marketing sales funnel basics

15 Dec: Marketing Funnel Basics to Build Your Online Business

A high converting marketing funnel is an integral part of the sales process. You know you’re going for more customers, but how do you turn leads and prospects into eager, willing, and hungry buyers once you catch their interest? Below we’ll explore the fundamentals of understanding a prospect’s journey through the funnel and how you can use them in your marketing strategies.

Now before I go into some key marketing strategies I want to do a quick refresher of What is a sales funnel and why you should have one

The marketing funnel definition is a series of steps that a prospect will go through to complete the sales process. Marketers use a marketing funnel to turn leads into customers – while understanding every step of the journey that influences a lead’s buying decision.

A marketing funnel explained in more elaborate terms is that you, as a marketer and business owner, create a system that maximizes the customer’s journey when making a purchase. Your goal is to build trust, brand awareness while trying to convert a lead. And in the process, understand where prospects exit the sales funnel or decide to purchase. Knowing this means you can measure the effectiveness or conversion rates of each step in the funnel, and consequently, improve the process.