NLP Master Paul Turner Wants to Help People their Mindset and Money

NLP Master Paul Turner Wants to Help People their Mindset and Money
(Last Updated On: May 11, 2021)

The Freddy “O” Show Episode #4: NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Paul Turner Wants to Help people with their mindset and their money

ABOUT Paul Turner

Qualified Master NLP Practitioner | Six Figure Online Marketer | Forex Trader

Paul loves living the laptop lifestyle you always hear about.

He loves taking breaks checking on his online business and clients while having a cup of tea overlooking the sea.

Let’s clear this name thing up – Paul Turner is sort of a standard name and there's a famous musician who took all of the highest spots on Google and my chosen domain name. I do not play bass guitar!!! If you thought I did then you’ve found the incorrect Paul Turner and now you recognize why I even have a pretentious domain name!

Paul lives in Grantham within the United Kingdom. Grantham is famous for Issac Newton, Margaret Thatcher (first female British Prime Minister – Paul actually lived a few doors down from where she was born and where her family’s corner shop was.) 

Also, Grantham was voted as the most boring town in Britain! Now you know why he loves the internet!

He is happily married to the lovely Laraine, and has a son, Glenn. He also has three cats as well. 

Previous work has included retail and being a neighborhood manager for an outsized company within the UK – the hours were long and therefore the work was hard, but it taught him tons and enabled him to travel. 

Paul currently has his very own SEO (search engine optimization) business and he also works online in network marketing which is one among the best professions within the world endorsed by many top business people now.

Pauls hobbies are watching cinema and playing guitar. One of the biggest regrets of his life is owning a Gibson Les Paul Custom and selling it because he didn’t have time to play it and he needed the money. 

He loves waking up to sales and also seeing his team members break free from their jobs. So to break it all down, he loves assisting people to get free like he did.

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Episode #4 Podcast Transcript

Freddy Owen: Today's Rockstar guest Paul Turner on the mic today fam, and I am stoked. He wants to help you break free from the garbage that stops you from getting to where you want to be in life by helping you with your mindset, and your money. Three, two, one. It's Go Time!

My Beautiful Wife Kristy: Thank you for listening to the Freddy” O” show, a podcast devoted to you the listener, your purpose, your mindset and your marketing efforts designed to help you go to that next level. Now here's your host, Freddy O.

Freddy Owen: Oh, yeah, is right, because not only do we have an awesome guest today, but we have an awesome individual listening to today's show as well. And that is you. Yes, you. I'm going to thank you for taking the time out of your day to listen to episode number four of the Freddie O. show. This is Freddy Owen. And now before I get to today's guest, I wanted to extend the invite to a brand new Facebook group. I just started called, “The Funnel Mastery Alliance” that was created to focus on funnel creation strategies, marketing ideas, lead generation plus so much more. To join, all you have to do is go to just answer a few simple questions and boom, we'll get you on the inside. So I'm looking forward to connecting with each and every one of you in the Facebook community. Also, you can access all podcast show notes from today's episode at so make sure you go ahead and do that as well. Now, today's guest The first time I was able to listen to him and what he has to offer I was sucked in. Okay, so all the way across the pond in Cornwall, the United Kingdom. We have the one and only Paul Turner. Welcome to the Freddy O. show. Paul, how are you and I'm super pumped to have you on? 

Paul Turner: Well, I'm very excited to be here. You've popped my podcast cherry. This is the first podcast. So this you've got the honor of taking that.

Freddy Owen: Thank you. So to get things rolling, first off Who is Paul Turner? 

Paul Turner: That's me. Now, okay. So okay, who is Paul Turner. So I am probably like a lot of people who will probably hate their jobs currently, but I really used to hate my job. And so, you know, went to school did what you usually do fell into a job, I used to actually stack shelves in a supermarket. That's what I used to do. And I kind of got built my way up to a point where they were gonna, they were kind of getting rid of the job that I was aiming for. So I kind of have no career progression to get to. Long story cut short ended up, I've sold mobile phones and done all sorts of things hated it always hated having my time took away. And that's why I ended up I guess, in kind of the online world that we inherited, people don't want to know everything else. I guess what I'm married, got one son, come from a place called Grantham.

Paul Turner: In the UK and I will tell you a little bit about Grantham right? Just so you guys are aware he's famous for a couple of things, really three things. One, Isaac Newton was born just outside of Grantham. And I actually went to the same school as Isaac Newton, you know, who discovered gravity? 

Freddy Owen: Really? Yeah.

Paul Turner: That's heavy, right? Yeah. And it's very heavy. Oh, so “Gravity” you see what I did there.

Freddy Owen: Absolutely

Paul Turner: Also, the first female prime minister in Britain was born actually on the same street I used to live on. So with that, that was one claim to fame. And then the other thing and you can look this up on the internet, so you guys know I'm not lying. It was actually voted the most boring town in Britain. Three years. I think it's three years in a row. 

Freddy Owen: Why is it the most boring town?

Paul Turner: There's nothing to do so now you all know why I turned to the internet. It was great. I don't drink, drugs, illicit substances or the internet and I chose the internet and the world of online marketing for my sins. So, yeah, so that's where I'm from and kind of, you know, up until this point, that's what you need to know. I used to really hate my job and I'll let you direct the way this is gonna go.

Freddy Owen: Absolutely. So what would you say? Like, okay, you're in the online world. 

Paul Turner: Yeah.

Freddy Owen: What is your main passion that you love so far? That you bring to the table that you actually help others? You know, help others people that are just starting out what is your main passion? What do you what do you love to do?

Paul Turner: Okay, well, I'm gonna I'm gonna kind of answer that by going off on a very short story.

Freddy Owen: Okay, absolutely.

Paul Turner: So you understand the context on why I say it. So here's the thing that is that happened to me. I worked online I worked really hard. I used to work long hours. So I used to put a lot of effort in a lot of sweat equity, as they say a lot missed a lot of family time and stuff like that. And eventually, eventually Fred like a lot of people you get some sort of success if you just keep doing it if you stubborn and when I got to a level of success, not Not where I'm at now, but just the level of success where I could pay bills from my internet marketing. I wanted to go out there and I wanted to share with the world how I did it. And that's very common. I see you do it. You know, I see a mutual friend of ours, Bob, do it. A lot of people that get successful, they want to share what they've done to help other people. Yes, correct. You with me on that? it just seemed everybody that gets successful. That's what they want to do. I wanted to shout from the rooftops guys, I can help you, this is what you do. So I started doing that, thinking, I was going to save everybody. And what I found is I could give to people exactly the same product, the same online opportunity, the same training that I had, I could even introduce them to some of the mentors that I've had along the way to get them personal trainings. And I would spend hours showing them exactly what I did. And yet most people wouldn't get anywhere near the level of success, even though I shared exactly what I did. And what has always fascinated me is how come I could give to people exactly the same stuff. One could take it and be successful and another one couldn't and no actually even failing or not not even making a sale or whatever. So with that in mind, you'll see why I say my passion now is completely completely mindset. And that is what I really love to do. I really love to help people break through kind of their limiting beliefs actually get to a point where they are making some money. And that is why I went off and I studied this thing called NLP.

Freddy Owen: NLP what is NLP stand for?

Paul Turner: I set you up for that because I knew you'd ask, “Neuro Linguistic Programming,” and it's got neuro, the brain linguistic is language and people programming. So it's literally how your brain works. It's how your brain talks to itself. And it's how it does what it does. And it's often called the science of success because the guy one of the guys that came came up with this whole field of NLP. He actually stayed with a psychiatrist and He the course he was on a computer programming course. And he's, he's the lab flooded, I think it was he actually ended up collapsing. So, so he was staying with a psychiatrist had nothing to do. So he started reading the psychiatrists books, and they're full of things like when somebody has a phobia. This is what happens when somebody is scared of this. This is what happens when somebody has blocks. This is how they make those blocks in their head. This is what they do. And he went to the psychologist, he said, Well, you've got loads of books that I've read, and they all talk about when people have got a problem, how they do it. Where's the books that tell me how to get around it? And he looked Okay, so there aren't any, there arent any 

Freddy Owen: And that's where NLP comes into play.

Paul Turner: That's right. That's where it that's where it came from. It was that initial idea. Well, if we can study why people get these problems, why they may be hallucinate and get phobias and do all these bad things. Why can't we study people that are successful and find out what they do as well? So he turned the whole thing on his head and, and sure enough, so let me let me just tell you how it works. Me, I actually went and I'd read books and kind of was interested. And it was interesting. It was great. I learned a few things. Few things worked. But I actually went tonight actually did the course my good lady wife, Lorraine said, you know what we need to do this, and at the time couldn't really afford it. So we went and I actually, it was 10 weekends over the course of a year. And for 13 years where we live now in Cornwall a little bit when Americans say Cornwall so when when we actually we used to come down on air and holiday Fred on vacation, and we absolutely loved it. And it was a 13 year long dream we've been we've been coming for 15 years at the time and for 13 years of that every year we said we were going to move on we never managed it could never afford it could never sort of make it happen within I think it was six lessons in NLP from from that from that particular weekend. I remember the weekend and what we learned. We moved in four months and I made $124,000 In four months. From getting my mindset right okay and and that just made me even more passionate Fred.

Freddy Owen: Now let me jump in there because mindset motivation all that stuff is used very loosely in this and in anything that we see online or listen to so NLP is a set like would you say it's like a scientific method would you say it's just like a psychological method? What would you say? What's the best way of describing NLP?

Paul Turner: It's a series of tools to help you. Do you know what it's always very difficult to give a definition of NLP one reason apart from anything else if something works NLP takes in claims as its own. But it's basically a set of tools to help you change your thinking and your behavior to something that serves you better. So for example, a friend of mine, she was really scared of clowns. When she was about seven years old. They went to the circus clown came out into the audience and grabbed her mom to pull her into the pull her into the circle to do like a trick on her. Yeah, part of part of the fun. Okay, but the seven year old girls like, Oh my god, they're taking my mom away. Right? Yeah. And she ended up with a phobia of clowns  she obviously you showed her a picture of a clown. She couldn't take it. Now, normally, we don't come across times very often in our daily life, do we? So it's not really a problem for most people. But it wasn't a problem for her really, until she have kids of her own. And one day they come running out of school all excited Mommy, Mommy, we've got free tickets to the circus. So she's breaking out in a pool of sweat right in front of all the other parents while she's collecting the kids. So then it's a problem and we got rid of that in 15 minutes. Really minutes we got rid of that and when she said that, the only problem is when she sees a clown now she laughs harder than anybody else.

Freddy Owen: So it's funny you say that because my wife has a phobia of people in costumes. Yeah. Because when she was younger, her, I believe it was her cousin came out. I don't know if it was a Michael Myers or some kind of creepy costume and scared the bejesus out of her. So she needs to do NLP. 

Paul Turner: I will. Tell you what I will tell you what we do guys, I will do an NLP session for your wife if she wants me to do an NLP session. I'll do that for you. And then you can let your listeners know in the comments or whatever in this podcast. Whatever you do, you can let us know if it works or not. 

Freddy Owen: So NLP really helps people conquer their fears.

Paul Turner: It helps people conquer their fears. But more than that, and what what really helped me there's a thing in NLP called outcomes. And so, most people if you think about Sat Nav if and If I say, if I, if you and me, okay, if we were on this podcast, we asked the audience, how much would you make like to make online? What's the average answer as far as you're concerned? Fred? What do you think the most common things?

Freddy Owen: I see a lot of people, you know, especially when they're starting out for some reason, they're saying I would have met, you know, it's a good thing. It's, I want to make a million I want to make, you know, 2 million. Yeah. It's always in the millions.

Paul Turner: It's always millions. The other one that I get a lot is 10 k a month, they seem to be kind of the two. Nobody wants to make five k a month. Nobody wants to make 20 k a month, they want to 10 K, or they want to make a million, right? They kind of want to be, you know that they're always aiming big. Okay. Now, when I asked them, so what would that mean to you? They go, Oh, well, I could quit my job. Okay. Yeah. Well, where would you live? I don't know. I guess I'd get another house. And would you wear the same sort of clothes and would you eat the same sort of food and, you know, what would you do? So here's the thing, see, the your brain if I say to you, Fred, I'm gonna ask you listeners as well. Guys, you understand English, don't you Fred?

Freddy Owen: Absolutely. Mostly.

Paul Turner: So if I say to you don't and or do not you understand what that means? Correct? 

Freddy Owen: Yes

Paul Turner: You understand English, right? So I'm going to tell you now whatever you do, Fred, under no circumstances, do not think of a blue elephant with wings flying over the Eiffel Tower in France in the moonlight. What shade of blue was the elephant Fred?

Freddy Owen: Yes, you're right. I did it right when you came, okay.

Paul Turner: So here's the thing, people want to make a million dollars, they want to make 10 k a month, but they don't know what it means because their brain can't make sense of $10 million, or 10,000 a month or a million. It can't make sense of it. It has to go and make a picture in its brain of what you want. And unless you are specific, it can't make the picture. Anybody that's got young kids will know if you tell your kids don't go in the kitchen. Don't spill your milk what's likely to happen. The reason is they're making a big picture of spilling them In their heads, they're making a big picture of going into the kitchen and kids are great because they don't have filters that's why they believe it certain Christmas time they believe in certain figures that may just be jaysus children listening go ahead

Freddy Owen: Can you believe it's also involved with self belief?

Paul Turner: 100% 100%

Freddy Owen: NLP helps fight that.

Paul Turner: So here we go so if we work it through Okay, a we have a thing called a score model it might be relevant to go through that so the first one S stands for symptoms so you know with the Sat Nav when we talked about you know, you can't just put in a sitemap take me to where do you live Fred? What what what city?

Freddy Owen: Akron, Ohio, Home of LeBron James.

Paul Turner: Okay so if I put in Sat Nav and put  in Ohio, is that going to get me to your house? 

Freddy Owen: No.

Paul Turner: So how can he can't take me there and be specific where I want to go? The other thing is, does the satellite navigation system work unless you know where you are now?

Freddy Owen: Say that one more time.

Paul Turner: So there's the satellite navigation system, can it get me to you? Unless it knows where it is right now?

Freddy Owen: It does not, it cannot,

Paul Turner: It needs two things. So the first at the first thing in the model we use in NLP is  called S. And that's for symptoms that is, Where am I now? Am I making enough money? Am I free from my job? Do I end? Do I have all the knowledge I need? What what where am I just where am I? That's like Sat Nav going you are here, you know, where am I? So then we need to know the causes. Because unless you know the causes, you can't put them right, can you so the next thing is, well, I'm stuck in a job I hate the reason is because I can't afford to get into that business with Fred or Paul or whatever. So that that's the cause of it. I don't earn enough money. So you get very clear on your causes. Then what we do we look at outcomes and this is where you get incredibly specific about where you want to go and then because Your brain doesn't understand English we need the brain takes information in through the five senses. Okay? Through your sight, through sound through feeling in the body, you know when you feel excited or you feel depressed or whatever, okay, and by touch, so we can we need we need to program the brain, okay in the same way. So if somebody wants to make a million that's great, that's noble, but you need to know what will you get? How will you know when you've hit a million not just by it could be seen the numbers in your bank account that's the visual element. But what will you feel in your body? What will you hear? We be in the same house? What sort of foods will you eat? Will you drive the same car? You need to think about it guys and know your outcome? That's the Oh, we call this the same as a goal but we call it outcomes, okay? But it goes way beyond.

Freddy Owen: So you're to me it sounds like you're programing someone, programing is a weird word to say, but you're putting them in that situation before they're even in the situation. 

Paul Turner: 100 percent because then the brain can work out how to get you there. And we have lots of brilliant we have lots of tools. And so what I find is we often the The next one is R and that's resources and resources is what what resources have you got to get you where you want to go, Okay, and what resources will you need to get you where you want to go? Now, this is the interesting thing. If you take if you get a newborn baby, it's only scared of two things. loud noise and fear of falling. So if you if you pick a baby up and you look like you're gonna go and drop it, it will try and cling. And if you make a loud noise, it will cry. They're the only two things if you put a baby in front of a king cobra snake, right? The baby isn't afraid. And babies naturally love themselves. They're fascinated by every part of the body. You seen a baby look at its feet and it's hands and play around. A baby will even play with its own poop It's true. We're only born with two fears. You know everything else fear of people in costumes, fear of clowns, fear of doing a Facebook Live video that might help you grow your business. Yeah, all of that is learned. So what the biggest insight I think I have in NLP and what people do is they do it to themselves. They go down these routes, they get stuck in these grooves, we call them strategies in NLP. And people are naturally confident it gets knocked out of them as they get as they grow up. If you ever said to you kids, anybody listening, think about this, if you say to if you've ever said to kids, so listen, when we get there, you'd be good. Now. If you've ever said anything like that, what does that mean? It means for them to have to be good. They must be bad. When you get there, you'd be good.

Freddy Owen: So when you're before you get there, you're going to be bad.

Paul Turner: But yeah, that's the presupposition isn't it? that assumes if you're telling me when I get there, I have to be good. That assumes that you expect me to be bad. Maybe I'm bad.

Freddy Owen: It's very true.

Paul Turner: How do we screw our kids up? How many times do you tell your kids? No, because you love for them and you care for them? How many times do you tell your kids? No. Compared to it? Yeah, go for it. You're doing great. Fantastic.

Freddy Owen: Very true. Yeah. And that's one thing I've always tried to instill in my son is, is positive reinforcement. And it can definitely, you try and you say you're trained. being trained. It's like more so you're being trained by the world and the world's habits.

Paul Turner: Yeah, you'll definitely definitely be affected. And like I say, up until the age of about seven, eight, you have no, you have no filters in your brain to that's why you believe in monsters under the bed as a kid. It's why you can pick a stick up as a boy, I'm sure a lot of boys have done it. You pick a stick up as a young child, and it's a stick, but 30 seconds later, it's a submachine gun and it's making all the noises and you're, you're saving the world against the bad guys. And it's all like really, real in your head. That's because you don't have the same filters you have as an adult. So unfortunately, your parents, your grandparents, your teachers, your religious authority figures, everything that goes on around you kind of programs you at an age when you're most vulnerable. And we also learn to be victims. If you think about it, you got when you're born, you're helpless, right? So your parents quite rightly have to take care of you. So not only do they do everything for you, they whipe your backside for you, they feed you, they clean you. They'll also entertain you and make Goo Goo. They'll entertain you while they're doing it. So you become reliant on them. And as you go through life, what happens is, you have to go to school and you have teachers telling you what to do and headmaster's, and Headmistress is and then you go to college, you got people telling you what to do, and eventually get a job and you got a boss telling you what to do. And it's no wonder we go through life program this way to kind of be you know, think it's the world has an effect on us and we have no effect on the world. The best way I heard it put is we tend to be the thermostat. The thermometer we Yeah, we tend to be the thermometer rather than the thermostat. We should be the thermostat we should kick in, and we should dictate our environment. And then that score model I mentioned SCORE symptoms, causes, outcomes, resources. E stands for effects. When I've done it, what will the effects be? But the biggest the biggest insight Fred I want people to know is you are born confident you can do it. It's just that you've had you've been told no a lot through your life. Okay. You've had stuff happen to you. You've had bosses tell you what to do. Okay, you've had religious people tell you what to do. You've had peer pressure. With the people around you, you've learned you've had it knocked out of you. NLP really doesn't build you up. It just removes all the bullcrap that you've had in your life that took it away. And that was..Go Ahead.

Freddy Owen: It takes you. It basically takes you out of your identity into your essence. 

Paul Turner: Yeah, yeah.

Freddy Owen: Of who you really are.

Paul Turner: Who you really are before all that stuff changed you. We're all naturally confident at times are all so a lot of people I'm involved with forex trading big time. And one of the things with that is consistency. And a lot of people say, Oh, I'm just not consistent. And I say, Do you brush your teeth every day? And they go well, yeah. When you've been to I like to be a little bit, I like to kind of shut people out of the matrix. So I'll say, when you go to the toilet, do you want your backside and they go? Yeah, every time of course today, I'll see you consistent. Do you have breakfast every day? Yeah. Are you consistent? See, we all do it. We all do these things. We are consistent. We are naturally confident we're confident when we go and do like make a cup of coffee. We're confident doing that, aren't we? And  NLP can help you tap into that as well and adapt it and take it into other areas of your life. Like maybe building a business whatever it is.

Freddy Owen: Now, he said that NLP helped after the six week 

Paul Turner: Yes.

Freddy Owen: Or sixth visit.

Paul Turner: Yeah.

Freddy Owen: Help transform your mindset. 

Paul Turner: Yes.

Freddy Owen: After and how, if you don't mind me asking how old were you when you started doing NLP? 

Paul Turner: I wish I'd done it a lot earlier so I would have been 48.

Freddy Owen: Okay, so 48 years old, you had 48 years of programming? 

Paul Turner: Yes.

Freddy Owen: Of? And in six sessions you said. 

Paul Turner: Yes, six weekends.

Freddy Owen: Six weekends, you completely flip the switch?

Paul Turner: Yes.

Freddy Owen: That's amazing. So, I know that we had talked about before, doing the interview that you are going to be able to introduce them a little bit deeper into NLP because I know that it's a lot deeper than what we're talking about. Correct?

Paul Turner: Yeah. And, you know, some of it is, you know, we're on a podcast so it's difficult to conduct a can't show stuff. So the visual element and most you know, 70% of people are visual, we do visual a lot. So I'm going to do that. I'm going to do what I can.

Freddy Owen: You have a you have something that we're gonna give, I'm gonna actually put on the show notes. Okay. Link a link that they can go to that they can learn more about it.

Paul Turner: I've got an introduction to NLP guys. So if you go it's my blog on my blog, and on the right hand side in the sidebar or maybe underneath if you're on your phone, but Fred's gonna put the link in and I've actually got an intro to NLP. And if you're interested, you can go and read a bit more about it. You know what it means what it can do for you. And then I've actually got a course you can go check out but that intro absolutely free. It's some good stuff in there that will help you make sense of all this.

Freddy Owen: I will definitely have the link on there. And if you do go on to You scroll down, it's under mindset help and it has Paul with his hand up. And definitely you guys won't take advantage of that. I have had phobias I have had built in fears I have had fears to where I didn't want to go on live because of I didn't I? First of all, a lot of it's holding on to the past of what happened to you When the past.

Paul Turner: Yep.

Freddy Owen: And that's dangerous because that can hold you back. You know so much. And it took me I don't know 40, jeez louise, to finally get to where I was brave enough to actually take this step outside of my job that was in 2012. So I was like, I can't do the math right now but you know it's 2020 I'm 46 if I know like you said I wish I would have done earlier if I would have if I had known then I know now, it's that thing. So if you are listening to this, take advantage of that because you do not want to live the status quo. You do not want to live under the the false I guess you could say it's like false comfort of the life you live in when it could be so much better.

Paul Turner: Well, the thing is, if you I mean a lot of people read the book, “Think and Grow Rich,” for me. It's a classic If you a lot of people are into self development, there's so many people that have read it and they're not rich. You know, if it was as simple as reading a book, it would be great. But what happens is like you just mentioned that I love what you just said stuff from the past. So what your brain does anytime you get in a situation, your brain is trying to help you and it does a wonderful job of pulling up things from the past to keep you safe. We have a we have a thing called a psycho cybernetics system in our heads and its job is to keep you safe. Have you heard that expression, “better the devil you know?”

Freddy Owen: No, I have not. Say it again?

Paul Turner: “Better the Devil you know.”

Freddy Owen: No.

Paul Turner: So it must be an English thing. So we have an expression and it's like okay, look, I'm not happy in my job. But if I go to this other job, or I do this online marketing thing, I might get scammed and I had a family who's got a friend's dogs, uncles, cousins, sisters brothers, twice removed Ex wife's friend says that they tried something like this and it was a scam. So even though I'm not happy where I am, maybe better the devil, you know, I know this devil, I'll stick with this devil, I'll stay here. And I think a lot of people are in that sort of groove there that they're unhappy. But they're not unhappy enough that book “Think and Grow Rich,” was written in the Great Depression. People literally couldn't afford to eat. Now I get people telling me they're broke, go and check them out on on Facebook, check out their profile, two cars on the drive. We've got cell phone, they've got an iPad, they've got a computer, they've got internet access, they can watch films anytime they want. If we went out in locked down at them at the minute, I don't know, it's like in the States, but even now, I can get Chinese cuisine, Indian cuisine, Mexican cuisine, and I've been in I live in a little village in Cornwall I can I can get cuisine from all around the world anytime I want. Okay, just from going to the local Chinese takeaway, you know, and people tell me they're broke. We're not actually that broke. We're not that unhappy. Really are we? You know, they're everything we've got. So so what happens is you think, Well, you know, I'm I would like to maybe improve my life and I'd like to give this a go. And I'd like to have a recurring income like Paul and Fred and I'd like to be able to make money anytime I want for my own skill. But I'm doing this because what happens is your Psycho Cybernetics system helps. It's like an autopilot and it wants to keep you safe. anything out of the norm, isn't say. So what it does is it does a great job of pulling up things from the past and say, Hey, do you remember when you try to do that and you failed? And it could be when you were a kid? You remember when that person said that you'll never amount to anything that was put in years ago. And what we do with NLP in that case is like with the phobias, okay, when there's a specific event, but you mentioned with your wife there, what we do is we change that memory we reprogram that memory we make we change the colors we change the size of the image, we put different sounds in we do all sorts of things, other people laughing at their phobias, that it was a phobia to start with 15 minutes later they are laughing at their phobias. We reprogram it and then you've got your whole life to move forward without that baggage holding you back.

Freddy Owen: That that part of your brain basically rationalizes why you shouldn't do it.

Paul Turner: Exactly. And it's trying to keep you safe. It's doing a great job, we shouldn't be angry with it. It's trying to do a great job. But it's that is that is recognizing it. And then, you know, realizing that it's not actually helping you anymore, and even doing some NLP getting some help. And you can just if you keep reading self development, you can do it. You can do it eventually. But I like I say, so many people read, Think and Grow Rich, so many people read it Robbins books, and they're still exactly where they are. It's like diet books. I always use the example of diet books. How easy is it to lose weight Fred?

Freddy Owen: Oh, it's simple. No, it's not. Not at all

Paul Turner: It is! You eat less calories than you burn. So if you eat less, and you move more, you'll lose weight. Well, unless you've got an underlying medical condition maybe, but but 99.9% of people. If you put less calories in then you burn you're gonna lose Because you probably have used the fat reserves. Everybody knows it. How many diet books are there? How many diet DVDs, exercise DVDs, how many pills Can you buy? How many potions? How many lotions? Yeah, it's because it's easy. It's so easy, but it's not. Because you want to eat the cake.

Freddy Owen: That's, are you kidding? Are you doing NLP to me right now with dieting? That's amazing. No, you just. Well, he made a good point. It's like we have it right in front of us.

Paul Turner: Yeah.

Freddy Owen: We know what we have to do.

Paul Turner: Yeah.

Freddy Owen: But something whether it be like for instance, if it's dieting gluttony is going to hold us back from gain. Where do you want to or laziness?

Paul Turner: Yeah. A lot of people know that. I mean, I say to a lot of people do Facebook Lives, build your business. Without a doubt Facebook Lives is what has built my business. Give me a nice six figure recurring income. Okay, and I tell people, this is what I do. Do a Facebook Live and Do you know when when they ask people their fears? Did you know that fear of public speaking comes above actual fear of dying? So you're better off in the coffin caught in the coffin at the eulogy, rather than giving the eulogy?

Freddy Owen: And I it's crazy because it Why is that? It's literally it's a self image thing.

Paul Turner: People don't look stupid. I don't give a crap.

Freddy Owen: Oh, I definitely I. And my first I would say. Honestly, I've been doing this for 10 years now. My first five, six years, I was trying to do videos, and I would literally record a full video. Watch it over, pick myself apart. 

Paul Turner: Yeah.

Freddy Owen: And then delete it.

Paul Turner: I've done it.

Freddy Owen: And then do it again. And then delete it.

Paul Turner: Yeah.

Freddy Owen: And if I would have just put it out there I would have gotten better. And now and I do have some out there. I actually go back to and say I look at myself and I'm like, Wow, you've come a long way from back then to now because you really started to stay consistent but it was not easy by any means. That so that's good.

Paul Turner: Yeah, I was just gonna say you reminded me of that joke actually, how do you get a fat person off the diet? 

Freddy Owen: How?

Paul Turner: Piece of cake.

Freddy Owen: You're a trip. So um what what time of the day, umm, with with NLP. Do you like just, is it something that you use every day you wake up and how do you get your day rolling with using NLP?

Paul Turner: Well, okay. There's very there's various things you can do. But listen, NLP practitioners, they're human like everybody else and my wife. Really interesting. Actually. My wife did the course with me. Thank God we did it together because three we were the only couple. Three of the people on the course actually left their partners

Freddy Owen: Woah.

Paul Turner: They realized they were on a different path and it kind of gave them the confidence to me and Lorraine very much together and some of the other people by the way, they got much stronger as couples I don't need to think that no people getting divorced, okay, but it gave people that that personal freedom but I will say is we're all we are still people and sometimes we'll walk around me and Lorraine and we'll go over this pain and we'll remember to say, you know, the other person will say well have you have used that NLP exercise to help get rid of that pain? Oh, no, no, I haven't you know, so it is about catching yourself so so one of the things that I do I don't consciously quite wake up and go, ah you know what, today I'm going to do NLP for this and do NLP for that. A lot of the things like I say if you change the past, in your head, we have a saying in NLP it's never too late to have a happy childhood. If you Change the things in the past they stopped affecting you now and in the future. So you kind of can deal with it. You know, it's like my friend with the clown she she laughs at clowns now she doesn't have to get up every day and consciously do anything. So what one thing that I am very aware of though is something called anchors. The core anchors in NLP Have you heard of Pavlov's dogs?

Freddy Owen: I've heard Pavlov. But Pavlov's Dogs?

Paul Turner: Pavlov's Dogs. But just in case anybody hasn't heard of them, basically, Russian scientists, Pavlov. Fed his dogs and he'd notice his dogs would salivate every time he went to feed them, okay. So he was interested in psychology and he was interested in something called conditioned response, which we now call anchors. So what he did is every time he fed these dogs and they would salivate, he'd ring a bell, and they got to the point where you could just ring the bell and the dogs would salivate. You didn't need to have any food around. He'd get a physical reaction in the dogs just by ringing the bell. Okay, conditioned response, and I'll tell you how. How I really understood them before I actually did the NLP course right? was when I used to work I used to travel to a place called Peterborough is about a 24, 25 mile journey from my house. And as I was approaching, it was a computer shop I used to work and used to sell computers. And as we they done some road repairs and as you drove down the road towards the store, the roadworks would meant that the car made a noise as the tires went over and it went. The only reason I remember it is because if you watch Terminator 2, that's the music.

Freddy Owen: Oh Gosh, yeah, sound just like thinking the same thing.

Paul Turner: And that was the only reason I remember it. Right? That's the only reason it stood out because it's a bit like Terminator 2 as your tires went over. And it was also coincidentally just before the store. So it was time when you'd like check your name badge, maybe comb your hair, check your look in the mirror as you drive into the car part, right. So anyway, leave that job right and it was about four years later I was back in Peterborough. For something, I thought, you know what, I'll pop in and see my old store and used to work. So I'm driving along. And all of a sudden, I went to check my name badge for a job that I frickin left four years ago.

Freddy Owen: That's crazy. So it's a trigger?

Paul Turner: It's a trigger, and we say fire an anchor. So it's like you pull the trigger, you fire it. Okay? So how many times have you smelled something and it's taking you straight back to a previous time?

Freddy Owen: Numerous times,

Paul Turner: And the smell goes straight into your brain. There's no filters. That's why smell is very powerful in terms of like taking you back somewhere. And it's the same sometimes you see something it reminds you and you feel the way you did you act like the way you did, it takes you straight back. Now, it's also why when you have an argument with somebody, sometimes and you can make up but when you see them again, you still really cross and you can't really work out why? It's because anchors are done. They're installed. It's called installed, either by repetition or you me driving to that place of work five days a week. I want to comb my hair now. So it's a repetition and or strong emotional intensity, like an argument. And the example I always give is if you put your hand in a flame, how long does it take you to work out not to do it again? Only once, right? 

Freddy Owen: Yeah.

Paul Turner: Strong emotional intensity because it really hurts. Now, I will tell you a story about a forex trader that I had, and he was basically he had a he was trading with a friend. They were doing it together because his friend was shorts had, he had sight problems. Okay, so he could barely see the screen. So guess which one of them was going to be doing all the trading, right? Because it wasn't just his money. He was scared of trading because he didn't want to lose his friends money. So it was a real problem for him. And I pointed out to him that when you go and you sit at the same desk, and you look at the same computer every day in day out, and you've got that fear of trading or fear of doing Facebook Live or not Taking the actions to build your business. Well, that in itself can become an anchor. Okay, so you sit at the chair, you naturally felt kind of a little bit down on himself before it even started, right. So what we did is I got him to change his desk around, he moved the monitor around. And I said to him, if you could trade successfully, what what would it be like for you? And he said, Well, I'd be a happy bunny. So I made him go out to a toy shop and buy a stuffed rabbit. And he put that on his desk. Last time I spoke to him 76.4% win rate from being too scared. 

Freddy Owen: Wow!

Paul Turner: Just by putting a toy rabbit on his desk. So we associate you being a happy. 

Freddy Owen: And moving his desk!

Paul Turner: And changing a few things round to break the anchor.

Freddy Owen: It's quite amazing. 

Paul Turner: I know. NLP is crazy.

Freddy Owen: I want to go back to something you said. And because I have friends. It's actually hit me in a weird way, but you said it's never too late to have a happy childhood that is amazing. Fantastic saying, because a lot of people, and I was blessed to have great parents, but a lot of people I know, had it rough. And they always go back to that. And that's their anchor, obviously. 

Paul Turner: Yeah. Okay.

Freddy Owen: So that's just amazing.

Paul Turner: So one of the things you can do real quick, quick demo for you and your listeners, I'm assuming you're going to do this at home, but obviously, I can only talk to you, Fred. So Fred, can you think of a food that you really like to eat? 

Freddy Owen: Yes.

Paul Turner: Okay. So this will this work for dieting as well, by the way, but it's a good example to use food. So how much at attend would you want to eat that food now?

Freddy Owen: I say about a seven

Paul Turner: About seven? I want you to make a nice big, vivid picture of that food. 

Freddy Owen: I'm looking at it right now.

Paul Turner: Okay, I want to make the picture bigger and make the colors brighter.

Freddy Owen: Oh it's there.

Paul Turner: Now. How much do you want to eat it now?

Freddy Owen: Probably about a ,about nine, ten, 

Paul Turner: So it's gone up. So now what I want you to make the picture smaller, let the color drained from it so it goes black and white, and make the picture smaller again and smaller again. And now make the picture that you're thinking of that food, make it a bit fuzzy, like you've changed the focus, so it's a bit blurry. How appealing is it now?

Freddy Owen: About a five.

Paul Turner: See it's coming down, same with, by the way, put the color back in correct. Make okay to the right size. Again, I don't need to not want to eat that food. If we if we'd spent another two minutes Fred would actually almost be repulsed by that food. Okay, and we can do that. Now. It's the same with childhood guys. Maybe you've got incidence in your childhood that made you unhappy and you will see a picture of that play in your brain might be a movie might be a still try playing it backward. Let it go. Let it go black and white. Make all the characters in that movie, a cartoon rather than remembering it as real life. Put a different soundtrack in it. Do do anything like that to change That memory and reprogram it, and then you can take the sting out of the unhappy stuff. Now we all have points in our childhood where we were happy. Guess what, like we did with Fred with the food there. And it was more appealing when you make the picture bigger and brighter. And you can increase any sounds that are in there. You can put a nice soundtrack in, you can put music that you find uplifting you know, and that's something I do a lot with the phobia stuff I actually get people to give me a guilty pleasure, pop tune or something. And we play that over over the experience and they associate that cheesy pop music with the it with a phobia and it just takes the sting out of it.

Freddy Owen: It's incredible. It, guys take advantage of what he's going to be giving away. Just take a look at it. I think this can help a ton of people. Obviously it's helped Paul out with his business. And I think it's fantastic. I want to switch gears a little bit.

Paul Turner: Here we go.

Freddy Owen: And I really appreciate you gave some really, really golden nuggets as far as NLP and I want them to dive into what you have to offer so check out the show notes. So if what do you wish you had known before you start out in your online business?

Paul Turner: What do I wish I'd known that I could do it but I could totally do it and and basically basically guys, I wish I'd realized this sooner and people will respect you for giving it a go. They won't laugh at you or judge you only think they're judging you. Because of all the bullshit that has been Sorry, I shouldn't.. the BS that all the BS that you've been fed, okay, it's all BS. Most people don't judge you like you think they judge you most people actually respect you for giving it a go.

Freddy Owen: How long it took you to see success.

Paul Turner: Oh, probably. From my.. that's a good question. I can't remember the exact dates but it will probably be at least. I would say probably at least four years of work. I used to work long hours to be fair. But yeah, four years probably before I saw some success, then I kind of just valid along at that for a little while and like a lot of people, I think you go from one business to another. It's not the business guys. It's you. So you know,

Freddy Owen: Wow, I love it. I love it. So if you could give any like somebody brand new. I think what you basically said it but let's say it in just in this one statement. I'm brand new. What advice would you give me? When I'm starting online? 

Paul Turner: First of all.

Freddy Owen: What direction would you send me? 

Paul Turner: Forward just as long as you move forward, as long as you're moving forward. Here's the thing. Here's the biggest thing, guys, right. And there's so many times I've just moved forward with that knowing what the hell I'm doing. What is it? Bob Proctor always talks about this. Kennedy wanted to put Americans on the moon. So he got one guy was the Chief Scientific advisor or something. And and he said to him, what would it take to put Americans on the moon? And he said, the strong desire to do it, that's all. That's all you need a strong desire to do it. I can't tell you the amount of times I've just moved forward, even though I don't know what I'm doing. I know my end goal. I know what I want to do. JIRA is my outcome. I know what I want to do. I know what my next outcome is, right? I've got, I've got a picture on my wall that represents my outcome. So I see it every frickin day. I know what I want to do, how I'm going to get there. I don't know how to do that. Right. I don't know how to get there yet. What's the difference between where I am now here, and where I want to be over there? What's the difference between here and there? T. That's the only difference between those words here and there. The only difference is the word t It stands for travel. It's a journey. We have the same The map is not the territory. I know where I want to go. And I can try and put a plan in place and I can move forward but I don't know The territory. And what I will promise you guys and this is an absolute promise for me. If you move forward, even though the videos may not be perfect, even though the blog post might not be perfect if that's what you want to do, even if you talk to people and you completely screw it up, and I've done that a lot of times, I've made loads of mistakes, get over making the mistakes, don't worry about it, because you you're not losing, you're gaining experience. The more you do, the more you screw up, the more experience you gain. You as long as you keep moving forward, you and appreciate and accept. You owe it to yourself to make some mistakes because that's how you learn. Good things will come. I didn't know Fred was going to come into my life. Fred's an awesome guy. He's great at building funnels. He's a great resource in NLP we call it a resource. sounds awful to say that guy's a resource. Okay, Fred, Fred is a Fred does great work. This podcast is great. I've listened to some of the podcasts and he gets great people. No pressure for me, then, you know, it's like Jesus. I gotta do something good here. Now, I didn't know that was gonna happen. I didn't know I was gonna meet Bob, I didn't know that I was going to be one of the top leaders in the company. We do trainings from him something I did, I didn't know I was going to discover the strategy. I didn't know somebody was going to program, this amazing piece of software for us in the Forex trading. I didn't know that NLP was going to be such a big part of my life moving forward. I didn't. I didn't know any of that. When I started out, guys, I just had the strong desire to get there. And if you that, sorry, I've rambled on Fred. But that is so important, you move forward, guys, even if it's not perfect, even if it's not right, move. I promise you, I promise you, you'll have good times and bad times. I promise you stuff will come into your life if you keep doing it consistently that you could never have expected that will move you far forward than you would ever know

Freddy Owen: Where, you already got the last question I was gonna ask you before the super hyper fast q&a rounds like I told you about is I've said is there one thing you could tell listeners that you feel could help them tremendously in life? What would that be and obviously that is move forward,

Paul Turner: Move forward.

Freddy Owen: Move forward.

Paul Turner: I would also I would also try and get you out of the matrix. I say that a lot to people. I'm trying to get people out of the matrix. You got to realize most of the stuff you do, guys, listen, fold your arms for me real quick. Do it Fred. Fold your arms. 

Freddy Owen: I'm doing it.

Paul Turner: Look down. I bet you have one hand over one arm and one hand tucked in, correct?

Freddy Owen: Yes, I do.

Paul Turner: Okay, that's what 99.9% of people do quickly as you can reverse that. Do it the other way around.

Freddy Owen: I just did it again.

Paul Turner: How easy is it?

Freddy Owen: Pretty easy. 

Paul Turner: You can do it. But is it just an instant? Like it is like doing it the normal way?

Freddy Owen: No, no, I was fumbling a little bit. 

Paul Turner: Yeah most people fumble. And actually, I could tell I could hear you do it. Most people do it. Actually a lot slower than you. So you're obviously good. But my point is, guys, you have what's called a strategy for doing that. You have a strategy for folding your arms. You have a structure for how you think about money? Yeah, okay, you have a way of doing it that you you fold your arms Fred, because that is most likely the way that your parents did it, or you saw somebody do it the first time you learn, you learn to from that you have a strategy for yourself, belief in your self confidence for how you feel about money, or how you feel about success. And you got to remember 95% of what we do is subconscious. You don't think about how you fold your arms you don't think about Have you ever driven anywhere, right? And you've been in the car an hour and you get where you go, and you're here already have that happen. You've been or you've been in charge of a car, you could kill people, you could mow them down and you're not aware of what you doing. How scary is that?

Freddy Owen: My son says that I'm a terrible driver. And so does my wife, so a lot of my friends, but yes, 100% you get in that into a mode? Absolutely. 

Paul Turner: So you guys just need to realize that all of this has been put in without your consent. So it's time to get out the matrix and wake up and realize that a lot of the way you do things isn't necessarily your way of doing things. It's been picked up has been programmed in by peer pressure by authority figures at a time when you were young and vulnerable and didn't have any adult filters to be able to determine what you want to do so once you realize that you can start working on that and trust me life opens up tremendously

Freddy Owen: Beautiful man I I'm just you've been so knowledgeable man and it's great. So I really want people to take advantage of that. So I will leave that put the link for NLP and we're gonna have more information on Paul obviously in the show notes so make sure you visit for the show notes. What are you working on right now? I know you said I actually know this. I have to ask this question like this. I know we talked about forex. I'm doing forex, forex as well. What are you working on as far as forex?

Paul Turner: Okay, so the reason that I'm very passionate about the Forex side of things is because so many people in the world of online business network marketing, if I see this, if so, if I have a Facebook ad, and Fred has a Facebook ad. And Fred is very successful. And I'm struggling, Fred could say to me, hey, Paul, don't worry about it. I'll give you my ad. I'll give you my funnel. I'll give you my audience. So you've got everything that I've got. Fred's ad could work brilliantly. And mine will fall flat on its face. But for no apparent reason, it's the same ad. It's the same picture. It's everything could be the same. And all and I've found I've got very burnt out and very frustrated that I couldn't save the world. You know, when I said that I want I got success. I wanted to share it. So a mutual friend introduced me to this guy, and he said, He's making money just off his phone. And I'm like, Yeah, well, that's a scam. That's a total scam. And because it was a mutual friend, I kinda had to take the call and you know, start up the call, and it was forex trading and I I had preconceived ideas. And thankfully, I was open minded enough to actually just look a bit more, and I did and what I found is that your bank trades forex. So if anybody's forex is a scam get money out the bank because the banks trade forex, it's just that they give you very little of the money they make back to you in the form of interest. So I had to look at it, I, I had some money from an affiliate program I said, Well, I'll give it a go and actually ended up doubling my money in 20 days, then it was sold. Now what I will say guys, to be open and honest with you is I lost most of that money in the second month, because I didn't fully knew what I was doing and it is not advisable to go for that. But over the course of the last three years, we have really developed it with a group and we have got very simple strategies that are newbie friendly you will never be scammed because you are putting the trade on yourself. And what I love about it, it's a level playing field. The price that a forex trade, if it goes up, it goes up for Fred. It goes up for me, it goes up for everybody around the world at exactly the same time. It's completely level playing field. The other thing is the zero competition. And what we do in our group is we trade live every day up to seven hours. If you want to take my trades take them it doesn't affect what my my outcome whatsoever, because it's a $6.6 trillion a day industry, if you think even if you're putting thousands if you think that's going to affect the markets you rob, people like me and Fred, we make up about 20% of the total market. And if we all took the same trade, it wouldn't make a dent in what goes on. So I'm very passionate about that, because I see so many people struggling to make money online. And, you know, I have to give the disclaimer here, this is a mathematical formula I'm going to tell you now is not real life. But if you go in with a calculator, if you take $100 and you add 3%, and then you add 3% on top of that, and then you add 3% on top of that, and you add 3% on top of that, and you do that 240 times your $100 turns into $120,000. Now that is the math that's the magic of compounding 3% on 3% on 3%. Scuse me I need the water. Excuse me? So.

Freddy Owen: That's a good question. I may get water to now.

Paul Turner: Yeah, water is catching guys it's catching. So that you it, that will not happen because we do not win every trade. My current win rates at the minute is nine out of 10. Okay, so I'm going to lose the trade here in there. But if the game is how close can you get? And what I say to people is listen, if you did a 10th of that, if you turned 100 into 12 k in a year, would that be okay? And they're like, Yeah, because next year rather than start with 100, you started with 12 K. And then you don't I'm not even going to tell you what the numbers work out on that. Now again, it isn't to tell you that's what you're going to do guys that we just went that clip. But what it is there to show you is that even if you're in a network marketing business, I know 95% of people the the official figures, so I think it's more like 98% of people in network marketing. Don't actually make anywhere near the money they want to make. But if you could make $100 You could compound it with forex, you're just a customer. It doesn't affect anything you do. There's no conflict 92% of the people in our group their customers only, although there is an option to refer and get free service, you can actually get the tools that we use, you can actually get it for free. So but the main reason I'm passionate about it is you can do it from a phone, you could do it locked in a garage. You don't need to speak to anybody, you don't need to sell anything, you don't need to refer anybody. You just need to get good at reading the charts. And we do that with very simple strategies, up to seven hours a day as a group. So that's why I love forex.

Freddy Owen: Now I'm going to jump in there and say I am actually a part of this and it's crazy. Because one thing I really respect about Paul is on one of his lives. He said, The biggest problem people have is they they don't listen to the trades. They either they trade too much. Now there's a story behind this. When I first started doing this, I put an eye I put $200 in it I started doing it on my own. And I went up to like $500. within two days. I was like, This is crazy. But but the remember you said 3%. That's 3% of I got greedy. Yeah. And then what I did was I made a trade, and I sincerely did not realize I was doing $6 and seven cents a pip. So this thing starts going way backwards. I don't like losing so what did I do? I'm like, I'm gonna hold on tight. It's a wild ride. So then my smart self. I'll be nice, decides to try to reverse that. And I bought the other way. Yeah. And then it said, right off the bat. Oh, well, here's a problem. I didn't realize that. brokers. It's it's a percentage, that if you go below a certain percentage, they'll close out your trades. So I don't know where I was dabbling. Like $90 and boom, they close out that trade. Yeah. Because my equity wasn't there. I lost it all within two days. Because not because of, you know, anything else but me being greedy me trying to, to fight I would say I was fighting the numbers back and forth. It was so stupid. And I was but I wasn't here's what it was a good learning experience for me. So what did I do? I'd put more money back in. And now I'm doing it. The 3% roll, and it's working ahead. Three wins yesterday. And it's blast doing it. I'm actually addicted to it. What so I have a lot of fun doing it. So I wouldn't have that information in the show notes.

Paul Turner: Could you imagine going to a job and the more hours you worked and the more you put in the less they paid, you know, so that's forex. There's this weird thing with forex guys that it's actually not about the money. The money is the side effect. And what most people do is they chase the money with it. It's actually the consistent See, the money is the side effect of being consistent. But guess what plays right into the mindset thing, what you will find is most successful forex traders, they have a limit. And when they hit the limit, they stop trading that account and then they might go to another account or they might go on demo. So they're not using real money. So they're practicing and gaining experience. But when my trading was up, down, up, down, up, down, when I started just going for 3% a day, and when I made my 3% I walked away. Okay, and there were various things we do in our group. That means you can often get more than that with various things, you know that that manage some of the trades for you to a degree. Okay, but I mean, that that completely changed my trading. And let's just say it's going very well since I actually, less is more one trade 3% I'm often done before breakfast. It's amazing. So it's like going to that job where you like, I want to work more or more and they're going okay, well, we'll pay you less because the second trade after you're done you target Guess what? That will be the one that loses. So always the way. And if you lose the first one, guess what, you've got all data taken off a trade. So it's very, it's very, very true. And I will say, guys, if you if you like the idea of forex trading, and you've liked the NLP stuff I've talked about, and we're recording this at the start of June, last month, I actually did five bonus sessions completely free of charge for our trading group. And the feedback has been amazing, right? So I actually did five NLP sessions, to help stop people over trading to help them be consistent, to help them manage their money better. We did all sorts of things, okay. And it crossed over into life skills and stuff like that as well. But it was very rewarding. And I've got loads of great comments. And if you're interested, you can actually get access to all that NLP training. If you want to get into the Forex side of stuff. So Fred will set you know, Fred says he'll put a link to what we do in the show notes. That would be awesome. Check it out. And I'm all about mindset money marketing. Okay. I want to help people get a recurring income with the marketing Want to help them make money with compounding with forex? And mindset is obviously the RP that's that's what I'm all about three M's. MMM

Freddy Owen: MMM. And seriously, it's gonna be the show notes. I'm very skeptical. Uh fam about anything somebody comes to me with when it comes to like online marketing. This is how it works. And the cool thing is, you can literally get a demo account and just have fun with it. See if it works. And if it if it doesn't work for you, if you don't feel it works, which I know it does. But if it doesn't work for you, you don't have to do it. But you can have fun just playing with a demo account. So we'll have all the information in the show notes. Because you definitely want to take advantage of that, especially if you want you can literally have a side source of income doing this. And it does work. So they go over all the rules with you the do's and don'ts and obviously Don't overextend yourself like I did, and make money and then lose it in two days. It's a terrible feeling.

Paul Turner: What you said about giving you all the do's and don'ts and everything. Do you know? Do you know what guys, if you think about it, most people in an online business, that the things that people are short of the excuses, you always get a time and money, I don't have the time or don't have the money. Okay? That's what always comes up. So what happens is, people like me and Fred, Fred does this. Oh, you know, we're very helpful. We're very well meaning. So we say, yeah, we've got the solution. It's this training course go and watch this video. It's like two hours long, or watch get through this course and stuff like that. So for those people who are like, well, I don't have time or money, what we're actually doing is we're actually giving you another problem in terms of time because we're giving you a whole training to watch, okay, and that can't always be helped. So what we do inside the Forex group, we can take care of your money, you can start with a small amount, we can take care of that. That's not a problem. Okay? We can take care of that you can actually get access to the tools and stuff we do for free if you're willing to refer a couple of people. So We take care of the money that way. But in terms of the training, we understand, you got to learn some stuff. But we since we did the live sessions, we get new bit. I was told 90 days when I started, it will take you 90 days before you probably sort of starting to see success. We had somebody there three weeks in their first day, they won three out of three trades the first day live trading three out of three. And that just three weeks. We had somebody yesterday, I think it was posted. It was their first week in and they were all ready winning trades. Because we've we've got rid of that you have to go and watch all this training. You can get on the live trading sessions with us from day one. And you might not understand it all. But you can get your questions answered. And you can play straights. And that has been so much fun. Yeah. Oh, yeah. We have a life as well. It's fun.

Freddy Owen: It's fun. And And literally, it's, it's real. So definitely, it'll all be in the show notes. Paul, you're awesome. But guess what, it's time to start the super hyper fast q&a round,

Paul Turner: I don't know what's coming up. 

Freddy Owen: Oh, it's gonna be simple. You got this. So just a few questions. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?

Paul Turner: Out.

Freddy Owen: Why? 

Paul Turner: So I can easily waft some cool air and if I get too hot.

Freddy Owen: Same here. Easy question, right? Easy question. If you could choose your own nickname, what would what name would it be?

Paul Turner: The Paulternative.

Freddy Owen: The Paulternative? I like that. That's cool. That's cool. What's your favorite kind of cereal?

Paul Turner: I don't really eat cereal but I would say, what's it called? Just Right. There's a cereal here called Kellogg's Just Right. And it's kind of got a bit of fruit in it a bit of dried fruit. It's got a few nuts and it's got a few like conflicts and

Freddy Owen: So you know, like Lucky Charms.

Paul Turner: We don't, they're very, very expensive over here because it's not a normal thing that we have but it gets imported from the States. That's very expensive. The can't be good for you. 

Freddy Owen: But it is magically delicious. So, and last but not least your favorite action hero on movies.

Paul Turner: Oh in the moves?

Freddy Owen: Yes.

Paul Turner: Oh man, I was gonna say $6 million man. Uh, Batman because he's a real man. He's not got superhero superpowers. He's a real man. He uses his intellect and his resources, as we would say in NLP to be awesome.

Freddy Owen: That's amazing. Love the answer. Brother. I sincerely appreciate you coming on today. Thank you so much for all the knowledge and I am looking forward to putting all the links in the show notes. Guys take action with it and really consume what he has to offer and it's giving it away.

Freddy Owen: Okay to give it to you. So you can actually learn get like get a head start in NLP figure out what that is. And then we'll have some information on the trading and then I'll have some contact information if you want to somehow some way. somehow somehow some way contact him we'll have that all in the show notes. Paul, thank you so much. I truly appreciate you. You have been a fantastic guest you dropped a lot of golden nuggets. And thank you so much for being on the Freddie O. Show.

Paul Turner: Thank you for breaking my podcast cherry.

Freddy Owen: You are absolutely welcome you're Rockstar brother.

Paul Turner: Cheers Fred

Freddy Owen: Cheers.

Paul Turner: Thank you.

Freddy Owen: Amazing show today fam so much fun having Paul on today. Plus he delivered amazing value. Thank you to you as well for tuning into today's episode of the Freddie O. Show. Also, you wanna make sure to head over to to check out the show notes, snag all that Paul has to offer today plus, all of his contact info. He is the real deal. Last but not least visit to become a member of the new Facebook group. I have the Funnel Mastery Alliance. I know you will absolutely love it. Tons of value going to be back there. So definitely head back there. So episode number four is in the books and it was a great one. This It's Freddie O. and until next time, my friends stay hungry.

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Paul Turner explained about the discipline of the successful forex trader perfectly. In this type of industry, you just know when to stop, it is almost like gambling mentality really. I am going to check that link out, I do trade some forex only from my country but would love to expand my investment. 

Andy Zeus Anderson

Wow-what an honor to interview an MLM mentor and pioneer like Paul Turner. I could spend hours listening to and reading this podcast to absorb every drop of leveraged cash goodness. About the only thing else I would ask is his take on why MLM pay plans are so complicated for most people to understand and if he thought that simplified plans would increase conversions. You know there was a lot of meat here and it will take a couple reads to be fair but thanks for a great interview.

You are welcome Andy!

I read this article and skimmed the transcript before listening and am writing this before listening. Paul seems like quite the guy! Also, Grantham sounds like the place where successful people are born. I’m curious now and will have to remember the name to see who else comes out of it, haha.

I love hearing anything related to mental health and self improvement as well as all things online income. Usually people don’t put them hand in hand, but I can see that you’ve done just this here. I’m looking forward to listening. Cheers!

Thanks for tuning in Maria! Paul Turner is a rockstar :)

I am almost certain that Forex trading isnt for me bit I do love the comment about moving forward.

I have told the people I work with that as long as they continue to always move forward then success was absolutely in their grasp

These guys sound amazing.  Do you happen to have a list of any other things they have done on the internet.

Thank you for taking the time to transcribe this because I honestly like words on screen as opposed to hearing them.

Thanks for sharing this amazing review, it’s actually the first time I’m reading about NLP master Paul and it’s really interesting to read through. I like the vast number of offer that he has and the kind of benefits he can offer, most especially to e SOE. I’ll bookmark your page and read through this one more time for a better understanding.

Thanks for listening!

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