NLP Master Paul Turner Wants to Help People their Mindset and Money

Paul loves living the laptop lifestyle you always hear about.

He loves taking breaks checking on his online business and clients while having a cup of tea overlooking the sea.

Let’s clear this name thing up – Paul Turner is sort of a standard name and there's a famous musician who took all of the highest spots on Google and my chosen domain name. I do not play bass guitar!!! If you thought I did then you’ve found the incorrect Paul Turner and now you recognize why I even have a pretentious domain name!

Paul lives in Grantham within the United Kingdom. Grantham is famous for Issac Newton, Margaret Thatcher (first female British Prime Minister – Paul actually lived a few doors down from where she was born and where her family’s corner shop was.) 

Also, Grantham was voted as the most boring town in Britain! Now you know why he loves the internet!

Lets Build a Funnel with Clickfunnels

Welcome to the first installment of Let's build a funnel with Clickfunnels! I am super pumped to be be able to get this rolling.

Overview of Todays Clickfunnels Training. I generally start off with the blank template option in Clickfunnels. I like to start off like an artist with a blank canvas and go from there.

Today's training I decided to go with a gaming funnel, first time doing so, so it should be very interesting.

she wants you to live your best life

Dr. Patricia Hicks, Founder and Champion of B.E.S.T. Life Community, is an author, speaker, facilitator, professional career and life coach. Her sole focus is to assist individuals and organizations to clarify their goals and how to reach them so that they can achieve extraordinary results fast, living their B.E.S.T. Life.