Time is Money, so I am going to cut to the chase and give you 10 of my favorite game changing productivity hacks. These 10 Golden nuggets can dramatically save you a ton of time, make you more money and reduce change your thought process if you take action and implement them today!

So here we go…

#1 – It's Time to Tackle the beast bright and early

Think of your most difficult task, the one you are not looking forward to doing. Let’s call that task “the beast.” You’ve probably heard this before, but it's so true: knock those tasks out first thing. Not only will you get it out of your hair, you will also feel ultra productive because you slayed your biggest beast first thing in the morning!

#2 Using templates will be a game changer and time saver for you

Time is money, and the last thing I want to do is try to do something the hard way when there are tools out there to make my life easier. A good example is video templates.

I had a friend of mine ask me why I don’t learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro so I can learn how to edit my own videos. My answer, concise and to the point: Time is money, and I don’t want to spend hours on end learning how to become a master video editor when I could easily find a freelancer to do it, or use premade templates with some really awesome software that someone developed for that sole purpose.

I also don’t have a passion for editing videos. That's the main reason I created Funnellogics, because I have coached so many people who have spent countless hours trying to learn how to build funnels and they end up confused, frustrated, and end up quitting.

My point is, don’t reinvent the wheel. Use other peoples’ gifts to save yourself time, which will save you money, and you’ll support someone who really has a passion for doing what you need done in the process.

#3 Learn to say “No!”

This one was a huge issue for me when I first started out. I wanted to please everyone, so when asked to do something, nine times out of ten I would say yes. All that creates is added stress on my plate, my work suffered, and it took time away from my family as well.

Fast forward to now. I’m very choosy with how I invest my time. Don’t spread yourself too thin. It's not worth it.

#4 Free Up Your Time, Learn to love automation!

This is my favorite! Automation is key to being super productive. Without automation, I would pound my head against the wall and eventually go insane. If there is a way to automate any part of my business, I do it. That's why it's so important to make sure you set up your business to include automation from the start.

Here's an example:

If someone goes onto my Funnellogics site and doesn’t buy, they get re targeted with my ads. If they opt-in to one of my offers, they get emails from me automatically.

I don’t send out an email to them once I see their email come through the pipeline, because I don’t have to! I have software that does it for me.

Imagine how much time you would save if you automated your business. It's a life saver!

#5 Delegate what you can’t automate

Outsourcing is key to scaling your business fast. I believe in providing amazing value to my customers, but it would be insane for me to try to tackle every single support issue by myself.

So outsourcing it by hiring someone with the skills you need is an amazing attribute to your business.

You can find extremely affordable talent on freelancing sites like Upwork, and even Fiverr.

To give you an example of how affordable it is, I hired a totally qualified person from the Phillipines to handle social media posts on one of my pages for $30 a week. She is awesome, she gets the job done, and is completely dependable.

#6 Use a focus program or app

Did you know there are programs you can download that can help you stay on task and resist the temptation to waste your days scrolling through social media?

Since I have a Mac I downloaded the SelfControl App. This simple little app allows me to put in websites that are the biggest time wasters for me. I often find myself mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or watching clips from Seinfeld on YouTube, and this app has been really helpful in helping me resist that urge

Using an app like this is super simple to set-up.

First, you put the sites you don’t want to distract you in the blacklist portion of the app and set a timer. If you attempt to go on a site you blacklisted within the timeframe you set (I usually do 2-4 hours) and you get nothing, just a blank screen.

Consider that blank screen a reminder that you need to get back on track!

Distractions can cause destruction so make sure that you avoid them at all costs.

#7 Don’t lose sight of your purpose; write it down!

What is your motivation? What purpose keeps you pushing forward?. If you start a brand new business and have no purpose for doing it you will eventually fall flat on your face.

Your purpose could be to work hard for a while so you can spend more time with your family. It could be to get to that dream house quicker than you could with the job you have right now. The only person that knows the answer to this is you.

One of the best ways to remind yourself why you're doing what you're doing is to write it down daily.

Seriously, etch it into every area of your mind so you never forget why you are doing what you are doing.

Since getting out of the car business in 2012, my purpose has been to help others take the same leap of faith that I did.

If I forget that, I will potentially steer towards wrong intentions and that would not be a good thing.

Side note: Don’t chase money, it can distort you and it leads to a fierce dead end. If you stick to your purpose the rewards will come, I promise you that.

One of my favorite Proverbs says,

”Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow”.

Proverbs 23:4

#8 Super Time Waster, Stop the notification distractions

Block notifications now. Seriously, do it. That little ding can disrupt your mojo in a split second.

When I am in the zone I make sure to silence my phone of any notifications that I feel can wait.

Facebook, text messages, instagram, etc.

When I first started working on my own I didn’t do this, and an hour long project took me 3 times as long because I would instantly pick up my phone to see what the notification was. Ninety-nine percent of the time it can wait. Trust me.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this, but a lot of people are trained by those little notifications. I can’t stand it when I’m talking to someone and their phone notifies them of something and they instantly pull it out and check it.

You're not a dog, so don’t be caged by notifications when you’re in the zone.

#9 Instrumental music or white noise is the way to go when it comes to intense focus

If you need to listen to music I would stick with instrumental only. I normally do not listen to music when I’m working, but if I do it definitely is instrumental.

I love music, but if I have someone singing in my ear, it seriously takes me off track.

I usually work to white noise, like the sound a box fan makes. It really helps me focus on the task at hand.

This is a personal preference thing, but I can assure you that it helps your focus.

Some of my favorite instrumental music to listen to is the Inception soundtrack or The Dark Knight soundtrack. I have both soundtracks saved in my Amazon music so they're locked and loaded if I need a jolt of inspiration.

#10 Stop multitasking

This is a big one for me. There have been days when I was thinking I was being super productive by doing five things at once only to end the day staring at five unfinished tasks.

You are so much better off focusing on the task at hand and finishing it before you do anything else.

There are obviously exceptions to this rule, because if you have a giant project that can’t be done in one day you won’t finish it. If that’s the case, what I’ll normally do is either break the project down into smaller tasks and do them one by one, or put a timer on a task and when the timer hits zero, that task is officially finished for the day.

The keyword here is finished.

Here is an example…

If I’m working on a “done-for-you funnel” that is going to take some time, and I have some other things that need to be tackled as well, I’ll devote an hour or two a day to the funnel creation until it's done. That way I complete an hour, and my task for the day is done with that particular project.


I can promise you doing just one or two of the above can dramatically help you when it comes to staying productive, and if you stay productive growing your online business you'll make more money.

Everyone is different, so look at your current situation and ask yourself where you can improve. Once you decide on what you are going to change up in your routine, stay consistent with it and keep mental notes of how it is helping your productivity.

Do you have a productivity tip that I did not mention?

Have you started doing one or two of the above and seen some significant change in your productivity?

Comment below. I would love to get your feedback!