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Jay Neill Talks SEO and Stunt Doubling – Episode #31

Jay Neill Talks SEO and Stunt Doubling – Episode #31

When I have an SEO Question I think of a few people who I know I can get a straight forward answer from. One of those people I send a message to is Jay Neill. Jay is a master at SEO and always steers me in the right direction.

I was super stoked about having Jay on Marketing the Practical Way because he is straight forward and to the point. I actually was surprised by some of his other endeavors such as being a stunt double for Alan Cumming in X-men 2. If you don't know who Alan Cumming is, he plays Night Crawler in the movie. Check out the killer action scene below.

Jay credits his mad skills in X-men 2 because he was a national team member for the Canadian Men's Gymnastics team.

He also credits his gymnastics training for his affiliate success as well. Jay said it “helped me with discipline and focus”.

Jay is also the head live trainer at Wealthy Affiliate University. Jay told me he “bumped into Carson (of WA) at Costco within the 1st month of me joining WA. At the time, I wasn't aware that Carson and Kyle lived in the same city as me. We stuck up a conversation and have been great friends ever since. Carson and Kyle are the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

In this interview Jay gives some really great information on SEO and where he thinks it is heading in the future. Jay also talks about the recent changes that Google has made. He also talks about certain things a new affiliate marketer should avoid.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to write that he also has a black belt in Kenpo. I guess you could say he's the Jeff Speakman of affiliate marketing.

jay neillPlease take the time to visit Jay Neill!

Main website affiliateresources.org

Also find Jay on Google Plus: google.com/+JayNeill


So get your pen and paper out and get ready to take some notes because Jay has some tremendous insight!




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8 replies
  1. Nathaniell
    Nathaniell says:

    Google plus is currently ad free…but we all know what happens to free Google services…AND what happens to free social media sites. LOL. G+ is also my favorite place to socialize online but I fear for its future.

    Great interview guys – Jay’s commitment to helping and success online are both things I strive to emulate. Nice podcast BTW – add me on G+ and let me know when the next one comes out.

  2. Kary Seach
    Kary Seach says:

    Great interview with Jay Neill. What a wealth of information Jay is, appreciated all the SEO tips. I have to agree with you…, Jay has “mad” tumbling skills. I wouldn’t want to mess with him either. Thank you for sharing your interview and information.

  3. Ashley A
    Ashley A says:

    Wow, what an awesome trick to have up your sleeve! Jay Neill, that’s amazing! Glad to see you have such good resources at your finger tips!

  4. Scott Worthington
    Scott Worthington says:

    It was great to have this personal glimpse, to see more of the man behind the WAbinar. Jay’s simple, down to earth training style coupled with his personal hands on knowledge make him an outstanding trainer. Sometimes his jokes aren’t quite as funny as he thinks they are, but we humor him. The incredible value of his personal experience and his commitment to marketing with integrity are the things that have always impressed me.

    Thank you for an outstanding interview.

  5. victoria
    victoria says:

    Mr. NEILL does not have a facebook or any other peraonal social media accounts simply due to the fact he does not wish skeletons to come flying out of his closet

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