How to Make A Strong and Amazing Relationship

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2021)

He Wants to Help You Create a strong and amazing relationship, Special Guest Roman Mironov joins us on the Freddy “O” Show!



I honestly wasn't going into this episode expecting to spill the beans on some pretty personal facts about myself, but it happened. Really enjoyed hanging with Roman talking about how to make a relationship last for the long haul :)

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Roman is a certified relationship coach trained by Robbins Madanes, the official training center of Tony Robbins.

He helps clients create those beautiful moments in a relationship that you wish you could relive over and over.He also teaches you how to be grateful for your partner, respect them, and communicate effectively.



When you go to Romans website you can book a no-fee breakthrough session! Mention that you're a listener of the Freddy O Show and Roman'll give you a 30% discount if you choose to hire him after that session.






















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Freddy Owen: Today, he wants to help you create an amazing

My Beautiful Wife: Thank you for listening to the Freddie o show, a podcast devoted to you the listener, your purpose, your mindset and your marketing efforts designed to help you go to that next level. Now, here's your host for do

Freddy Owen: Episode Number 10 of the radio show. Yes, Episode Number 10. It's a tiny milestone but we are going to embrace it like a big happy family. First and foremost, thank you so much for tuning in today. It's always an honor to have you aboard. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart sincerely, a friendly reminder, you can always access all podcast show notes from today's episode at when also the Radio Show is available on these other fine apps, Apple podcasts Spotify, Google podcast Stitcher, I Heart Radio Podcast addict, pod chaser Deezer, overcast pocket cast Castro and cashbox. I truly appreciate your support. It means the world to me. Thank you so much. So Episode Number 10 is a little different, but a good different, we're going to dive into the topic of relationships. How a great relationship is so crucial. Let's do this. Super excited to have Roman Mironov On today's episode Roman, what is up, my friend, welcome to the radio show.

Roman Mironov: Hi, Freddy, thank you so much for having me today. I'm also excited.

Freddy Owen: Awesome, awesome. So let's get things rolling. First off, please tell us about who Roman Mironov is.

Roman Mironov: I am a coach specializing in relationships, so I help people create amazing relationships and I work from Toronto, Canada.

Freddy Owen: Excellent. So Talking about relationships. Was there a certain point in time that made you really want to dive into helping people with relationships? Was it something that you had an issue at one point or is you want to dig deeper into that?

Roman Mironov: Yeah, exactly. In 2014, I went through a painful divorce. And I was basically the only person to blame for it, because I did not have any relationship skills at that point. So I lost it. I lost my marriage. And then I realized that I was so bad with women, and I had to learn everything. Even though I was at that point, I was 32. I still was so bad, I was miserable with my relationship skills, so I started learning, dating relationships. And the important thing that I did was actually putting myself out there and testing everything on myself. making myself a guinea pig.

Freddy Owen: Really? Okay. That takes some courage.

Roman Mironov: Yeah. And it also helped me with my confidence because even though I was 32 I was still quite shy, not as shy as I was back in high school and college. But I was still shy and you know, going, going to the dating world and experiencing everything firsthand really helped me with confidence a lot.

Freddy Owen: Yeah, I think that if you can find yourself I think relationships in general when you know, friendship, business, you know, wife, husband, all that stuff, any kind of relationship you have. There. There's some work to do there. You know, you have to, you know, because I know one thing, like for instance, I can tell you that my wife thinks I'm somewhat of a slob, which I personally don't believe but she sometimes like spread Come on, you know, clean about yourself or, and I go the houses lived in, you know, I'm just I'm just like that you know, but some people on the other end of the spectrum are like super super. Like it's crazy how you have how you can actually put two people together sometimes. And they're like Ying Yang, they're completely

Roman Mironov: right.

Freddy Owen: So, you know, you worked with Tony Robbins, how is that experience?

Roman Mironov: Yeah, I went through a training program with Tony Robbins. And it's been a fantastic first I've been a fan of his for 11 years now. So I really, really relate to what he teaches. And the second thing is that all the things that he teaches in his program, there's so practical And I love this because I'm not. I like theory as well. But I'm more about, you know, actionable things. That's why I love the training because I, after taking the training, I could, you know, just sit down with my clients and apply it immediately.

Freddy Owen: Okay, and if you were to say like now that you are you took your, your passion, and you put it online. Have you liked your interaction with the online world and how you deal with a soccer relationship with business and you know, if you know, talking about business? How is that different from what you're actually teaching is it? There's obviously differences as far as you know, when somebody is meeting somebody for the first time and connecting and networking, and that's somebody actually living in the same house for somebody with, you know, potentially for the rest of their life. But do you like a do you treat them the same in a way

Roman Mironov: Human business relationships and intimate relationships. Oh, no, not not

Freddy Owen: intimate. So okay, I should have made that clarify. Okay, business as well as when you have two people. So you're taught you really focus on intimate relationships, or you're not more like not a marriage counselor, but you're like intimate relationships. can you go a little deeper into actually what you do?

Roman Mironov: Okay. Sure, sure. Well, let's say I deal with romantic relationships, intimate relationships. So mostly relationships between two people who want romance in their life. And well, let's let's take a look at a few of the things that people come to me with. These are infidelity,

financial, the love of their life.

You know, proving the relationship with their partner, which usually means changing the partner.

Yeah, these are the main, the main three,

Freddy Owen: actually had a question set up here that have you ever had to tell somebody that it's in their best interest not to have you have a relationship with that particular person? So obviously, that's a yes. No, basically, no, I hate to say that. But you have, have you ever had to do that? Ah, I would hate to say that too. I would hate to say that. I would hate to tell somebody Hey, listen, you know, it's just, you know, it's not gonna work out. But I just didn't know if that was something that you've ever come across. And I know it hurts. It's gonna hurt you too, because you probably when you invest in the people, you want to see their best interests, and you want to help them out as much as you can.

Roman Mironov: Yeah, yeah. That's an excellent question, and I Don't think the writer has the right answer to it. Because, see, as a coach, it's not my job to fix the client or to give them solutions. I can give them tips, but I cannot, you know, come up with the direction for their life. I want them to make the decision. So my job as a coach is to actually ask them a lot of quality questions so that when they come to the conclusion themselves, they find the decision for themselves. And, you know, from a more philosophical perspective, I believe that

It's really hard to, you know, give solutions to other people because it's very easy to be wrong. I mean, only they can make the decision for themselves because for themselves because

there's really no reason, for example, you might

you might stay with a person for another 10 years, and no one can say how that will go. That's why I'm saying it sounds like black and white.

Freddy Owen: Okay, yeah. So obviously each person is an individual. Yes. And each situation, you know, a different situation. So I'm going to go away from the intimate relationship and I'm going to throw something at you and if you believe you have an answer for this, that'd be fantastic. So right now is it me or is just people having any relationships even with family members over the craziest things this day and age? And is there one thing that you would say that could potentially you know, I think a lot of it's because they don't see eye to eye and a lot of in America at least it's obviously politics. Okay. I, you know, it's crazy people just forgot how to talk in a lot of cases, right? You know, and I think communication is key. So is that one of the things that you would recommend with family or, or any kind of relationship that somebody, you know, they're together but then they clash over the craziest things, something they have no control over. What would you say to them?

Roman Mironov: I believe that this is the second second thing that I would recommend communication. Because it is so important as and usually communication. Communication decreases with time because people get, you know, tired of each other and the passion wears off in their relationship. So if you keep communication you actually also help your passion. So that's an important thing to do. And you know, By having communication, you have this great connection between you, that's how you maintain it. And the first thing is unconditional love coming into the relationship with the, with the intention to give rather than receive and to expect anything back.

Freddy Owen: That's excellent. I've been married 22 years now to my bride, and I am extremely happy but what when you're talking about this was just gonna end up being a therapy session for me. When you're talking about this, it's crazy because, like, you know, a lot of us and and, and I think we could both agree that me and my wife can agree that there've been times where we felt, you know, our relationship was stagnant. Yeah, you know, it was like we weren't talking as much, it was a bad routine. if she would do her thing in the evening, I would do my thing in the evening. Yeah. And before you know it, you know, but the thing is we were able to, in our teenage years, be able to realize when this stuff is happening, might take a little bit of time. But we do realize that So I think, you know, you're speaking to a lot of people, especially if they've been married for such a long time. And that's why we got married, I wanted to be able to spend my life with my wife, I didn't want to have it to where, okay, 10 years now, okay, contracts up. Let's go on to the next one. You know, that's just so do you think that like, for instance, and we'll get back to the actual let's look back, let's go back to relationships, because you know what, anybody listening to this show, has a relationship of some sort, and might be going through something. So let's go back to that. As far as what you recommend us as As far as keeping it, I don't know how to say it. I wouldn't say spice because it's the excitement of marriage or a relationship.

Roman Mironov: Perfect, perfect question. First of all, Fred, let me, let me acknowledge you and your wife for staying together for 22 years. That's incredible. that's available. And going back to your question, there are a few things that I would suggest. Make sure to have a date night when you don't have any responsibility and a commitment to get back home at a specific time. So for example, if you have kids, and then you hire a babysitter, and you and then you say to the babysitter that you will, you're supposed to be back at 9pm No, don't do that. Hire a babysitter but let her or him, you know, stay at your place or like at their place without any time commitment so that you can return at any time you want. And this will allow you to, to actually go a bit crazy and have a wild night and get home, let's say at 4am. This makes a difference. That's one thing. The other thing is you need to create a specific communication channel for all your romantic communication. Don't do it on the same messenger. Don't do it through the same email that you use for regular things like household things and, you know, General stuff. Create a separate account, or separate email and use that exclusively for romantic communication. This will also make a difference and let's see The third tip is to be very intentional about creating daily intimacy moments. Because with time, it's very, very easy to forget about them. Forget about hugging, kissing, holding hands. And if you become very intentional about this, well, let's say something very simple. At 9pm you make it a tradition to kiss your spouse passionately. This will also make a difference.

Freddy Owen: So you're being intentional about Yeah, you know, that's crazy. Because that's something that I was taught when I was I. Well, I guess, I wrote my parents were that way. They never leave the house mad. Always say I love you before you leave. They would hold hands. This is something that I have brought into our marriage. And sometimes I feel like I maybe talk too much, you know, but I unconditionally love My wife, and I wanna make her happy, you know, and everything. Let's be real. I'm a guy. So guys have different needs, then. You know, girls do. So there's times when I, you know, that's one of the biggest things as far as frustration. I can't believe I'm saying this on the podcast, but yeah, it's crazy because, you know, I just had to realize, listen, okay, she's not like me, her hormones don't work like me. And you need to take a chill pill, because all it does is it cause you know, arguments and it's ridiculous. So yeah, I just went there. I don't know. I just went there. And it just slipped right out. But yeah, I'm going back to my wife. And if you guys didn't know, fam that she actually is the intro of the radio show. That's my wife, Fran right. I love the fact that she's, uh she was actually very shy and I was able to I'm a little bit I'm way off the different end spectrums. Okay, she's more timid I'm more outgoing right I never used to be It was crazy and but she's always willing to try something as far as you know to put herself out there to do videos and stuff like that so that's that's one that I love but my wife and I think that am I correct in saying that I think that telling them you know your significant other that exact thing that you know you I think you're fantastic at this keep going for it is that great thing is reaffirmation. Am I correct? I think it's Yeah. So, yeah, I'm intrigued. I'm intrigued by this. So now here's the deal guys. So Roman has he's gonna be giving away it's like if you go to the show notes when Wi Fi comm take a look at today's show. notes to see what Roman has to offer as well as connect with him. He has all his social media stuff there, but he's also going to give a free breakthrough session if you want to. Plus, if you choose to hire Roman for more than four more sessions, okay, just mention that you're listening to the radio show and you'll get a sweet 30% discount. So, and I think that really the key maybe maybe one thing I was really, really nervous about with this is relationship advice and stuff. I've never really had to go through that because I want to put myself out there again. Are you ready for this Roman? All right. My wife is the only woman I've ever been with. Wow. And, and that's something my parents always instilled in us. So I think it'd be great if everyone has relationship problems, one one time or another. Okay, and you'd be the guy to talk to you, correct?

Roman Mironov: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

Freddy Owen: So this free breakthrough session, what exactly? Is it like a phone call? Or how does that work?

Roman Mironov: Yeah, it's a phone call or WhatsApp call or zoom call. And we sit down, I sit down with you. And I ask you a lot of questions to understand what, whichever challenges you have, or whatever help you might need from me. So you, you explain your situation to me. And then I come up with ways that I can help you with. I explained to you these ways and then you decide whether the results that I'm offering actually make sense to you. And then you feel like I get to go with my coach and hire me as a coach.

Freddy Owen: Fantastic. So yeah, definitely guys look at the show notes, because all of Romans information is gonna be back there. So give me some, like, if you were to say, like, I'm like, I feel like I'm in a realm I've never been in before, you know, I you know. But as far as marriage, I've always had a happy marriage. One thing I can tell you is, I think that one of the biggest and it should never be this, but I've seen it with a lot of people including our marriage is like when money when we were younger got tight. Yeah, money was a big argument. You know, the situation. So how, how does that you know, like in relationships is that's like a big downer, correct?

Roman Mironov: Oh, yeah, it is.

Freddy Owen: And so if you were to give one tip to somebody that might go through that, okay, because guess what, I don't care who you are in life. You're gonna have money problems, okay, that you might I don't care, you know, you could be starting out having money issues, but yet to get through that and keep on pushing forward. So what would you say to that person or that regarding a relationship?

Roman Mironov: Okay, I think two things. The first one is you need to get your life together make money, you have to pay your bills. And if you don't, it's very likely that it will drag your relationship down. So don't allow money to be problem, get your life together. And the second thing, even though it's like, well, the opposite I would have the number one, but don't think about the money itself. Focus on the now focus on the experience. I just finished reading an autobiography by Maria Shore Power, this famous tennis player and there was one line that I loved about her parents. They used to live they originally lived in the in Russia. Back then it was the United States decided me to Union. And they were poor. Well, basically everyone was poor back then in Russia, but this is the line. They did not know they were poor. Okay, because they they loved each other so much. They focused on meeting each other's needs, regardless how how much money they had, they were in love. They didn't really care about money.

Freddy Owen: That's fantastic. Yeah, that's great. And I think that a lot of times we get so caught up in, you know, the green, that it's money that people tend to, you know, not they focus on that instead of the blessings they have. Exactly, exactly and, and that's a shame, you know, Honestly, in America, you know, we're really blessed, you know, I don't care, you know, you might be down and out. Okay. And I understand that that happens. But you have the opportunity to get back up. And, you know, it's just crazy that there are people out there that are in a much worse situation. So it's not a good thing to complain about. I don't think Roman.

Roman Mironov: That's true. That's true as a person coming originally from Russia, which is a third world country. To be honest, I know, I know that living in a country like the United States or Canada, it's really, it really is a privilege. And it really is a shame that people who live here like, like residents who live there who are here for their entire life, they don't see this, unfortunately, because they don't have this. This opportunity to compare like I have, you know,

Freddy Owen: yeah, I actually was What got me really to realize this was back in 94 when I was in the military, and we were in San Juan, I believe was San Juan Puerto Rico area and we took a bus from the Naval Yard to the casinos. And I looked to the left and there's this square. And they were literally houses, but they were metal shacks with sheets as roofs. Yes. And it made my heart sink. I'm like, oh my gosh. I have nothing to complain about. Now. That's, it's crazy. You know? So right. Yeah, I get it. It's crazy. So, but on a brighter note, I think it's fantastic that you came on and I liked how this turned out because I do think that a lot of people if they are struggling could use your ex parties. So take advantage. Look at the show notes, guys. So, okay, so Roman. Are you ready? For the super hyper fast q&a round?

Roman Mironov: I am a little bit anxious, but I am ready. I'm kidding.

Freddy Owen: I'm gonna throw some curveballs at you. No, it's just some fun questions, and let's see what your answers are. So, here's a simple one. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?

Roman Mironov: Mostly our toe without any sheets.

Freddy Owen: Or I have yet to talk to something that has a tucked in. I couldn't do it. I get claustrophobic. If you could choose your own nickname. What name would it be?

Roman Mironov: I had a nickname back in high school. It was in Russians. It was Lehovich. I like it. Lehovich. I might try

Freddy Owen: it. Yeah, yeah. Good. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Very cool. What's your favorite kind of cereal?

Roman Mironov: Wow, I would say I would say it's Prison Break. And

Freddy Owen: yeah. cereal. like actually that was. I know

Roman Mironov: you mean you mean cereal like seafood? Yeah, yeah. I know I don't. I don't eat carbs mainly. So go I don't notice used to. I used to smell no no no I didn't and basically what most traditional food that I had for breakfast was oatmeal. That's it but no cereal.

Freddy Owen: You had your oats. Okay. Okay, now here's a final question. If you had a pet giraffe that you needed to hide, where would you hide it?

Roman Mironov: I would need to have a very, very huge balcony, you know? So that the guy could stick out his neck. outside and yeah, and see He can actually, because I have a big tree. I am on the seventh floor and have a big tree near my balcony and there are a lot of squirrels and the squirrels I am actually eating. So maybe the giraffe will and you know, scare them off so that they don't have the tree.

Freddy Owen: But I think it's rapidly the free one that

Roman Mironov: I don't know. Oh, yeah, she would

Freddy Owen: have a pet trap if somebody offers it to you. I don't know if I could do that. You know.

Roman Mironov: That'd be a cool experience. I think I will try. I would try. Yeah.

Freddy Owen: Yes, try. Okay, so final question. If there's one thing you could tell listeners that you feel could help them tremendously in life. One final statement. Roman, what would that be?

Roman Mironov: Well, I saw this unconditional love. It changes everything. He changes the quality of your life, on a level that he cannot do. comprehend right now.

Freddy Owen: If I may ask, because I think I know what the definition of unconditional love is. Right? unconditional love. You love them no matter what.

Roman Mironov: Yes.

Freddy Owen: Fantastic. Well, let's go ahead.

Roman Mironov: When it comes to relationships, some people have a problem with that definition, like you said. So I sometimes explain it a little bit differently. I say that I go into the relationship with the intention to give. It's it's, it gives it a little bit of a different twist. A little different for us, but it is more so it's more samples for some people to understand. Don't expect anything in return. Okay? Be more of a giver, not a taker. Exactly, exactly.

Freddy Owen: You're a rockstar, Rome. I really appreciate you being on the show today.

Roman Mironov: Well, Freddy, my pleasure. You are a rock star over host

Freddy Owen: and I want to Try one more time Lehovich?

Roman Mironov: Yeah, right. Yeah, yeah, like

Freddy Owen: Thank you so much my friend.

Roman Mironov: Thank you Freddie's been it's been a privilege to talk to you.

Freddy Owen: Thank you once again today's guests Roman Mironov huge pleasure. Also thank you to you as well for tuning into today's episode of the radio show. Much appreciated. Make sure you head over to win Fred calm and check out the show notes on all that Roman has to offer. You won't regret it. So that's it for Episode Number 10 it was a fun one. Can I get an Oh yeah.

Oh, yeah,

This is Freddy O and until next time, fam. Remember, always stay hungry.

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