Clickfunnels Real Estate Funnel Template (With Lead Magnet)

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2021)

Below you can download my free Clickfunnels real Estate funnel template. You can easily download this funnel and implement it into your business right away.

This funnel can be used to get prospect leads of homebuyers in your local area as long as you target the right prospects.

How to edit your Clickfunnels Real Estate Funnel

How all steps the funnel look

Step #1 – Lead Capture page (below)

clickfunnels real estate share funnel

Step #2 – Thank you page (below)

clickfunnels thank you page

Free lead magnet (The 10 most common home buyer questions)

real estate lead magnet

Clickfunnels real estate funnel share download link 

Please make sure to test your funnel out before you send any traffic to it.

Clickfunnels share funnel checklist

  1. Make sure to connect your autoresponder of choice to the funnel. (test it!)
  2. Upload your pdf to your Clickfunnels digital assets area, and make sure you link to it in your thank you email.
  3. Make sure to include any tracking codes in the header.
  4. You can change the background, font, SEO Meta, and keywords as well if you want.
  5. Finalize by testing everything from start to finish. Do not cut corners; the last thing you want to do is not have the funnel set up correctly, and then you lose out on potential leads.

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