: Jesse Harless Wants You to Smash Your Comfort Zone.

As an entrepreneur in recovery, Jesse is passionate about helping people overcome obstacles and make choices that inspire them to live their best life.

Jesse graduated from Rivier University with a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling in 2016, and I now live my purpose running Entrepreneurs in Recovery® workshops, trainings, and events with individuals, recovery community organizations, companies, learning environments, addiction treatment, and entrepreneurs. I’ve integrated all of my learnings into my workshops, trainings, and events including my XCHANGE and HeartMath® certifications.

He started Entrepreneurs in Recovery® in 2017 as a way to transform the lives of 5000 men and women in addiction recovery through one-on-one coaching, facilitation, writing, and speaking. Since then, the work has expanded to communities, workplaces, organizations, addiction treatment centers and sober living facilities throughout the United States. Jesse is an XCHANGE certified guide and faculty member with a deep passion to bring out the best of any individual, team, community, or system.