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How to Add Videos to Your Clickfunnels Page

Knowing how to add videos to your Clickfunnels is important because using video is powerful in your marketing efforts. Below I'm going to show you how to add Youtube, Vimeo and Wistia videos.

Adding Videos to Your Clickfunnels Page

A few ways you can add a video to your Clickfunnels page is to add a new element.

You can add a new video element under another element. The only problem with that is you will be limited on the width of the video. Doing it this way gives you three possible video with options, full width, 3/4 width or half width. (see picture below)

How to add videos to Clickfunnels

The second way of adding a video element is by adding an entirely new row. This literally gives you 100% control of the video width. I prefer this method because I want to be able to have that flexibility. You may have to adjust the top row's bottom margin and the new row's top margin, so it looks clean. After you add the row, proceed to add the video element and you will be ready to rock in roll. (see video below)

How to add a row to Clickfunnels

Once again, adding a new row requires a few extra tweaks but it does give you more flexibility.

How To Add Youtube Videos to Your Clickfunnels Page

The first video hosting platform I am going to show you is Youtube. I do not recommend doing YouTube videos for any kind of sales videos or training videos. The problem with using Youtube videos is because of the branding on the videos. It may potentially take the viewer off the page if they get click happy.

So with that being said, we want to make sure that we don't want any kind of distractions or ways that the person watching the video can leave the page. If you use Clickfunnels for your blog, it's perfectly fine to use Youtube.

Adding a Youtube video to Clickfunnels is super easy. First, grab the URL of your Youtube video (see pictures)

adding youtube to clickfunnels
First, click the share link

adding youtube video to Clickfunnels page
second, Copy the link

Next, after adding your video element to Clickfunnels, make sure you set the element to Youtube. (see picture below)

set element in Clickfunnels to Youtube

Finally paste the Youtube video URL you copied in the allotted section and then click Save. (see picture)

add youtube URL to alloted area and click save

How To Add Vimeo Videos to Your Clickfunnels Page

The second video hosting platform is one of my favorites because it can be used for basically anything, and that is Vimeo. The only thing I would potentially shy away from using Vimeo is using it for sales pages.

My reasoning for not using Vimeo videos on your sales page is strictly video loading time. The videos do not load up as fast as I would like them to, and loading time is critical on a sales page.

Adding Vimeo videos is pretty much just as easy as Youtube, but there is a catch. Suppose you are adding a video and want it to Autoplay. In that case, you have to use a different method because the first method will Autoplay without any sound.

Adding a Vimeo video without Autoplay
First, find the video you want to use and copy the video URL. (see picture)

copy link of vimeo to embed into ClickfunnelsBefore adding your video, make sure you go into settings and disable any settings you do not want. (see picture below)

removing branding off of Vimeo videosSecond, after adding your video element to Clickfunnels, Make sure you click on the video element on your Clickfunnels page set it to Vimeo. (see picture below)

Toggle element to Vimeo in ClickfunnelsFinally, add the Vimeo video link you copied to the video link area in the Clickfunnels element and click save. (see picture)

Add the Vimeo link you copied to the element area in the Clickfunnels element and click save

If you want to use the autoplay feature for a video on one of your Clickfunnels pages, you have to go a different route. The reason is that using the Autoplay feature on the above method does not have sound and that kind of defeats putting a video on your page.

To add an autoplay video with sound, you must first make sure you go into settings and disable any settings you do not want. (see picture below)

removing branding off of Vimeo Second, You need to click on your Vimeo video and click the share icon on the actual video. (see picture below)

click the share icon on the actual Vimeo videoThirdly, you need to go to the embed area and click on the show options link. There you will see numerous options, you must first uncheck Show text link underneath this video. Then you must change the size of the Vimeo video to responsive. Finally, check the Autoplay this video box. After doing that you need to copy the embed code. (see picture below)

adding a vimeo video with audio to Clickfunnels

Then there is one last vey important step, you are going to go back to your Clickfunnels page, and toggle the video element to HTML, not Vimeo. After that, you are going to paste the Vimeo video embed code into the form area and click save. (see picture below)

paste the Vimeo embed code into the Clickfunnels form area and click save

Adding a Wistia Video to your Clickfunnels Page

Wistia is a fantastic option if you need blazing fast videos. Wistia is great for sales pages because you have a short amount of time to grab your prospects attention. Adding a Wistia video is a lot like adding a Youtube video.

First, grab the URL of your Wistia video (see picture below)

using wistia in clickfunnels

IMPORTANT: If you want your video to have autoplay, make sure to click on customize in your Wistia settings, click on controls and check autoplay and click for sound. (see picture below)

turn on autoplay in wistia

Lastly, go to your video element, toggle to Wistia and paste the link in there, easy as pie!

(see picture below)


Adding videos to your sales funnels isn't rocket science, but finding the right video host is important. You need to make sure you have the right hosting platform depending on what you are trying to do.

For blog posts, I use Youtube in most cases. I don't worry about my branding being on those videos.

For my membership site, I use Vidalytics or Vimeo. I want to make sure that my members have a clean experience while in the back office of any of my digital products.

For my sales, pre-frame, and lead capture pages, I use Vidalytics (I would highly recommend Wistia if Vidalytics is too complicated.) The reason for this is speed! You have 2 seconds to grab your potential customers' attention, and you do not want the video they are watching to be buffering.

Please comment below any questions or insights into this topic, I would love to get your thoughts.

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