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Live A Limitless Life! Special Guest Henry Gold

The Freddy “O” Show Episode #6: Henry Gold Wants to help you live a limitless life!




About Henry Gold


Henry Gold is founder and the host of Limitless Life Podcast where he interviews regular folks on what they do to live an extraordinary life. Many of Henry’s guests were once broke, worked in a 9-5 Just Over Broke (JOB) raised in a broken family, have had disabilities, bullied, and told they were no good. — Yet, they achieved what most people called impossible in life.


After Henry went through many life crises, including dealing with a narcissist father, broken relationship, as well as diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of the golf ball, He made it his mission to show others how to live an extraordinary life regardless of their current circumstances.


His goal is to inspire you through his actions. He will also want to guide you to find your purpose in life, and show you how to live your life without fear, hesitation, and self-doubt.


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Episode #6 Podcast Transcript


Freddy Owen: Today on the show, a man who loves snow Yeah, he loves snow. Henry gold. He wants to help you live a limitless life. His story is awesome. Are you ready for episode number six? I am fam. Last Joe.


My Beautiful Wife: Thank you for listening to the Freddy “O” Show, a podcast devoted to you the listener your purpose, your mindset and your marketing efforts designed to help you go to that next level. Now here's your host,Freddy O


Freddy Owen: Boom! Welcome to episode number six of the radio show. Thank you so much for tuning in today. It's always a pleasure to have you aboard and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much. A friendly reminder, you can access all podcast show notes from today's episode at win with Fred calm. Also, The Freddy “O” Show is available on these other fine apps, Apple podcast, Spotify, Google podcasts Stitcher, I Heart Radio, Podcast Addict, Pod Chaser, Deezer, Overcast Pocket Cast, Castro and Cast Box. I truly appreciate your support. It means the world to me. Thank you so much. Today's guest I've known since 2015. And if you're in New York City, and you see someone shoveling snow in your driveway, there's a good chance it's the one and only Henry gold. This man loves snow. He has been extremely successful in the online space. And has overcome so much adversity, serious adversity in his life during that period. His story is truly remarkable. And you're about to hear it. I am super pumped. introduce my friend who loves to snow. Yes, he loves the snow Henry gold. What's up, my friend. Thanks for being on the radio show.


Henry Gold: Well, thank you so much for inviting me. I appreciate that. You give me the time to talk with your audience.


Freddy Owen: I'm actually very excited about this because I met Henry back. I think it's in 2015. I think it was at an event if I'm not mistaken. And it was a blast. And then he told me how He loves snow. And I was like, Oh my gosh, he's crazy.

Freddy Owen: Let’s Welcome Henry Gold, Who was Henry gold?

Henry Gold: Well, I'm a serial entrepreneur. I've been doing this since 1999. And for if you if you want to give a if you want me to give a brief description, or you want me to give a long description,


Freddy Owen: I want you to give whatever description I want people to know. It's gonna be in the show notes no matter what, but I want people to know who Henry gold is. And just lay it on the table. What does Henry gold do? What's he all about?


Henry Gold: Okay, well, there are two versions of Henry gold in here. The first version of Henry gold is someone who was naive as someone who wanted to prove to other people that he is a successful guy. And the other version is someone that makes a realization that His time is limited. He wanted to share with people that you know what he can do to live a limitless life. So if I were to explain from the beginning that someone who is naive is I was that guy that back in 1997, I wanted to start my own business, because I saw a news article in a magazine. He said that the co-founder of yahoo.com, which is 27, and 28 years old, make roughly about $600 million each. I was just thinking that he was just yahoo.com. I mean, it didn't make any sense that he can, he could make that much money. So for me at a time is if somebody like them can do it, I could do it too. So back to back in 1999, I started my own business. It wasn't as successful as I wanted it to be. And I actually quit my corporate job because I wanted to do it full time. I was so eager, so hungry. And I wanted to make this happen. I want this to happen to me for me. So in 2001, I quit my job and decided to work in a 711 convenience store, which is kind of like people thinking, are you crazy? Are you not for doing that? That's exactly what I did. And I work from 11pm at night until 7am in the morning, and then work on my business from 9am in the morning until 10pm at night for two years, so I was sleeping roughly about three hours a day. I was lucky that I was able to bring free coffee inside the 711 convenience to stay awake.


Freddy Owen: So 7-11, I love 7-11


Henry Gold: And then I made a breakthrough. That breakthrough itself was in October 31 2003, which I did over $10,000 in 30 days. I thought that that was like, awesome for the first time and then when I did a second one Launch itself I did over $50,000 in 30 days. That was back in April 2004. And then and then after that, I heard a lot of people say that you need to have a big list. And I for me, and that guy that didn't know what a list was for, I just knew that I was able to create a product and have a whole bunch of people promote my products and make money from it. Since people said that you need to have a big list, I decided to come up with a campaign. That campaign itself gave me roughly about 25,000 subscribers in 14 days, which allowed my partner to do pretty much a move from a small, small house, a small place in the basement and into the seventh floor in Alberta Canada. And then immediately after that people said that you need to daddy's 25,000 subscribers. I don't think you can break another record a one year later, we did about 56,000 subscribers in 30 days. And of course that is something that I always thought, you know, did many, many times over that in the internet marketing industry, self improvement industry and so on. And I became a hungry learner in a way that I wanted to learn about the high ticket program. I want to learn about affiliate marketing, list building, joint venture marketing, and a whole bunch of different different techniques on how to do life events and all this stuff and all those things. So that is the younger Henry goal.


Freddy Owen: So real quick, is that the naive Henry gold


Henry Gold: Is that naive and regal. Yes, exactly.


Freddy Owen: Okay, so the naive Henry gold had a big subscriber list and was making good money at that point in time. And that's the naive Henry gold Now, I know you have an incredible story. So I'll let you roll into that. But is this is the non naive Henry Gold, the other Henry gold after the story


Henry Gold: I will say that a wiser pipe instead of ego driven is more like thinking but what am I going to do with my life? Okay, that was the point of thinking about, you know, what am I going to do with my life in this case because I knew a lot of things, but the thing is that I felt like there was no reason to know so I knew so many things. So that was back in 2014 that's that was when I met my grandfather and all this stuff and everything in New York. I know that in a Western culture they said that when you talk about godfather meaning that somebody that sees you growing up but for me godfather means that you know I he pretty much is a role model for me. As somebody that I respect a lot and learn a lot. The first time I met him. I didn't like my godfather at all, because he's calling. Let me all the time he says you need to man up and all this stuff and everything. That's the way he coached me in life. And when I met him at a time, my life turned to the 2016 degree differently in a way that I became more humble. Because when I first went when I met him, he was like you know, I was shuffling this I was doing the snow shoveling and all this stuff anyway, I couldn't do it. And so like he's like, Hey, come on, young man. You should do better than this. You are not, you know, like 50 years old. He was 65 years old. And then he was able to do it in a heartbeat for like hours and hours and hours with us. And yet I was there doing it for two hours and I was complaining like oh, you know, this sucks that is no good. This is like this like that, that like that. Then kind of


Freddy Owen: Well, shoveling snow does sucking away but I get your jest. Yeah,


Henry Gold: yeah. But the thing is that for him, he said that you know, you got them. up, you got to, you got to understand what you need to do the rest of your life, if you have no clue what you're doing, then you're not leaving at all. So in 2014 to 2017, I met a lot of incredible people, including you, you know, I travel and then I, when whenever I could, I just simply go to my godfather space, which is I drove from Boston to New York all the time, like a which is about four hours, each three. So on Saturday morning, I would drive to New York and now we'll come back on Sunday night time, and then Monday I will start working on my business and all this stuff and everything my business starts to explode because of my behavior characteristic and so on. And then after that is a transition to the non naive version of Henry and at a time 2017 something hit me which is I got a brain tumor and all this stuff and everything. So the one then during the surgery itself, enough October 17 2017. And after the surgery, what happened is, you know, I was in the ICU room. There was a lady across from me. She told me this one profane word, and she was crying. She was a girl like this all the time I saw like, I was like, half awake, half not awake, because they put it in at Anastasia in my body. Okay, and I said, like, why are you crying? That's what I told her. I mean, she said, I was like, no, it's kind of even. And then why are you crying? So like a ninja like, oh, because I'm dying. So she told me I was dying. He just thought of leaving him on. I just remembered mimicry, because I just, I was acting like, how come I was so rude, I know. And then after that, she said that I'm not I wasn't scared about dying. I'll just regret things that I didn't do when I was still alive. So she told me, and it was a moment in service that I had to get off from this ICU bedroom. This is not where I belong right now. I'm too early for this. So within three days, three and a half days, I just get out from the ICU that gets off from the hospital being discharged and so on. And when I get home, I have two batteries for six months. And during the better, better batteries itself. The one thing that I never mentioned or probably your audience do not know about it is my younger sister passed away. The reason she passed away was not because C was not capable, because he passed away because of the broken soul. We came from a narcissistic family in a way that you know, the word loser, Doc animals are very, very heavily being told to us as a child. As the children and what happened is my younger sister, she passed away because she just couldn't stand it anymore. Secretly understanding psychological abuse in many ways and editing moments itself is like saying that you know what if I keep being in a darkness all the time like leaving a limitless life by myself just for myself, it means that I'm being selfish. So I decided that you know, after my younger sister passed away in February 2018 I told myself that you know what, it's time for me to share with people. What is limitless life is all about is to help people to make sure that everybody will be able to guide themselves, even if their life at that moment itself is no good and so on. They will be able to understand being inspired by what I do, and what happened to me and how I overcame it. regardless what happened in their life that is a new version of Henrico

Freddy Owen: So a Henry Gold that gives, A Henry Gold that inspires, A Henry Gold that has more wisdom and you're driven not by the subscriber base or the money but you're driven by because here's the thing I believe that no matter what, whatever you do, if you do it good and you're the best of your ability, the money will come. Yes. But you're driven by a difference by trying to help people live their limitless life yeah. And it's not a secret pill you take it's obviously you know, he ever seen that movie limitless I think it was limitless yes last secret pill you take it's a daily is it more so a daily like recollection of looking at what you have and and spreading Your wings farther as you get older or what is exactly as you dive a little deeper into the limitless life?


Henry Gold: Well, let me let me let me say this, everybody inside our body, there's a two core existing energy. One is the yen, and the other one is a Yang. And Yin is what is referred to as Mr. demon. The yen is what I refer to as the universe or the light. So every day if we are not careful, Mr. Demon will always be Yin, and will always try to preoccupy our mind, body and soul every single day. And then, Mr. White is someone that Mr. Intuition is someone that doesn't really care whether you follow the light or not basically in a way that If you follow the light, you are going to get to where you want to be, which is you're going to live a life of fulfilling ball and fearless and limitless. And Mr. Demon will always try to make sure that your only destination in your life is you're going to be feeling lonely despair, and in darkness there is a purpose of those to the purpose of the Yin energy. So if you focus on the Yang energy, always say that you know what, this is what you need to do. But it's not going to say things that hey, you have to do it for your family and all this stuff anything nothing. It's just like pretty much that this is what you need to do, you want to do it, you do it if you don't want to do it, I don't care. But Mr. Demon is the one that uses those manipulative techniques, whether it's through people, to internal forces, external forces, they're going to use every single ways To manipulate you to destroy you until the end.


Freddy Owen: So, like for instance, fear,


Henry Gold: well, fear, worry, fear, worry and everything, a lot of things. So when people look at me, they feel like how come I don't have any fear? The reality is because when you are always close to the Yang energy, which is the light, there's no so called fear anymore. There's no so-called fear anymore. There's less why in the limitless level itself if I saw someone, for example, some some just some stranger's, as soon as I speak with this person, I could immediately tell if this person is level one, level four, or level 10 in terms of the limitless level itself. If this person is only level four, in terms of the limitless, this person cannot you cannot change this person anymore. It's just pretty much you're gonna wish your time because this person is already fixated in terms of the rest of his life, or the rest of the life, or her life, the part that he or she is going to take in the future. But when this person is level five, to level six, it means that this person, if you give this person guidance, there's a chance that this person is going to move toward that light and move toward a different route. Now, when I talk about light, this is not just like, Oh, you know what, I'm going to be motivated today to do something. Now you everything's gonna start to change your physiology gonna start to change. I used to be 236 pounds now I'm 173 pounds. And then and than I used to be, you know, didn't take care of my health. Now I'm more conscious of how conscious I used to be like, you know, doing things that half half assed, basically this what they call it, but right now, whatever I do I have to get it done as soon as possible.


Freddy Owen: The best of your ability?


Henry Gold: Yes. Like, if there's a task like for example a couple days ago, because Yeah, because yesterday, you know, yesterday was my wife's birthday. And then the day before the partner said that hey, listen, we got to work on this program itself, which is going to promote a $10,000 program. And what happened is, that slide alone is going to be roughly about 180 page 180 slides. Okay, I will get it done. Because I will get it done on Monday to make sure that I will spend it, I will be able to give 100% of my attention to my wife on Tuesday. Okay, okay, so a lot of people would just delay that bill. That process, you know what, screw it, and it's not gonna work and all this stuff and everything. And then guess what happened next is, you know, the wife was not happy, and then the clients were not happy. And then everybody, then the partners will not be happy and all this stuff, a lot of people will delay the process just because they have this tendency of saying that, you know, what, if God willing, we're going to be successful, but for me, when when I do things, my words mean, my executive orders. My words mean everything.


Freddy Owen: So you're gonna make it happen.


Henry Gold: Yes. regardless what happened is not going to be, there'll be no delay, there will be no. So called, like, you know, I'm going to do it tomorrow and all this stuff and everything because I've seen it many times, right. And then some people are like, I'm gonna write a book and all this stuff and everything. And guess what happened? One year later, the book is not being written. Two years later, it's not done 10 years later, I said, so What are you up to? Oh, yeah, I'm gonna work on the book. I said, like you talk about, is that the same book that you talked about 10 years ago?


Henry Gold: It happens all the time.


Freddy Owen: Oh, no, and I'm not gonna lie to you. I've been there before. Yeah, I've been there. And what happens is, I got to the point where I don't want to be, like you said, sitting in a hospital set, you know, setting and I'm saying if I had known then what I know now, why didn't I do this? You know, you're living with regret. Yeah. And I think a lot of times people let them make the excuse of letting the world take over or like you said outer things. The yen right? is yen bad or yen? angelite. Yen is a demon. Yeah, so the demon holds them down. But honestly, they're letting that happen. Yes. And that's with life in general. I don't care if you're working at a 711 or if you Yahoo. I don't know how Yahoo's doing anymore Yahoooooooo, But the point being is, I think that we all have these kinds of issues at one point in time of our life. Like you had the naive Henry gold, who realized it and had his godfather, who honestly, my godfather was my dad. My dad was the same way he was like he was hard on me. He instilled a work ethic in me and when I didn't do it, he let me know about it. And he wasn't shy of doing that. So that's, that's great and I guess it's more so having belief in not everything nor would you call it beforehand you called it ego, not an ego. But having self belief


Henry Gold: is beyond self belief. Let me explain this to you. Okay. You know, about a couple years ago, a friend of mine asked me to speak on His stage. his workshop is called I believe he called millionaire millionaire workshop or something like that in New York. Okay. And he said that Harry, can you speak at this workshop and see how many people I mean, you can sell anything you want. I said, Sure. And then there was like, about 12 people over there. And then like, he said, like, you know what, I'm kind of worried. I'm going to waste your time and all this stuff and everything. But do you think how many people can use Sal? I said, there were only 12 people. That's not that much room anyway. Right. But for me, I have this attitude characteristic that I said, I don't know. That's what I told him. I said, I do not know. All I know is I can only do my best.


Henry Gold: That's all I know. So when I got there, I didn't have any expectations. I was just being friendly with everyone. And then during my presentation, it was just less than full The minutes, not even one, one and a half hours, I was closing 11 out of 12, which is 95% of the people that were in that workshop. And they were shocked. And the host was shocked, like, how did you do that? What did you do differently? I said, I don't know. I just focus on what I need to do to maximize the value for your clients. For the people that attend this workshop, and then that's all I did. Do I have any extra expectations? People gonna sign up for it as an ID? I say? I don't think so. And the other person like immediately only talking with me for like 10 minutes, like 10 minutes I give them like a free consultation. 10 minutes handing me $10,000 Jessica, how did you work? The reason why it works again, I use the method of going with the flow. Now we are Most people that I know, they have these expectations. They have this expectation expectation mentality. For me. I don't have any expectation mentality. That's what I coach, my clients on. I say, like, do not have any expectation whatsoever. Now, one client recently, $16,000, just like that, how do you do it? The reason he's doing it, he just says, I just focus on doing it first. I just don't care whether I'm gonna make the money or not. I just focus on doing it based on what you just taught me.


Freddy Owen: And I like how you said that because I think it's in a way you're not setting yourself up for failure. You're going in there to say I'm going into my job but also goes back to this before I got on the air and actually started recording. I was talking to Henry. And when I first met him, one thing that really glowed about his personality was his authenticity and the fact that he is just very real, and he doesn't put up a facade in my opinion. And I think a lot of people would probably agree with that. You're just you're authentic. And that's,that's huge.


Henry Gold: Thank you.


Freddy Owen: I love that because you're not sitting like this, you know, I've seen it and you know, you know, Bobby and James and you know, back in the day we would be setting up for like an event and then we're gonna have 300 people on. Yeah. And maybe 10 people show up and the frustration would show. But like you said, you delivered and you sold 11 out of 12. Yep. So you would even set up that expectation. So you weren't even discouraged. You just did what you had to do, and it paid off. I love that.


Henry Gold: Because when you don't have any expectations, expressing expectations creates pain.


Henry Gold: That is the number one key expectation is ourselves. It associates yourself with Mr. demon. Mr. Demon always wants you to have an expectation, an anticipation. But Mr. Light doesn't care about your expectations. He said that basically the way the universe works like this, you do your best. I'm going to deliver what you deserve based on my own timing, not based on your own timing. Not based like, oh, Fred doing a good job. Now, let me give you this. No, it's not gonna work that way. It's based on the timing. Now, man, share with your audience a little bit about some of the secrets that I use in my dating life.


Freddy Owen: Absolutely. Okay.


Henry Gold: About a couple years. Now, a couple of years. I don't remember the exact timing anymore. But I was single for two years. I was single for two years. When I was single for two years, my axe left me because I almost became blind. I was 90-90% blind on the left side of my eyes and 50% blind on the right side of my eye. So a friend probably at a time when I met you, if I didn't see you seeing me, that was normal, because I wasn't able to see or I didn't have the visual on the side.


Freddy Owen: That was for the tumor, correct?


Henry Gold: Yeah, there was before that. I knew it was a tumor. It was back in 2015 2000. Okay, exactly. 2015 and the thing is that at a time was like, you know, see left me short after that. And when she left me She said she was basically psycho. You will never find any ghosts anymore. That's what she thought. She told me. And after that, I didn't say a word. I just wrote down the description of the girls that I want to date. Like almost five pages long. And if I meet this girl, I'm going to marry this girl regardless of what happened. That's why I wrote and I and then all of a sudden the universe sent me a whole bunch of dates, all bunch of girls. Like there's one girl there stalking me on facebook like crazy me asking me about my relationship back in 2003. So like, How the hell do I know? I mean, I mean, what do I know about this person, that person I have no clue at all. And then there's another girl that you know, just one me for money, money stuff in all this stuff and I immediately send them back home. And then every time that after the date itself, I will go home and I will look into the description. Does this go is something that I want to change, or I don't want to change at all. And sure enough, like I said, Oh I I wish that this is going to be like this, but this cul de sac in terms of the look and physical appearance is cool is like 10. But I wish that I can change this, I wish I can change this, I wish I can change this, I wish I can change this. For two years, I was single. And then I just told myself, you know, what, maybe this stuff that, you know, expectation, giving this description to the universe doesn't work. I almost want to give up on relationships. And then boom, all of a sudden that I got into a, you know, a date with a girl. And then when I went back, I said, Wait a minute, what is going on here? Why see all the five pages description that I have on my papers, match everything, match everything. And then I tested her on the second date. I said, Oh, no, no, this is it. This is what I was looking for. Six months later, like not even six months, I think five months later. I asked her to marry me. And after that in two months after that, we got registered Just like that, and then that is like because the universe is gonna tell you like, okay, you want a girlfriend? No problem. Here you go, we're gonna throw you a whole bunch of girls coming your way. But not the one that you described first, because they want to make sure. Do you mean what you said? Are you men? What use do you mean? Do you really want the thing that you are looking for? Or you're just wanting something?


Freddy Owen: They want to make sure that you're legit. Yeah, exactly.


Henry Gold: So in a way is if people want to become successful and all this stuff and everything like the first time when we deal with these things, they are not successful yet. Guess what happened. Most of the people, they give up, they slow down. But with me, I said, I want this stuff. This is my stuff. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to do whatever it takes, until I become the best


Freddy Owen: I want to go back to what you said about risk taking about that of what people think. And when you said the four, they were given a four or five or six, I think, right? Yes. So the four is, and this is when I first started doing it, I started coaching, I realized that I would be like, frustrated because people weren't succeeding, but a lot of it. I actually took a step back, and I realized that because they were lazy, they gave up. They don't care. Yeah, and you can't do a forum. So is that what you meant by four or five and six? Like, there's some people who can't help.


Henry Gold: I will mention this to you. There are two types of people. Some of the people on the limitless level number four, they are beyond help. Beyond help, meaning that you should just leave them alone. That's exactly what I'm trying to say. I personally always say With my coaching clients and all this stuff and everything I just for me as I as I mentioned to you before I'm the new Henry is different from the old Henry dont Henry is that you know if there's a people want to pay me investing their own education through me and I just take it but right now I'm very selective if they don't meet a certain standard I'll just say you know what, forget it. I don't want you. That is my point. Yes, I'm very blunt. And sometimes I stole it and my clients which is kind of weird like wait a minute somebody pays you for money in your school Adam? Yes, I do. That's why that's why I'm being called like a tough cookie in here because you know, some people say that How come you schooling, schooling and my clients and schooling and my, my mom or my, my, my, my dad or my daughter or my son, because I said that what I came most is not so much about whether he liked me or not. What I came most is whether he was surprised He's going to become successful or not. Because he says yes, because if that person is not successful, I will rather own this person than having him in my inner circle or even call him that he's my student.


Henry Gold: That is how I am.


Freddy Owen: And that's very good. I've had to, you know, have had the same kind of conversation. When you say scolding it, basically I call it like, tell like it is. Listen, we talked about this last week, you didn't do it. So what's the deal? There's gotta be a disconnect somewhere. I know it's not on my end. So what's going on? You know, and that's I. I respect that it's like your godfather. He told you bluntly. As a wake up and listen, you know your Be a man. Yeah, you know, shovel more snow. Because you love snow. And that's crazy. This kid is crazy, but I can't stand And guys Henry does not like summer. And so you don't like summer at all.


Henry Gold: No, no heat


Henry Gold: i love snow to the point where I used to live in Boston. I would just say hey, do you mind if I shuffle your parking space? How much do you need? So like come on, why are you talking about money now? I just want to make sure that I shuffle your parking space so that I can enjoy some snow. You know because I love snow like if a snowstorm is happening like seven inches 12 inches or desperate, that's awesome. I will just shuffle like the whole parking lot for free for like eight hours 10 hours in a day. That's what I love to do. Because I love snow so much. I do not know where I used to be in my past life and all this stuff and everything but that's who I am.


Freddy Owen: That's an anomaly. I think because you know Bob travels to Florida. Every wintertime because he can't stand snow. But you know what? I think it's great. You've always loved snow. And if I ever have a parking spot and you live in New York still right?


Henry Gold: Yeah, I still live in New York. Yes.


Freddy Owen: Yes. So yeah, you like it if you love snow. So, okay. Now, at the point in time when you switched gears as far as who Henry gold was, did you like to view the industry differently?


Henry Gold: I view in one way.


Freddy Owen: Well, you know how the industry has and has changed since I've been doing it. It's always changed and it's always changing. But do you? Do you view it differently as far as how you do business altogether?


Henry Gold: I don't want to say the industry is a view viewing thing differently. But the way I do things is more like human nature. Never change and always remain the same. So, a lot of industry itself, sometimes I could predict what is going on in the industry, not because the industry is bad or is good. It's just like humans because of human nature itself. It makes one industry collapse. The other industry writes, so is always to the point of yin and yang as well. So I wonder if let's just say there's one industry starting to rise, okay, everybody going to start to jump into that bandwagon. That is a very normal stage. But when the industry is about to collapse going under everybody who is going to start to, you know, jump out from a boat. Now the thing when I look at business is during the good time, I always remain the same, which is I'm always remaining limitless meaning I do What I make every day successful during the bedtime in the industry, I remain the same I make every day successful. So a lot of time when people say that the pandemic affects your business? Not at all. The reason why is because my principal never changes, the quality of my clients remain solid. Like, for example, if you pay attention very closely during a good time, everybody wants to jump into a certain industry. So there'll be more money in that industry during the bad time. The company that focuses on quality will be the one that is going to be going to have a recession proof business. The one that the company that jumped because everybody jumped into the industry itself is the one that's going to suffer dearly, in which the business collapses have to file bankruptcy or are gonna move on to the next industry.


Freddy Owen: So basically, You're a you're a you're a wolf you're not a sheep. You aren't just a leader.


Henry Gold: Ship duck


Freddy Owen: Here's a doozy What do you think that I'm one reason people fail to achieve the limitless life?


Henry Gold: I wrote that on my Facebook. Some people. In my recent article I said that there's a difference between smart and wise, smart people. They want to prove to other people how good they are. They have to prove to everybody how good they are. Okay, wise people are, they don't have to prove to other people. They just have to prove it to themselves how good they are. I love that when in the past the naive Henri was to prove it to everybody, you know that I'm the best one. So right now what I do is if this person, one of my clients, told me a few months ago, he said like he was being bullied by some people. And then like, he said, like, Oh, you know, if I don't bully back and Mr. Deputy, I'm gonna lose my reputation and all this stuff. So like, Listen, based on my 20 something years experience, those people are gonna look cool for a very short period of time. But for customers, they don't care who is being bullied, who is not being bullied. They only care about the value that you are going to share with them. If you focus on the value alone, then that's, that's good enough. But he said like, what about this guy? This guy is bullying me all the time because he's a smart ass. You're not, you're a wise person.


Freddy Owen: Well, and so the other thing too, is I think a lot of people spend so much time looking at what other people are doing and saying that they don't work on themselves and what they're trying to grow? Yeah, which it's a huge, it's counterproductive, it's a waste of time. So I completely agree with that that I don't get somebody bullies me so be it I just I keep on doing what I do you know and then I'm gonna go shovel some snow not really


Henry Gold: I'm still waiting for you on that one.


Freddy Owen: Oh gosh every time I oh I hurt my back but I will do it that's an excuse don't tell photo a godfather that I said that he'll shape so in your so you've been doing this since 2001


Henry Gold: 1999


Freddy Owen: Wow, Did you at any point because do you have any point ever feel I couldn't like throwing in the towel,like this too much.


Henry Gold: No, no, not in a way. No, never.


Henry Gold: The reason I'm saying that is because one thing when 1999 I was young, I was very young. Young means that if you're young, if you guys listen to this podcast, he is two very young, you're probably less than 30 years old. It means that you are going to win people who are older than 30 years old. If you are above 30 years old, you win younger people because you have more wisdom than the people who are younger than you. So the thing is that for me, because I was, I was very young. And I have a lot of time. I said, You know what, I'm just gonna invest, invest, invest, I'm going to make mistake, mistake mistake, and I'm just going to do whatever it takes to learn as much as possible. And, you know, when people say at all, can you do more about how to Do a joint venture? So I learned about joint ventures. Do you know more about how to do a life event, the island life event? Do you know how to sell a $10,000 product or $25,000 program and all this stuff, and I learned how to do just that. So for me, I don't feel like enough is enough, because my mindset is more like it is just like this is like, if I want to, this is the process for me to build my internal muscles. So if I let's just look at the axonal muscle for now. I just say you want to have a four pack abs, and then you just gonna do like five push ups. And you're gonna ask yourself like, Is this enough to get four pack abs? I mean, seriously, that is not the right question to us.


Freddy Owen: Four pack abs.


Henry Gold: Five rep is just enough to get four pack abs. Come on you. I don't think anybody will make it reasonable. It's the same idea as building your internal muscles when you're done. Internal muscles even though it's invisible, you cannot see it but you can feel it. Like, you know, the reason why my godfather scholar and me all the time, even until today, until yesterday, yesterday I went to see him. He scored yesterday. I called him yesterday to ask why because he wanted to test. He wanted to test my muscle, my internal muscle, how strong it is. Can I not take it anymore? He always does that as a way to see like, Oh, come on. You're a young man, you still don't know how to do this. Now he's more into doing the fish during the fish pond and all this stuff and everything. Oh, come on. You don't even know about fish and stuff like that. How do I know about fish? So now I know about filters. I understood about you know, there's a filtering system there's a UV light I know about the algae and all this stuff and everything. I was cleaning up the pond by myself and all this stuff and everything I was seeing like whoa, suddenly I know all the stuff besides marketing besides business will just follow. There's something else behind this. So the thing that I'm trying to say is that you build internal muscles here. I mean, I don't understand the question of like, Is this enough? It's like, you, you just like doing five push ups like five feet sit ups, like, Is this enough to get four packs abs? Like,


Henry Gold: I do not know what, Even even here, yeah. What is that?


Freddy Owen: If somebody tells you that it's not true. That's what Henry is trying to say is, My Pastor always used to tell us this. If you're not growing, you're dying.


Henry Gold: Yep, exactly what it is. I mean, I mean, I prefer Personally I prefer to be standing up talking with your audience, talking with you, sharing my story with the audience as well, rather than in the ICU bed and crying and saying, Oh my God, why am I dying? I prefer this right now, talking with you.


Freddy Owen: I still can't believe that you yelled at that lady. I know. I'm just now okay. I asked you if you ever felt like on the talent when you got sick. Did you ever feel like throwing the talent because I hear the thing? That's bad. Scary, huh? So obviously you had some fear at that point, or was this?


Henry Gold: Well, when? Yes, what I want your audience to look at when you want to throw the towel in means that you are on the limitless level number seven. And the question is, would you like to get into Lemos level number eight, nine, or 10? What would you like to drop to Seven, Six of five or four which is the four is beyond repair. Meaning that you're going to be living a miserable life lonely And darkness based on what Mr. Demon wants you to be. Or you want to go through the process of going from seven to eight to nine or to 10. When you are on the level tab, there's no fear. There's no so-called fear. You're pretty much gonna get back to the moment when you were a 13 years old kid. That 13 years old kid is like, when you wake up, you're just so happy, like, oh, wow, great. I need to manage this. Oh, great. I need to do this. I need to do the call, oh, wow, I need to do life code, or I need to talk with clients. Oh, now Well, I need to create 100 180 slides, you're going to be behaving that way. Instead of behaving like, Oh my God, I've got so much work to do. And all this stuff and everything. Your behavior is going to change when you get into level number 10. When you are under level six, you're going to start to say how am I good is too hard? Yes. When? When Fred asked me this question before You will write because after brain tumor surgery I was from level number 10 because I had to rest for six months. I went down from level 10 to level seven. When I went down from level seven I wanted to get back to level eight, nine and 10. I cried many, many times because my internal muscles were too painful. It was too painful. It was just like asking me like oh how come I have to do this? My internal muscle was too sore at a time I was thinking I was asking myself why do I need to do all these things and all the stuff and everything because the moment Mr. The moment you are growing the Mr. Demon gonna start to say like Oh, come on, take it easy. Now come on, what's wrong with you? What's wrong with you all the time. But when you get into level number 10 you cannot get rid of Mr. demon. But you will minimize it. No until the point where there's no talking point in Mr. D. anymore. So he doesn't even exist. No he doesn't exist. He exists, but he cannot many pillars easily. He was still trying to find a way to manipulate you by people, you know your excellent factors or internal factors. But here's the funny thing when you get into level number 10 This is the good thing about level number 10. You will not want to associate yourself with people who are level number four. You're going to refuse to associate with people number four, not because you don't like people who are level number four, not because you hate them, it is because you want to protect yourself to keep your level number 10. Do you understand?


Freddy Owen: Yes, hundred percent? Yeah, hundred percent. It's just like, they always say like you're taught your five closest friends or your future and a lot of cases. Yeah, so hang out with a bunch of level number fours. You're most likely going to be a lover number number four. Yeah. So 321 is there a level three to one One


Henry Gold: not a bad level one is pretty much a view if you look into everybody that walking you know just walking on the street slows down like this. And then when you talk nice with them you say, hey, you're a nice guy. God bless you and all this stuff. And then we just like schooling Adam, did you like this good good Don't get upset all the way. This is pretty much level number one already. You cannot fix those people. They're just all jacked up. Yeah. So the most likely they are what I call the walking dead.


Freddy Owen: The Walking Dead. Zombies


Henry Gold: yes. Yeah, yeah, pretty much is somebody it just pretty much sounds like what the lady just mentioned to me.


Freddy Owen: So I'm going to go ahead and first of all, in other words, stay away from the zombies and the level number fours and always try to get better. at becoming your best you your limitless, you limit This life. Yeah, um, what projects are you working on right now?


Henry Gold: Right now I'm working on a lot of projects. Is this a wait for them to reach out to me? Or is this for them?


Freddy Owen: Here's the thing on our show notes, I know that we're going to be Henry is going to be giving away the limitless traffic blueprint. We're going to give that away. But here's the thing, when we do the show notes I want to put everything that you would like them to know about on the show notes. Okay. So like, I know that you have your limitless it's actually what's the website, it's limitless, the limitless life calm, thelimitlesslife.com, you have interviews on there, and you have training that they can purchase on their coaching. And so that's going to be on there as well. But what else do you have going on?


Henry Gold: I'll be honest with you, I will say I don't know.


Freddy Owen: Okay,


Henry Gold: what I do know, is my focus right now to help inspire as many people as possible to leave a limitless life.


Freddy Owen: So that's where I want you guys if you're listening to this right now, it's gonna be on the show notes the limitless life and we can take advantage of the limitless traffic blueprint free gift that Henry's gonna be giving out, but also go there. And you'll learn a lot more about Henry but you're going to see what kind of coaching he has. And I'm telling you that when I first met him, and I'm, and I'm not as skeptical of people, like I used to be, I've grown myself, I don't worry like I used to.


Freddy Owen: I always want to give it 110% and I don't like to follow the herd. So I really think I'm probably at a level I think Level 10 I don't know if you know, but do I still have fears? Yes, maybe I'm level nine. I gotta improve on that, but I've gotten a lot better, okay. But he is so authentic and if you can get coaching from him, if you are really struggling down if you're level number four, okay? I want you to know, maybe you got to talk to Henry and I'll tell you straight off then I'll be blunt with you. But to get better, it's a great person to talk to. And he's, he's like in very transparent he's got a lot of on the actual limitless life website, you have a lot of value on there. That's just you give to people and also the Facebook page, you have a Facebook page we're gonna put on there as well. But we'll make sure that on all the show notes, that every anything, any way that you can get ahold of him and then of course, if Henry if you come out with something in a year from now, you messaged me, I'll put it on the show notes. It'll be there. We'll add it because I. This is going to be going on for a long time and I want people to continue to listen to these radio shows because I want to have the best of the best on here. So, I Yes, everything will be on the show notes. But if you have anything else you said nothing right now, but if you do, we'll add it to the show notes. I think I probably could have said that within one sentence, but I dragged it out.


Henry Gold: So you did such a wonderful job I could never have done that. Like you.


Freddy Owen: Okay, so we're gonna put all the information on how you get a hold of Henry. And now it's time for the Super hyper fast Q&A round which I'm gonna ask some questions. You're probably gonna think they're really off the wall which they are but you know what is the best you can answer. Okay. So if you can make a rule for a day and everyone had to follow it, what would it be?


Henry Gold: Chocolate. eat chocolate. Yes.


Freddy Owen: Even if you're allergic to chocolate. You have to eat chocolate.


Henry Gold: Chocolate. Okay.


Freddy Owen: If you could have an unlimited storage of one thing, what would it be? I think I know the answer to this


Henry Gold: Toilet paper.


Freddy Owen: What? I thought you're gonna say snow.


Henry Gold: No toilet paper.


Freddy Owen: Toilet paper is a hot commodity right now. Have you ever cried watching a movie? If so, which one?


Henry Gold: Pursuit of Happiness.


Freddy Owen: That is a good movie. Oh, you know what? My wife walked upstairs and I'm in the bedroom. She opened the door. I'm bawling my eyes out watching Marley and me, Molly. Have you ever watched that movie?


Henry Gold: Yes.


Freddy Owen: You didn't cry that? Oh, I lost it. I couldn't get a word in edgewise. I was like, it was terrible. So if you had to flee the country, where would you choose to live?


Henry Gold: Ah anywhere, with this Snow anywhere is snow.


Freddy Owen: Yes. So in Antarctica.


Henry Gold: I don't know. That's a good one. Oh, maybe I know something. dreamland. Okay,


Freddy Owen: Sounds beautiful. Last thing before we close out today's episode, get the radio show fam. One last nugget of Henry gold wisdom that you can take and take with them and improve their life. One sentence, two sentences. The final word Henry gold.


Henry Gold: Well, I will say this. You have to live by yourself. You have to live your life every single day. As if today is your last day on earth. Because you will never get a second chance. There is no so-called second chance, a third chance in life. What I do know is after the brain tumor surgery itself is you know, I'm not being given a second chance in life and being given the last chance. If I don't take advantage of this last change in myself to do what I needed to do when I was a 13 years old kid I may not get another chance anymore in the future. So the thing is that you have to ask yourself every single day, what can I do right now? to change my life? What can I do right now? To leave my life? Where I give my all constantly and if you can ask yourself that question every single day, your life is going to change. Okay? And that's all for now. Stay limitless forever.


Freddy Owen: You're a Rockstar Henry, thank you so much for being on today.


Henry Gold: Thank you.


Freddy Owen: Okay fam another episode in the books and it was a great one had a blast. A huge thank you to today's guests Henry Gold. It's always a pleasure catching up with Henry. He's a class act. And thank you to you as well for tuning into today's episode of the Freddy “O” Show. Also make sure that you head over to winwithfred.com, that is winwithfred.com to check out the show notes. Grab all that Henry has to offer from today's episode, plus all his contact info. It will be alright there on winwithfred.com in the show notes. Last but not least, visit winwithfred.com/FMA to become a member of the new Facebook group I have, The Funnel Mastery Alliance. I know you will absolutely love it. Tons of value going to be back there so definitely head back there. Easy peasy. That's it for episode number six. It's time to put it to bed. Good night episode six. This is Freddy O, and until next time, fam. Always stay hungry.


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So I like the whole podcast thing and I see your intent to inspire people to be successful. I also like your story about your challenges. Also, of course, the fact that you have a guest that has his own story about being successful online. I appreciate the fact that some of the folks online share their ups and downs, failures as well as successes. A lot of gurus try to dazzle with big numbers and huge success but we don’t really know the inside story. So I like hearing reality because it motivates me to keep striving for success even though I may have setbacks and yes failures. Thanks for the motivation.

Thanks David! Keep striving!

Henry Gold, shared his life and business experiences, very wonderful experiences indeed.  One thing people have to understand is that Rome was not built in a day. And that a journey of a thousand miles must always start with a step. It’s good to read and listen to the testimonies of people who have gotten their business or financial breakthroughs, I think it is inspiring. However, your journey starts with you knowing who you are, what your dreams for life are, and how much time you have left, and what you want to do with the time you have. 

He follows his inner prompts, knowing when to quit his cooperate job, where to work, and how to work and connect. It was not as easy as he is sharing it now. He met some obstacles just like everyone else but learned to persevere. That was why he was able to pull through. Working without focusing on the expectation of how much you’re making or have not made, will also help you to keep working until your results start showing up.

Another point he made is that one needs to know what he needs in life, and have the courage to go and get it. Also, the issue of authenticity is important, you need to be trusted. I think it is a motivational piece, and that is what he does.

Good piece!


I want a limitless life!  Henry Gold sounds like he knows what he is talking about for sure.  I had to click on the link then to realize this was to help get website traffic, which of course would help with the limitless  life :)  I would assume traffic would equal revenue.  I like that idea.  I am going to head back to his website and do some more looking around.

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