Vidalytics Review, My Go-to Video Hosting Platform for 2021

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(Last Updated On: May 11, 2021)

Vidalyics has been my go-to when it comes to my sales pages and membership sites. If I have a funnel page with a video on it, nine times out of 10, I'm using Vidalytics

Vidalytics review, why it's my video hosting platform of choice

In recent years, videos have become the most preferred method of consuming content. Online visitors prefer to view video content rather than reading chunks of texts. That's why many marketers turn to video content to boost their sales and reach more target audiences.

To show your video to the world, you need to publish it on a video hosting platform. The most common ones are YouTube and Vimeo. However, a closer analysis of these platforms reveals that they place many barriers to prevent marketers from getting the most out of their videos.

One barrier of these hosting platforms is they don't show you the details of how viewers interact with your videos. This is a massive downside because you will not know where the traffic came from or the device your viewers use. Worse yet, you do not know your viewers' locations, the conversion rate of your different videos.

Another barrier is that they limit one from running split tests when comparing two videos to see which ones convert better.

You don't have to follow the grain while losing some of your eggs. You can choose a better video hosting platform that pays your effort, like Vydalytics. Patrick Stiles is the founder of this revolutionary platform that has completely changed how videos perform online.

vidalytics dashboardVydalytics, my favorite video hosting platform, has given marketers like me, more freedom and control over their videos.

Vidalytics in-depth video Analytics

With Vidalytics, you will be able to;

vidalytics stats· See the conversion rate of each video. You will see the videos that converted most viewers into customers or leads. At which point in the video, each viewer took action.

· See details of your viewers, including their location, the device and browser they used to watch your videos, where the traffic came from (social media, organic traffic, or paid ads), and several first-time viewers and repeat viewers.

· To see video performance. Vidalytics allows you to run split tests of two videos to see which one performs better than the other in terms of views and conversion rate

Yes, Vidalytics is that comprehensive in terms of reports and data transparency. It's becoming a boon to most online marketers. Read on our Vidalytics review to learn more about this video hosting platform.

What is Vidalytics?

Vidalytics is a revolutionary video hosting platform created by a marketer for marketers. The platform allows one to host, stream, and play videos of different kinds, including sales videos. It boasts of an exclusive video conversion technology that promises to skyrocket your conversion.

One of the main reasons Vidalytics can boost conversion is through its auto-play feature. This feature enables your videos to auto-play whenever a web visitor hovers their mouse over a video.

This feature works on mobile users and those using the latest browsers, including Chrome and Safari, making it great for hosting sales videos, online courses, product description videos, and much more.

In other words, Vidalytics can boost your conversion rates with this auto-play feature in combination with an in-video call to actions (CTAs).

Vidalytics features and why it's my choice for best video hosting for sales pages and membership videos

vidalytics autoplay featureVidalytics is an excellent platform for online marketers, eCom store owners, and companies that use online videos. This software is loaded with great features that you would expect from a video hosting platform, as well as powerful analytics and conversion boosters.

With Vidalytics, you will be able to optimize your videos fully and exponentially increase their potential to meet your conversion goals.

Let's talk about Vidalytics and why it is a great business video hosting platform;

vidalytics has Mobile Auto-Play– Mobile Auto-Play

The online audience is extremely passive and impatient. Some studies suggest that the online audience now has a shorter attention span (8 seconds) than goldfish, which has an attention span of 9 seconds.

That's why mobile auto-play functionality is essential. With this feature, your audience doesn't need to click on a video for it to play. Once tour prospect lands on your sales page where your video is, it starts playing. This will captivate their viewers to click and watch the video.

– Auto-play on latest browsers

Many browsers are blocking autoplay on videos, but now Vidalytics has a way of bypassing this to keep your conversion rate high. Your web visitors be interested in watching your sales video, and if it's interesting, you might make a few sales and conversions.

– Customizable overlay messages

Sometimes, you have to do more to get your hard-to-impress web visitors to click on your video. Vidalytics allows you to add overlay messages on top of your videos to encourage them to click and watch. This is another great way Vidalytics boost your conversion.

– Exit thumbnails

Online audiences are very impatient, and it can be challenging to convince them to watch your video. With a little convincing, they might be able to watch your video to the end. This is where you need the exit thumbnails.

Vidalytics allows you to add a special thumbnail that is seen when your video is paused to encourages your viewer to keep watching your video to the end.

– Call-to-action button

Another way Vidalytics helps to boost your video conversion rate is through an in-video call-to-action button. It allows you to add a call-to-action button at specific points in your videos to drive more sales.

– Disable pausing

This feature is tied to auto play setting and great for live events, sales videos, and automated webinars. It can force the viewer to watch it to the end, which might boost more conversions.

vidalytics resume watching feature– Resume play for return visitors

I personally LOVE this feature! Returning visitors often bounce whenever they notice they have watched the video before. But now, you can reduce this rate by having the video play from where they left off. This feature can encourage them to watch the remaining part and take action.

The resume play feature is fantastic for membership sites, I use it on Funnellogics. Members love this feature because if they are in the middle of a lesson and have to come back, they know exactly where they left off.

– Plenty of video analytics

Vidalytics also gives you plenty of analytics reports regarding your video. You will know the type of traffic your video is attracting, which device and browser most of your audience is viewing videos on, and your video's conversion rate, among other important analytics data.

Vidalytics Pricing

Get Vidalytics today for $25/month for Starter Plan, $67/month for Pro Plan, and $129/month for Vid Master Plan.


Have you been hosting videos but not getting enough views or conversions? Your failures might be attributed to your “discouraging” hosting platform. One major reason why YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms fail many marketers is that they lack an auto-play feature, which in most cases tempt viewers to click on a video.

Most of these platforms restrict marketers from customizing videos, such as adding overlay messages, adding exit thumbnails and many other conversion boosters.

With Vidalytics:

· You can rest assured that your videos will get a boost in viewership and conversion, thanks to the auto-play feature that encourages users to watch your videos.

· You have an option to add overlay messages on top of your videos to encourage visitors to watch.

· Exit thumbnails will encourage visitors to continue watching videos from where they stopped.

Vidalytics has everything you need to get visitors and increase conversions.

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