Are you failing to make any money online?

I can promise you $0 to 6 Figures and beyond is genuinely attainable, but there are a few things I think you need to know first before you either throw in the towel because you have been at it for some time or you are starting from scratch and don't know where to start.

When I first started online, I did not have a clear direction, and it cost me. I made things way too complicated when I should have had a concise and straightforward mindset. Does this mean that you don't have to work hard and invest in yourself? Absolutely not, It says you avoid doing things that DO NOT make you money.

Also, not being stupid by thinking that you are going to build a 6 figure plus business in a month. I've coached a lot of people in this industry, and the top 3 reasons for their lack of success are…

Three prime reasons people fail building a business online

1. They're lazy
2. They don't feel confident investing in their business (yes friends, running an online business does cost money)
3. They lack consistency and never master that one thing that can help you make a living from the comfort of your own home.
There are also other reasons that may be out of their control, but for the most part, it is those three culprits.

It drives me crazy to think that someone is ok with working for someone else 40 hours a week and not to hustle for themselves.
Is being an entrepreneur for everyone? Not a chance, but don't start something you plan on quitting. If you sincerely believe that you're going to make a ton of money without putting forth some effort, then you need to wake up and shake yourself.

The traits of successful people I have mentored through the years

Some of the characteristics that some of my students have that have had the most significant successes…
1. They listen
2. Invest in themselves
3. they know what that it doesn't happen overnight.
4. Laser focus on building their audience and building their business.
5. They turn roadblocks into learning experiences.
6. They continually try to get better at their craft by learning from the best and applying what they learn.
7. They don't make excuses (that is a bonus one for you)

be stronger than your excuses

I don't care what you set out to do online, email marketing, your own product, e-commerce, blogging, etc. You have to build an audience, and if you do that, your earning potential is limitless. That along with consistency and mastering the skill is priceless.

You have been hustling and still, have not made a dime

Why and how could this be happening you ask?

It could be a various list that is causing you to be in this rut. Ask yourself this question, how much time do you legitimately focus on money making tasks? When I first started online, I was like so many others, all over the place and getting nothing accomplished. Now, I focus on things that I know will bring in revenue.

Do I focus on blogging every day for hours on end? Not a chance.

Yes, you can make a substantial amount of money blogging, but it can take a lot of time to build up to a decent amount of revenue and site authority in most cases. If your a writer and have an unquenchable thirst for blogging, then go for it.

My first year and a half I dabbled in a bunch of different things and imagine what it got me?

A lot of wasted time, Confused and broke.

What that first year and a half did do for me was wake me mentally on what I did have to do to make this work.

focus on revenue


If you genuinely want to succeed here is my best advice

Be patient but be persistent! If you're going to learn to master something, then stay focused on it and get it done. You have to make sure that whatever you set out to do, you love it and you know that you can make money doing so.

I did this with building audiences thru email marketing and building audiences. Mastering this and staying consistent opened up numerous opportunities financially.

Imagine this…

Let's say you have an undeniable love for having an e-commerce store. You build it, master the ins and outs of setting it up, formulated the perfect method generating targeted traffic towards that specific niche and monetizing the store.

That's great right?!

But it doesn't have to end there.

You could branch out and create training showing the exact methods you used to build your e-commerce store sell that as a product as well. What you end up doing is creating another targeted audience of people that want and need to learn exactly how you achieved success.

So now you have 2 viable streams of income, your store, and your coaching.
But wait, let's not stop there because you also have tools that you use within your coaching that have some pretty good affiliate programs so now you have more streams of income coming from those avenues.

Let's get a little crazier and have a high ticket one on one coaching platform. Yes, there are people out there that want to accelerate the learning process, and they have no problem paying a premium price for your one on one expertise, and you help them build their e-commerce empire. Remember, you mastered what your teaching and they need someone with your skill set and knowledge.

Wow, another stream of income. I hope you see where I am going here.

turn roadblocks into learning experiences


There is a reason why you chose to become your own boss online, and if you want something bad enough, you're going to do whatever it takes to make it happen. You want to have the choice to decide when and what you want to do online and how you plan on doing it.

If you think it is going to be free, without any failures and frustrating days, I recommend you go back to working your 9-5 job and help create someone else's wealth.

If you are ready to actually take the bull by the horns and create something special, Master it and make it happen!

Be the best at whatever you set out to do and finish what you started.

You are worth it!


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  1. James Underwood
    James Underwood says:

    I like your straightforward advice! More people need to listen to what you are saying, because it is the truth. Being able to listen and take advice is hard for a lot of people. I find that they feel like they already know the answer to why they are failing, but are just denying that they have to make changes.

    Instead they want to make excuses, which will get you know where fast. 

    Patience and persistence are the key to success, it has been proven time and again. I have been an online marketer for over 10 years, and the first few months were not successful at all.

    But over the first few years I learned what worked and what didn’t. I took notes, and I adapted.  It took time.

    • Freddy Owen
      Freddy Owen says:

      100% James, I lived it for the first year and a half, and it was truly humbling. I love this industry, but people need to understand it also has very murky waters, so you have to watch where you swim. #FaithFocusFinish

  2. Phomrong Hongsha
    Phomrong Hongsha says:

    Hey Freddie,
    you really dived deep enough to see what is causing not to make any money? Am prepared to overcome the roadblocks and push on, but your hints for going ahead for an e-commerce store and to coach the skills I’ve learned are just amazing.

    I have to get out of the rotten rut and see beyond what you are suggesting here.
    Hey man, that was a motivation kicker.

    Thanks for sharing your valuable experience. Keep up the good work.

  3. Robert Allan
    Robert Allan says:

    Hi Fred

    I enjoyed browsing through your site.

    There are of course millions of people who long to work from home, and the lucky few manage to achieve their ambition.  But once you have realized the dream, it’s important to maintain the work-life balance or you could find your effectiveness declines.  Working at home still has its own pitfalls: you’ve left the day job and you’re no longer shackled to the desk by your evil boss.  But your new boss can be even more tyrannical – it’s you!!

    The urge to make your business succeed is powerful.  All entrepreneurs feel that sense of urgency, and the need for perfection.   By making that change to the next e-mail or tweaking the website, it’s going to make all the difference to the success of the business.

    Getting started with a home business is easy enough but its the hard work you have to put into thereafter that will allow you to achieve success.

    As you say you have to focus on the goal you want to achieve and never give up.

    They turn roadblocks into learning experiences.

    I have been in the business for over ten years now and I’m still learning, and it will never stop.

    I wish you more success Fred.

    Ever onwards and upwards to that success.

    Have a great day.

    Robert Allan

    • Freddy Owen
      Freddy Owen says:

      Thanks Robert! The one thing that we often do is let success blind us. If we focus on putting out amazing value and doing it the right way. You have a great day as well! 

  4. pmbaluka2016
    pmbaluka2016 says:

    You have just talked about very important tips here and I think this was my problem some years back. Distractions on the internet and negative mind was going to kill my dreams. 

    I had to change my attitude a great deal and this  took a decision to do a 100% overhaul of my thinking and actions. One thing I had to rid myself off was the many social media platforms that almost took almost a half day. 

    I converted this time and started using it for building my business. Am almost retiring early now to go and concentrate with my online business.

    • Freddy Owen
      Freddy Owen says:

      That’s awesome man! Sometimes it takes a reevaluation of priorities to get where you want to go. Keep focused on the prize champ. Never lose site of why you started  👍🏻💯#FaithFocusFinish


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