How Streamyard Works and Why You Need it For Live Streaming in 2021

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2021)

StreamYard is one of the newest tools to enter the competitive field of live streaming. It is already making a name for itself. With online classes, online meetings, and events broadcasts becoming the norm recently, Streamyard is by far one of the best out there.

I am sure you have already heard about it or seen it being mentioned on forums, and that's why you are here.

This tool allows you to live stream events on multiple platforms simultaneously.

But what makes it stand out from the many live streaming platforms? That's what we cover in this detailed StreamYard review.

How Streamyard works

streamyard reviewStreamYard is a live-streaming studio that allows you to live stream videos, hold interviews, share screens, engage your audience via live video videos, and much more.

This platform can help you stream directly on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms with ease. It is a great tool for conducting interviews and discussions as it can accommodate up to 10 people in a single stream,

With StreamYard, users can pose questions, get answers inside a live video, and click on links. This tool takes care of all the complexity that comes with streaming events so that you can focus on content creation and growing your brand.

what does streamyard do?

· Live edits

With StreamYard, it is easy to edit the details of the event you are streaming, thanks to the edit button on the top right side of your screen. This handy feature allows you to customize your live session's details, especially if you are broadcasting to multiple destinations.

Suppose your plan allows you to broadcast live in multiple destinations. In that case, you can add more details to give a customized introduction to each destination to boost engagement.

· Control participants

StreamYard gives you control over what is being shown on your live events. For instance, it offers you an option to add and remove participants from broadcast by just clicking on their image. Keep in mind that you can only hold a meeting of up to 10 participants.

Another thing that StreamYard allows you to have control over is the sharing options. With this platform, you have control of what is being shown on the screen. In other words, it is only you who can share things on the screen. You can choose to share comments, another tab, your avatar, and much more.

· Layout options

If you are holding meetings, StreamYard gives you various layout options. The layout options provided are self-explanatory.

You can have two speakers in a side-by-side layout or three speakers in a 1 by 2 layout, and much more.

If the speakers are presenting slides, you can allow them to take over the entire screen so that their text can be more visible. This is especially great if you have participants who are watching the live stream on mobile.

In addition, you can reposition some elements on the screen easily thanks to the drag-n-drop functionality. However, keep in mind that you cannot drag and drop a screen share- the only thing you can drag is the guest screen or your screen to change the layout and order.

· User-friendly control panel

StreamYard Studio has an easy-to-use control panel. You can invite guests, switch off your camera, mute yourself, adjust microphone settings, share screen, and also adjust the camera.

You can also send an invitation link to your guests right from the dashboard so that they can join your event. The good thing is that your guest will not be forced to download the software, as is the case with other software apps such as Zoom. StreamYard is a cloud-based solution, which means they will be able to join your live event with greater ease.

With StreamYard, you can also share a screen, a chrome tab, an application window, or show a presentation on Canvas.

Also, you can change your backdrop to remove the green screen background. Overall, you don't need to have vast experience in using streaming platforms to know how to use StreamYard as the control panel is very user-friendly. Virtually everyone can use this platform to live stream events, hold meetings and interviews, and skyrocket engagement with ease.

· Branding and engagement features

As we mentioned earlier, StreamYard gives you control over how you want your broadcast to look and how you would like your viewers to interact with you.

Firstly, it has a brand button that you can use to change your backdrop, logo, color, theme, and overlays. However, this depends on the plan you are on. For instance, users on a free plan can only change the color and theme of the platform. In contrast, users on paid plans enjoy more customization options.

Secondly, you can change the overlays. The overlay covers the entire screen, except for a video. The overlays will only be visible on the edges of your screen during live streams as the video takes center stage. Overlays can transform your broadcast appearance and make your live stream stand out.

By changing the overlays and the default StreamYard logo, you will make the broadcast look more professional. This is one of the reasons to upgrade to the basic plan.

You can position the logo at the top-right side of your streaming screen and replace it with the duck logo that appears in the free plan.

Thirdly, you can add short video clips of up to 5 minutes to your live events to explain some elements in a more in-depth manner. Users can play these clips by clicking on them. You can remove the clips at any time.

Fourthly, StreamYard allows you to change the backgrounds of individual screens. You can use a Canvas to create a professional-looking background. Make sure the background is not too busy to avoid distractions.

Before you go live, test any of the changes you have made, especially the overlay, to ensure that it doesn't cover your logo or any part of your participants' screens.

Another great feature you get to enjoy with StreamYard is the banner creator. With this feature, you can create banners that appear on the bottom side of the screen. The good thing is that you can customize the appearance of your banners.

Banners come in handy when you are holding a virtual meeting with a guest who doesn't have slides. They can help to keep track of the topics being discussed.

All these branding and engagement features can be added and removed at any time during a live video.

Another element you will find in the control panel is the private chat. You can hold private conversations with your guests-in-waiting to keep them engaged and updated about what to expect when the live event comes up.

· Comment feature

Comments from your guests will show on the vertical section of your screen on the right side. You can see who commented and also reply to comments in real-time.

If you want to highlight a particular comment, you click on “Show.” This will make a comment get displayed over the screen for all your participants to see.

The comments section can help boost engagement and interactivity. But on the downside, Comments appearing on the StreamYard platform lacks a source- they will appear in the comments feeds without showing which platform they came from (Facebook group, Facebook page, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Remember that StreamYard allows you to hold live stream events simultaneously on different platforms.

Also, suppose the comments are coming from Facebook. In that case, you will not see the user's name as Facebook doesn't share group user names with 3rd party streaming platforms.

You will get to enjoy these and many more features once you get StreamYard. Let's now discuss the benefits you will enjoy once you start using this live streaming platform;

What is streamyard used for?

Now that we have discussed the features StreamYard offers let's talk about the benefits you can enjoy using StreamYard.

· It can help you reach a larger audience

StreamYard allows you to broadcast through multiple platforms simultaneously. You can live stream via Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope, Twitch, and LinkedIn Live.

This can help you attract a large audience, which will, in turn, boost your brand presence.

· You can build a loyal base of followers

An essential element of live streams is your audience. Without your audience, your live stream will not be of no use. It is, therefore, crucial to making them feel part of your live video. This is the only way you can build long-lasting relationships with them.

StreamYard streaming platform enables your audience to make comments in your live videos. You can reply to these comments in real-time as well.

· ease of use

Streaming platforms can be complicated, especially if they require one to download and install several tools to facilitate live events.

However, with StreamYard, you don't need to download or install any tools as this is a cloud-based platform. All you need to do is to register your email address, and you are set to go. Your participants will not have a hard time joining your live events as well.

· Build your brand by personalizing your streaming platform

With StreamYard, you can improve your brand presence by personalizing your dashboard appearance. StreamYard enables you to add your brand logo as well as background colors and much more.

Once you get premium plans, you can customize the layout of your streaming platform. You can also add call-to-action buttons inside the live videos to invite your participants to go to your site or buy your product/service.

· Hold interviews

Would you want to build a name by interviewing big wigs in your niche? StreamYard has got you covered. This platform allows you to hold interviews for up to 20 hours and have 10 people attend to this interview. You can remove the limitation by going for paid plans.

Therefore, if you would like to hold interviews, debates, or discussions, this is the platform to use.

There are many benefits StreamYard offers, but these are the main ones. Let's now talk about the plans.

What does streamyard cost?

StreamYard offers different plans for its users;

· Free Version

This plan allows you to hold live stream videos of up to 20 hours a month for free. But on the downside, your live streams will have StreamYard branding colors and logo, and thus you cannot build authority when on the free version. Also, the plan limits the customization one can make.

· Basic Plan

This is offered at $20/month. It removes the restriction on streaming hours and also the StreamYard branding in your live streams.

The plan allows you to include your own logo, background, overlays, and much more. It also allows you to stream on two social media platforms.

· Professional plan

This plan is offered at $39/month and allows up to 8 hours of recording. It allows users to stream on up to 5 platforms simultaneously.

We recommend that you test the platform using the free plan before opting to go for premium plans.

Why use streamyard? The Pros and Cons


· Plenty of customization options

· You can connect with your audience thanks to engagement options provided

· You get to choose from different pricing packages

· It is quite affordable as compared to many other streaming options

· Supports clear streaming


– None as of right now, Streamyard works seamlessly for me

Final Thoughts

StreamYard is a newcomer to the live-streaming niche, but it is quickly gathering pace and attracting a wide base of loyal followers- and for a good reason.

This live streaming platform is not only user-friendly but also offers affordable rates. Whether you are looking for a 3rd party live streaming software for YouTube Live, Facebook Live, or LinkedIn Live, StreamYard has got you covered.

With Plenty of features, including holding interviews with multiple guests, multi-platform streaming, screen shares, engagement features, user-friendly interface, and much more, you will find this platform very convenient and affordable.

For anyone starting out on live streaming vents, this is the platform to go for. Not only is it affordable, but it also gives you access to Pro-level features.

Give it a try today by taking advantage of the free plan!

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